300.000 Patients treated with post covid in praxen 4

Symptoms that persist for more than 12 weeks after infection with the corona virus are called post covid. Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa

Berlin After corona infection, there is always a risk of later health risks as well. But looking at the high infection numbers, experts are now giving the all-clear.

Post-covid not a "new common disease"

In relation to the 4.2 million Covid 19 cases confirmed until the end of September 2021, the frequency is fortunately rather low, explains the head of the institute, Dominik von Stillfried. "Post-covid is not developing into a new widespread disease."The evaluated billing data show that there is a heterogeneous clinical picture. The vast majority do not require special care over a long period of time; this applies only to a small proportion of patients. This group must be monitored further.

Mostly one quarter treatment duration

300,000 patients treated with post covid in practices 4

#Zi graphic of the month shows: ✅Over 60 percent of patients with #PostCOVID19 diagnosis only in one quarter in contract medical treatment ✅"Often short treatment duration, but increased care effort in #doctors' practices," says Zi chief v. Stillfried ➡️https://t.co/xtMvO8Heml pic.twitter.com/aczmnGFpqY

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Based on patients served in the first quarter, insight into the length of time needed for treatment has emerged, the report continues. According to this data, 61 percent were treated in one quarter. One fifth (19.8 percent) had also been treated in the second quarter or, with a quarter-year interruption, again in the third quarter by a panel doctor. In all three quarters, 19 percent were treated.

Distinction "long covid" and "post covid"

German patient guidelines define "long covid" as complaints that persist for longer than four weeks after an infection – "post covid" if they restrict daily life for longer than twelve weeks after infection. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) writes on the web: "Long Covid" therefore includes Both symptoms persisting following an acute covid-19 illness four to twelve weeks after symptom onset and the "post-covid-19 syndrome."

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