5 Facts and tips about tea

Here's how it can help you during LentLent often smacks of abandonment. But what if you used Lent in a different way this year? Instead of putting your focus on getting something not to do, you could instead do something that is good for you, very consciously. We've collected 5 reasons and ways tea can help you with this in a natural and beneficial way. Take advantage of the upcoming weeks. Try it directly!

Fact #1: Some teas contain teein

For many, the first cup of coffee in the morning is the best reason to get up in the first place. Are you one of those who can't get going until you've had your dose of caffeine?? Then we have good news: Certain types of tea also contain caffeine. With coffee this enters the blood faster, with green tea, black tea and mate this process happens more slowly – but the effect lasts longer [1] . If you want to reduce your coffee consumption in the next few weeks but still need an energy kick in the morning, you should try the Harmony for Body and Soul Organic "Slim& Try "Fit" with Mate.

Fact #2: Tea can help you relax better

Using your smartphone to help you fall asleep has become the adult version of the bedtime story. However, the fact that the blue component in the light of the display can lead to sleep problems [2] , is well known. It's just that we tend to forget this because the evening ritual has a calming effect. That's why the better solution isn't going cold turkey, but finding an equally familiar routine that helps you fall asleep. So we're using the coming weeks as an incentive. Swap the smartphone in your hand for a cup. With the harmony for body and soul organic herbal tea "Traum Schon" you will come to rest sip by sip. Harmonizing lemon balm, chamomile and lavender in the tea gently put you in the mood for a restful night.

Fact #3: Tea has no calories

Whether fasting or losing weight, giving up sugar is something everyone has probably tried at one time or another. The chances of success for this endeavor increase once you know this lifehack: Fruit tea contains no calories but still tastes sweet. So it is a real alternative for soft drinks and other sugary drinks! Especially if it has as much fruit as the fruit garden "Raspberry Lemon". You can enjoy it hot or cold. hot or cold, depending on your mood. Give up sugar but not the sweet side of life.

Fact #4: Tea stimulates the metabolism

Many people also choose to eat a balanced diet when they embark on a fasting program. However, overly strict dietary changes often have the opposite effect – they first cause discomfort. This is of course not a good gut feeling! Green tea can help as a gentle supporter.

It is rich in antioxidants and is said to have a metabolism-stimulating effect [3]. So instead of eliminating your favorite food from your diet, why not first add a cup of Harmony for Body and Soul organic "detox" a day.

Fact #5: Tea is wholesome

Fasting also means time off for digestion, so it's actually a shame to allow yourself this only once a year. Avoiding certain foods is one thing – but adding foods can have an equally positive effect. For example, teas with caraway or anise are among the most popular varieties for a reason. They are particularly digestible. Support the digestive tract. With Harmonie fur Korper und Seele Bio "Magenfein" you can get this support cup by cup every day! It also contains beneficial chamomile. Pampered with it twice.

Sounds like five good reasons to break away from the dusty term fasting and interpret it individually according to your needs? Get our "feel good" package. Try out the many effects of tea directly!

For even more inspiration to make the weeks of March work for you, check out our How to Detox Tips .

5 facts and tips about tea

5 facts and tips about tea

5 facts and tips about tea

5 facts and tips about tea

5 facts and tips about tea

5 facts and tips about tea

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