5 Neck pillows in test comparison 2022

Neck pillowWhen a person reaches 80 years of age, they have spent an average of over 24 years of their life sleeping. So it only makes sense to make sure that you are comfortably and ergonomically bedded as well. So an orthopedic neck pillow is a good investment.

Published by Dietmar Post updated on 4. January 2022

When a person reaches 80 years of age, he has spent an average of 24 years of his life sleeping. So it only makes sense to make sure that you are also comfortably and ergonomically bedded. Important factors here are, in addition to the mattress and slatted frame, also the pillows. If they were ergonomically designed according to orthopedic standards, it increases the quality of sleep. In addition, you can prevent or remedy tension, neck pain, headaches, migraines and other ailments. So an orthopedic neck pillow is a good investment. Finding the right one for you, however, is a tricky business. In our article you will learn the most important criteria for selection.

– Orthopedic neck pillows help with tension. – It adapts to your cervical spine. – Finding the best neck pillow is very individual. – Often viscoelastic memory foam is used. – Neck support pillows in the form of waves are the most popular.

No time? Here are our top 3 neck pillows😍

5 neck pillows in test comparison 2022

The best neck pillows

Tempur Original

5 neck pillows in test comparison 2022

Not many things that are in our beds were designed for NASA. If you own an orthopedic neck pillow from Tempur, you can brag about it. In fact, the viscoelastic Memory Foam filler is a unique development. Thanks to it, the Tempur neck support pillow optimally adapts to the contours of your body.

The Tempur neck pillow was specially developed as a pillow for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. The polyester cover that comes with the pillow is very durable. The memory foam pillow is designed in a wave shape. Thus it offers two different lying heights. It weighs just over 1.2 kg and is available in three sizes. The height of the side curves, depending on the size, ranges from 5 to 11.5 cm.

As an ergonomic memory foam pillow, the Tempur neck pillow has long proven itself on the market. It offers soft lying comfort. Compresses perfectly. This provides prere relief for neck and shoulders and an optimal lying position. Tempur neck support pillows are also in demand as equipment in hospitals and care facilities.

Can I wash the Tempur pillow?

The pillow itself is not. The cover can be put in the washing machine at 60°C.

Is the Tempur neck pillow suitable for children?

The Tempur neck support pillow is also available in a junior version.

Customers appreciate the ergonomic comfort and high-quality workmanship of the Tempur neck pillow. It is criticized that the viscose filling becomes hard at low temperatures in the bedroom. Moreover, the Tempur pillow core cannot be washed.

– Orthopedic pillow – High lying comfort – Memory foam filling – Available in different sizes – Washable cover

– Material becomes hard at low temperature – pillow not washable

Daydream P-16250

5 neck pillows in test comparison 2022

Because the Daydream pillow uses memory foam, it conforms to the curves of your cervical spine. Due to the incorporation of ventilation holes, night sweats are a thing of the past. Thanks to the wave shape, you can choose between 7.5 and 9 cm lying heights with the Daydream neck pillow. Included is a foam insert. You can use them for height adjustment and thus extend the lying height to 9.5 to 11 cm.

The orthopedic pillow is 50 cm long and 35 cm deep. Both the filling and the neck pillow cover made of viscose are Oeko Tex certified. Thus, the Daydream P-16250 is free of harmful substances. Best suited for allergy sufferers.

To verify its ergonomic properties, the Daydream neck pillow was subjected to a test in the sleep laboratory. A renowned ENT doctor in Cologne has certified that it is an orthopedic neck support pillow. Clear plus points are the height adjustability. The completely pollutant-free production.

Which cover fits the orthopedic pillow?

Generally, a cover is suitable for neck support pillows a 40 x 80 cm. This is a standard dimension for narrow pillows.

Can I sleep on the neck pillow from Amazon well on the side?

The variable height adjustment makes this pillow ideal for side sleepers.

Many buyers swear by this pillow for neck pain. The foam insert is described as very practical. Complained about the Daydream neck pillow the initial unpleasant smell. The degree of hardness differs for individual specimens.

– oko Tex seal – Height adjustable – Suitable for allergy sufferers – Orthopedic pillow – Memory Foam filling

– Unpleasant odor in the beginning – Varying degree of hardness

Ebitop MLILY

5 neck pillows in test comparison 2022

For those who like to lie a little higher, the memory pillow from Ebitop will provide dreamy nights. The core of the wavy neck pillow consists of three removable layers. This allows the lying height to be varied in three stages up to 11 and 13 cm.

The neck pillow is 60 cm wide and 35 cm deep. The viscoelastic filling guarantees high lying comfort. The cover consists of 40% viscose. 60% polyester. This makes it durable and breathable at the same time. It can be machine washed at 40°C. Just like the filling of the pillow, the cover is also Oeko Tex and CertiPur certified.

No matter if you are looking for better sleeping comfort or need a pillow for neck pain: The Ebitop MLILY impresses with its pollutant-free production. Due to the variable height adjustment you have six different lying heights to choose from. You can put the neck pillow to the test. Will quickly find the right variation for you.

How should I proceed if the Amazon neck pillow is too high for me?

First remove the middle layer of the three layers. If it is still too high, remove the bottom layer.

What is the lowest sleeping height?

If you lie on only one layer, it is approx. 5 cm.

Customers would buy the neck pillow because it offers many lying height variations. The absence of harmful substances is another selling point. Negative is that the neck pillowcase can not be adjusted to different sizes. The memory foam loses its elasticity after ca. 1,5 to 2 years of stability.

– 6 different lying heights – oko Tex seal – High maximum lying height

– Cover cannot be adjusted to pillow size – foam loses stability

Sissel Classic

5 neck pillows in test comparison 2022

As an ergonomic pillow, the Sissel Classic perfectly adapts to the shape of your cervical spine. The pillow for side sleepers has one big advantage: a special bevel ensures the perfect angle between shoulder and head.

