5 Home remedies for psoriasis what can help kanyo

The best home remedies for psoriasisPeople with psoriasis know how it is: for a while they can live free of symptoms – then the next episode comes along. Home remedies can help supportively to prevent the episodes and alleviate the skin problems in the acute phases.

1. Home remedy for psoriasis: Olive

What do I need? Conventional olive oil display , cotton swabs

How to proceed? Heat about 50 milliliters of olive oil in the microwave or in a pot. Dip a cotton swab into the oil. Rub it on the affected or susceptible areas. This home remedy for psoriasis is most effective if you begin treatment as soon as you notice renewed signs of inflammation.

2. Home remedy for psoriasis: Epsom salt

What do I need? Epsom salt ad from the pharmacy, water, bathtub

How to proceed? Run a pleasantly warm full bath. Add about a handful of salt. Bathe in it twice a week for about 15 minutes. The Epsom salt can reduce swelling. Stimulate the healing process.

3. Home remedy for psoriasis: apple cider vinegar

What do I need? Apple cider vinegar ad , water, cotton cloth

How do I proceed? Mix 250 milliliters of apple cider vinegar with about four liters of water. Then soak a cotton cloth with the mixture. Gently dab the affected areas of the skin with it. Some psoriasis patients confirm that with the help of this home remedy, the unpleasant itching subsides.

4. Home remedy for psoriasis: Aloe vera

What do I need? Pure aloe vera gel advertisement from the pharmacy or an aloe vera plant

How do I proceed? Apply the gel thinly to the affected areas of the skin once a day, or directly cut the leaves of the plant and place them on the skin. Aloe vera has a soothing effect on the skin. Can curb inflammation.

5. Home remedy for psoriasis: linseed oil

What do I need? Linseed oil advertisement from the health food store

How to proceed? Make sure to consume one to two teaspoons of linseed oil daily. You can add this oil to salad dressing, pour it over potatoes or vegetables after cooking, or take it on its own. Linseed oil can relieve itching.

Important: In general, any kind of self-medication should be clarified with the attending physician in order to exclude allergic reactions and skin irritations in advance.

Other treatments for psoriasis

Home remedies for psoriasis are in many cases a useful supplement to conventional medicine, but they can usually not replace it. Basically, psoriasis treatment is based on three pillars of conservative medicine:

1. External therapy: Ointments, tinctures, lotions and bath additives are common measures in the treatment of psoriasis. To remove excessive dandruff, so-called keratolytics have proven to be effective, which are applied purely externally and have a horn-dissolving effect. For short-term use, external therapy with cortisone is also an option.

2. Light therapy: Ultraviolet light in different wavelengths (usually UV-A or UV-B) is generated by means of so-called fluorescence tubes and the skin of the affected person is irradiated with it. UV rays have an anti-inflammatory effect, relieve itching and reduce the excessive formation of skin cells in psoriasis.

3. Internal therapy: When external and phototherapy are not sufficiently effective, tablets are used. However, these are usually not free of side effects. In addition, the so-called rebound effect can occur, which means that the symptoms increase again significantly after discontinuation.

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