2. Which dog liability insurance is the best.

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2] Which dog liability insurance is the best

As the owner, you are responsible for damage caused by your dog. Damage can be caused firstly by biting or scratching the dog when it attacks either another dog or even a person. But the dog liability also serves to cover other types of damage. For example, damage is also covered if the dog runs away and runs in front of a bicycle or even a car. Although it is not compulsory everywhere to have dog liability insurance, it is recommended to all dog owners. So you are always well covered in case of damage. By comparing all dog liability insurance policies , you will always find the best one for you and your dog.

How can Tinki.de be helpful in the search for a dog liability insurance?

The dog owner is responsible for the behavior of his dog, whether the dog injures another dog, or gets on the bike path during play and a cyclist falls down. Tinki.de wants the best for the dog and therefore compares all providers of dog liability insurance, 100% independent we offer help in finding the best insurance for you and your dog. So you are perfectly insured. Never pay too much. Start immediately with the comparison to directly conclude a dog owner liability insurance.

It pays to compare insurances

Tinki.de compares dog liability insurance policies from a variety of providers, most of which offer several insurance packages. From this mass of insurance the right one for you. Finding your dog is not easy. With the Tinki comparator.de you can get a good overview and find out what is important to them when taking out a dog owner liability insurance. Compare all dog liability insurances immediately .

Find a cheap dog liability insurance

The cheapest dog liability insurance is not always the best. The cost of a dog liability insurance depends on various factors, for example, how much you are willing to pay in case of damage, or how high the sum insured should be. You should always pay attention to a good price-performance ratio. This way you are well covered in case of emergency without paying too much. For a good dog liability for a fair price you can start to compare directly .

Take out an insurance policy on a basis of trust

When you have found the best dog liability insurance for you and your dog, you can use the links under the logos to go straight to the website of the relevant provider. Many dog owners have already used our insurance comparator to find the right dog liability insurance for themselves and their dog and take out directly. Tinki.de is 100% independent. Want the best for their dog. 100% independent. Wants the best for their dog. You can rely on us to provide you with a good dog liability insurance policy from one of the providers. So you are always perfectly covered. Have the guarantee never to pay too much.

10 factors that can influence the price of dog liability insurance

The higher the sum insured, the more damage is compensated by the insurer, but the amount of the sum insured also influences the cost of a dog liability insurance policy.

The amount of the deductible has an influence on the price, the rule of thumb is: the higher the deductible, the lower the cost of dog owner liability insurance.

That it costs more to insure multiple dogs is logical, but some providers offer discounts if you insure multiple dogs.

As a rule, the policyholder can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. However, this can also affect the price.

Also the benefits of a dog liability insurance have an influence on the price. Here applies: the more extensive the benefits, the higher the cost of insurance.

Dog liability insurance can also cover damage abroad. However, this is limited to a certain period of time, the more time spent abroad, the higher the cost.

Some providers give discount on the regular costs if the dog owner has reached a certain age. So older dog owners sometimes pay lower premiums.

The contract period can usually be determined by the dog owner himself. Here, however, it should be noted: the longer the contract period, the cheaper the insurance premium.

Dangerous dogs bring a higher premium with some providers. These are either so-called 'list dogs', or dogs that have already attacked a person in the past.

Some providers of dog liability insurance offer to include a waiver of premium in case of unemployment. This then means a higher premium.

Frequently asked questions about dog liability insurance

When you first think about a dog liability insurance, you still have many questions. In the following we have collected and answered frequently asked questions. Here's how to find out what to look for in a dog liability policy, what is covered by a dog liability policy and what to do in the event of a claim.

1. For whom is the dog liability important?

The law states that the dog owner is responsible for all damages caused by the animal. So every dog owner should think about a dog liability insurance. The insurance is not only interesting for owners of large or dangerous dogs, even small dogs can cause personal injury or property damage. If a driver swerves to avoid a playing dog, for example, and personal injury or property damage occurs, this is covered by dog liability insurance. Dog liability insurance is also covers damage if your own dog, whether in play or in a fight, injures another dog. In some federal states it is obligatory to have a dog liability insurance. Whether you are affected, you can read here. Especially personal injuries quickly run into the millions, a dog liability insurance costs only a few euros a month and should therefore be taken out by every responsible dog owner.

2. Which dog liability insurance is the best?

Every dog is different and every owner has different needs and wishes. Many factors have to be considered, if you want to buy a dog liability insurance. The question, which dog liability insurance is the best, can not be answered in a general way, because the answer always depends on the dog and the situation of the owner. In order to give them the best opportunity to answer the question for themselves, Tinki offers.de a comparative overview for all providers of dog liability insurances. So you can discover which insurance suits them best and guaranteed never pay too much.

