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Note: When reference is made in this guideline to code group "B20-B24," this means all codes in this group except for
B23.0 Acute HIV infection syndrome Meant.

HIV codes are as follows:

The codes R75, Z21, B23.0 and group B20-B24 are mutually exclusive and are not to be listed together during the same inpatient stay.

Laboratory evidence of HIV – R75
This code is to be assigned only to patients whose HIV antibody tests are not positive with certainty. This is usually the case when a screening test for HIV is positive, but the confirmatory test is either negative or inconclusive. Code R75 Laboratory evidence of human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] is not to be assigned as principal diagnosis.

Acute HIV infection syndrome – B23.0
For an "acute HIV infection syndrome" (either confirmed or suspected), add code B23.0 Acute HIV infection syndrome as a secondary diagnosis to existing symptom codes (z.B. Lymphadenopathy, fever) or the complication (z.B. Meningitis) to be added. Notice: In general, symptoms are to be coded only if their cause is unknown. This coding instruction is thus an exception to section "Code numbers for symptoms, findings, and imprecisely labeled conditions" in DKR D002 Principal Diagnosis.

Example 1

An HIV-positive patient is admitted with lymphadenopathy. A diagnosis of acute HIV infection syndrome is made.

Main Diagnosis:R59.1Lymph node enlargement, generalized Secondary diagnosis(es):B23.0Acute HIV infection syndrome

After complete regression of primary disease, almost all patients become asymptomatic and remain so for several years. In the case of future admissions, code according to existing guidelines. The code for "Acute HIV infection syndrome" (B23.0) is no longer used as soon as the corresponding symptomatology no longer exists.

Asymptomatic HIV status – Z21

Z21Asymptomatic human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection

is not routinely, but only when To be assigned as a secondary diagnosis when an HIV-positive patient does not show symptoms of infection but the infection nevertheless increases the cost of treatment (see DKR D003 Secondary Diagnoses).

Since Z21 refers to patients who are asymptomatic and admitted for treatment of a condition unrelated to HIV infection, code Z21 Not as a principal diagnosis Assigned.

HIV disease (AIDS) – B20, B21, B22, B23.8, B24
The following codes are available for coding patients with an HIV-associated condition (this may or may not be an AIDS-defining condition):

The codes R75 and Z21 are not to be used in this case.

Sequence and selection of codes
If the condition primarily responsible for causing the patient's hospitalization is HIV disease, the appropriate code from B20-B24 (except B23.0) or O98.7 (see also DKR 1510 Complications of pregnancy) as the principal diagnosis. An example of this is a patient admitted as an inpatient for antiretroviral chemotherapy for HIV disease.

If the condition primarily responsible for causing the patient's hospitalization is a manifestation of previously known HIV disease, code the manifestation as the principal diagnosis. A code from B20-B24 (except B23.0) is to be indicated as a secondary diagnosis.

Example 2

A patient is admitted with oral thrush due to an already known HIV infection.

Main diagnosis:B37.0Candida stomatitis secondary diagnosis(es):B20Infectious and parasitic disease due to HIV disease [human immunodeficiency virus disease]

Basically, contrary to the definition of a secondary diagnosis (DKR D003 Secondary diagnoses), all existing manifestations of HIV disease (AIDS) are to be coded. Many questions competently addressed. Researched for reference. Small price, big effect! Take a look at free trial topics…

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2022 0101F hiv aids medcontroller

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