3. How much does a dog liability insurance cost?

The cost of dog liability insurance always depends on the conditions under which the insurance was taken out. The costs, or the premium, can be partly determined by the policyholder. The amount of the deductible. The amount of coverage can influence the amount of the premium. Other insurance conditions and benefits, such as the age of the owner and the breed of the dog, or coverage for damage to the premises or damage caused by outside guardians, can also influence the price in some cases. To find out the price for your dog and what you want, you can use our comparator to find the best dog liability insurance at a fair price, guaranteed.

4. Which sum insured for dog liability insurance?

The coverage of a dog liability insurance can range from 3 million to 50 million euros and it is often the decision of the master or mistress, how high or low the coverage should be. Before deciding on the amount of coverage, it is important to know what the coverage pays for. In the event that the dog causes damage, not only property damage or financial loss, but also personal injury is paid for. If the dog injures someone, the loss of work must also be paid from the coverage amount. Depending on the profession and position of the injured party, it can be incredibly expensive. A higher sum insured, instead of the minimum 3 million euros, is already available for a few euros more per year. So to be on the safe side, you should not always choose the cheapest dog liability, but always pay attention to the price-performance ratio.

5. Who needs to take out dog liability insurance?

Whether the conclusion of a dog liability insurance is mandatory depends on the state in which the dog owner lives. In Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia it is mandatory to have a dog liability insurance for all dogs. Here it does not depend on what kind of dog owns or how dangerous the dog is, the obligation applies to all dogs.

In other federal states the obligation for dog liability insurance does not apply to all dogs. In Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia must be concluded for fighting dogs or dangerous dogs a dog owner liability insurance. Which dogs exactly as a dangerous dog or fighting dog is defined, you can best ask at their citizens office, there should be well informed about the legal provisions on the dog liability obligation.

In NRW there is also no obligation for a dog liability insurance for all dogs. Here also dangerous dogs must be insured, and in addition also all dogs which are larger than 40 cm. The only federal state in which dog liability insurance is not compulsory is Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Here it is up to the dog owners to choose whether they want to take out a dog owner liability insurance. In most cases, it makes sense to take out such an insurance, so you are protected against the greatest financial risks.

6. What do I have to look for in a dog liability insurance??

A dog liability insurance is not obligatory for every dog owner, but strongly advisable. From a monthly amount of about 5 € you are covered against the major financial risks. There are several things to look out for when taking out a dog liability insurance policy. First, you should make sure that the amount of coverage is sufficient, an amount of at least 3 million euros is recommended. To keep the amount of the premium lower it makes sense to pay something in addition in case of emergency. If possible, a deductible of 150€ is recommended. Also by the payment method money can be saved, one decides for a monthly payment often administration fees must be paid. As a rule, it is cheaper to pay the premium annually. The premium that you pay should always be in proportion to the benefits. Cheap is not always good and by comparing several insurances you can save money. Another thing to look for in dog liability insurance policies is coverage for potential bad debt in the event of your own damage. If a foreign dog causes damage to you and his master or mistress has not taken out dog liability insurance, the own dog liability insurance takes over. In addition, a foreign protection should be considered, even if you are only irregularly with the dog abroad, the additional protection often costs only a small surcharge and can protect in an emergency against high costs. It is also important to be familiar with the insurance conditions. Does the insurance company handle a leash requirement? Or even a muzzle compulsory? Then one should absolutely keep to it, or take out another dog liability, otherwise it can be that the insurance does not pay in the case of emergency. In special cases such as regular participation in dog races or dog shows, you can ask the individual insurers about special conditions or benefits. Dog liability insurance should not be dispensed with even when playing dog sports. In particular with the protection dog sport Figuranten should be always well insured, since they run a particularly high risk of being hurt by the dog. Other things that a dog owner should think about before taking out an insurance policy are coverage for unwanted mating, damage to the dog's property, damage to the dog's rental property, and coverage for external breeding. With our comparator you can compare different dog liability insurances with each other, and find the perfect insurance for you and your dog.

7. Dog liability insurance and dog owner liability insurance, what is the difference??

There are many different terms used that actually all mean the same thing: Dog liability insurance, dog liability, dog owner liability, dog owner liability insurance, pet owner liability insurance for dog owners. Complicated terms that actually all mean the same thing: A liability insurance policy used to compensate for damage caused by the dog.

8. Dog owner liability, what is insured?

A dog owner liability insurance is taken out so that all damages caused by the dog are compensated by the insurance. Before taking out a dog liability insurance should be well considered, which benefits should be covered and by comparing different insurance can find a cheap dog liability that covers all the benefits that are important to you. Below we have collected important benefits that you should definitely pay attention to:

Stay abroad, third-party guardian risk, puppies, property damage, financial loss, personal injury, loss of work of the injured party, rental damage, cover damage, sideline activities.

A special case is the insurance of working dogs. Such a dog liability insurance is usually a little more expensive, but often both commercial and private use of the dog are insured.

9. At what point should you take out dog owner's liability insurance?

Often puppies are insured through their mother up to 12 months, which means that damages caused by a puppy can be settled through the dog liability insurance of the mother. But be careful: this only applies if the owner of the puppy is also the owner of the mother. If one is not in the possession of the mother, the puppy must be insured independently. One should insure a dog as early as possible, because even puppies can cause damage and with a dog liability insurance one is well covered in any case. The owner is liable for any damage caused by the dog.

10. When does the dog owner liability pay?

The dog owner liability pays, if claims are made due to damage caused by the own dog. Insurance pays for personal injury, property damage and financial loss. This checks claims that are made to the dog owner, and if there is a legitimate claim, the insurance takes over the damage. If the claim is not justified, the insurance company will defend the claim, if necessary in court. Any costs incurred, for damages or court costs are covered by the dog liability insurance. Damages should always be reported to the insurer as soon as possible to guarantee a quick settlement. Important: if damage is reported too late, the damage may not be recognized by the insurance company.

11. What is the deductible for a dog liability policy?

Deductible refers to the amount the dog owner has to pay himself, depending on the insurance policy. When taking out dog liability insurance, the dog owner can decide for himself how high his own risk should be. As a rule, the deductible ranges between €0 and €500. The rule of thumb is: the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. If the dog owner is able to do it, it is advisable to choose a deductible of 150€. This amount does not tear too deep a hole in the household budget, but ensures that the regular premium is somewhat lower. With some insurance providers, the deductible is also dependent on previous damage. If the dog has already caused damage in the past, a certain amount of deductible must then be paid as standard with some insurers, which then does not have a positive effect on the insurance premium, as with dogs without previous damage.

12. What does waiver of premium mean, and should I include it??

In some dog liability insurances there is the possibility to agree on a premium exemption. This means that in the event of sudden unemployment, no premiums have to be paid temporarily. However, this additional option affects the price on. The annual premium can increase up to 10%. Whether this price increase is worthwhile is questionable, a dog liability insurance costs between 5 and 10 euros per month and should be able to continue to be paid even in the case of temporary unemployment.

13. What to do in case of damage?

With many providers of dog liability insurance, the damage can be reported online. If you have reported the damage, your insurance company will contact the injured party and arrange everything else. Here it does not matter whether you have to pay the damage or not. The insurance company will check if you are obligated to pay damages, or if the claim is not insured. If you are actually liable, the insurance pays the damage, if you are not liable, the insurance rejects the claim. Important: Never make a payment to the injured party, this can be interpreted as an acceptance of the claim for damages. The insurance company always checks the damage itself first and then pays it, or fends it off. If you make a payment to the injured party yourself, your insurance claim may be forfeited.

14. Can I cancel the dog liability insurance??

A dog liability insurance policy can usually be cancelled at the end of the policy period if the deadlines are met. If the contract is not cancelled in time, it is usually automatically renewed for another year. In certain cases there is a special right of cancellation:

– Death of the dog – Sale of the dog – Increase in the amount insured – In the event of damage

If the dog dies or is sold, this must be reported to the insurer, as soon as the insurer is informed, the contract ends. If the insurance premium is increased by the insurance company, the dog owner has the right to cancel the insurance within one month of receiving the notice. If a claim occurs, the dog owner has an extraordinary right of cancellation for 4 weeks after the claim has been settled.

Compare dog liability insurances

Compare directly all dog liability insurances. Find the best dog liability insurance without paying too much. In many states it is obligatory to have a dog liability insurance, and in all other cases it makes sense too. As a dog owner, you are responsible for any kind of damage caused by your dog and therefore bear a great financial risk. Whether the dog bites another dog, or even a human being. However, dog liability also applies if the dog damages a car while playing or knocks a cyclist off his bike. Especially personal injury can quickly skyrocket and cost millions, this includes medical expenses, compensation for pain and suffering and compensation for loss of working hours. The dog liability insurance also covers legal fees or costs for court hearings. So that you do not have to pay possible costs out of your own pocket and are protected against financial risks, it is always sensible to take out a dog liability insurance, no matter whether it is a Chihuahua or a Rottweiler. It is important that you inform yourself well before taking out a dog liability insurance, what you have to pay attention to everything. How high must the sum insured be? Does it make sense to choose deductible? Do I need a foreign protection. Do I have to insure cover damage? By comparing the different dog liability insurance policies you will find out what is important to them and which dog liability policy is a good fit for them.

Finding the best liability insurance for your dog

It should be clear by now that a cheap dog liability policy is not always the best value for money. For dog liability insurances therefore also applies: "Who buys cheap, pays double". They should definitely make sure that all the services that are important to them are also paid for by the insurance company. Otherwise, you may have to pay yourself in the event of a claim after all. At Tinki.de we compare the different providers of dog liability insurance and you will always find the best insurance policy. In addition, the comparison criteria we use are clear and not unnecessarily complicated. In short, dog liability insurance is best compared on Tinki.de. We offer you all the information and tools you need to get the right dog liability insurance for you and your dog without paying too much. So you are well secured in every situation of life.

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