The filling of the pillow is made of polyurethane foam. It can be washed by hand. The cover is made of cotton. Polyester is machine washable. The Sissel neck pillow is cut in L shape. It has only one lying surface with a height of 11 cm. It is 47 cm long and 33 cm deep and weighs 1.5 kg. The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty on dimensional stability.

Whether against tension or neck pain: pillows from Sissel offer ergonomic comfort. Unlike many other neck pillows, the core can be cleaned. As the successor to the Ruhewohl pillow, which was produced 25 years ago, the Sissel neck pillow is a real classic.

Where can I get a new neck support pillow cover for the Sissel??

The manufacturer also sells covers individually.

How can I check in advance if this Amazon neck support pillow is the right size for me??

There are comparison tables on the Internet.

The Sissel neck pillow is appreciated because you can also wash the core. The lying comfort is excellent. Criticized the initial chemical smell. That there is only one lying surface.

– Washable core – Ergonomic lying comfort – 5 years warranty

– Chemical smell in the beginning – Only one lying surface

Billerbeck Latexi

5 neck pillows in test comparison 2022

The Billerbeck neck support pillow with latex core convinces with its ergonomic properties. The material really nestles to your body contours. The resilient latex core supports when changing the lying position. This makes the wave-shaped Billerbeck neck pillow particularly suitable for restless sleepers. It is 80 cm long and ca. 41 cm deep.

With the help of an included foam plate you can vary the height of the pillow. On the narrow side between 6 and 8.5 cm and on the wide side between 8 and 10.5 cm. The cover is made of maco-satin cotton quilted with polyester and is washable at 95°C.

The latex pillow scores primarily due to the resilient soft latex core. The cover is very soft. Skin-friendly. At the same time, the quilted polyester makes it abrasion resistant and durable. All materials are low in harmful substances. The environmentally friendly production is completely Made in Germany.

Can latex allergy sufferers also use the Billerbeck neck support pillow with latex core?

This is not recommended.

Sweats easily on this Amazon neck pillow?

No, due to the air channels on the core surface the pillow is breathable. The Latexi is appreciated because of the good processing. The breathable properties of the latex core. The quality of the foam plate for height adjustment is criticized. Although the Billerbeck neck support pillow is supposed to measure 40×80 cm, it does not fit into a standard pillowcase. It measures approx. 1 cm more in depth. Neck support pillows are ergonomically useful. Relieve the cervical spine. Thus, in case of tension or neck pain, such pillows can provide relief. High-quality neck pillows also provide excellent lying comfort.

Often it takes quite a while until one has become accustomed to such an orthopedic pillow. They are also not always suitable for every sleeping position, because, for example, the height of the lying surface varies – depending on whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side. Neck pillows are also not as durable as conventional pillows. As an ergonomic pillow against neck pain. Back problems will win a neck pillow every test. A very special alternative is the equivalent of the waterbed: the water pillow. Here, the majority of the filling consists of water. Sometimes these are used as neck pillows for heat or cold therapies. A side sleeper pillow can also be a suitable alternative. However, this is not a pillow for side sleepers. It is draped lengthwise in front of the body lying on its side when sleeping, to support a sleeping position that is easy on the joints.

If you want to relieve your neck for relaxation, a neck roll is recommended. This is a cylindrical cushion with a filling of fiber flakes or polystyrene beads. However, this neck pillow is not suitable for regular night sleep. It's a similar story with the neck pillow. This is primarily a travel neck support pillow that fits perfectly around your neck due to its curved shape. If you are going to sit in one place for a long time or even sleep sitting down, this pillow will help against neck pain.

What does a neck pillow look like?

An orthopedic pillow for the neck can have several forms. The purpose is to enable a spine-friendly sleeping position. This is how the pillow is supposed to help side sleepers lie up straight. For back sleepers, the spine should retain its typical S-shape. On the one hand, the pillow has to keep your head and neck in the right position, on the other hand, it has to adapt to your body and not feel too hard. Memory foam pillows like the Ebitop MLILY usually have a wave shape. This design has established itself best on the market. Here are two lying surfaces of different heights, which are curved in the shape of waves. The head is placed in the "trough" between these two elevations.

Depending on your shoulder measurements, you can decide for yourself which side of the pillow offers the best position for neck pain. The lying height is between 7 and 13 cm, depending on the pillow. Models like the Sissel Classic are designed in L-shape. This creates only one lying surface. Other neck support pillows have a more angular shape with a smooth surface. Here the correct support of the cervical spine is ensured just by the adaptation of the material to your body. Some pillows are also height adjustable. They consist either of several layers of the same shape or are supplied with foam sheets for padding.

A special ergonomic pillow is the butterfly pillow. It has two indentations at the top and bottom and its shape is reminiscent of a butterfly. It is recommended especially as a pillow for side sleepers.

Memory Foam – the special filling for neck support pillows

Memory foam gel was developed for NASA in the 1970s. The aim was to reduce the prere on the astronauts' bodies during the rocket launch. It is made on polyurethane basis. The highlight of the memory foam pillow: It has not only viscoelastic, but also thermoelastic properties. This means that it reacts not only to your weight, but also to body heat. It adapts ideally to the shape of your cervical spine. Is a perfect ergonomic pillow against neck pain.

A similar effect can also be achieved with other polyurethane fabrics. It is not uncommon for latex to be used as a material for neck support pillows, as it also has very good viscoelastic properties. A good example of a latex pillow is the Billerbeck Latexi. A popular organic filler is spelt husk. Spelt husk pillows can be adjusted to the contours of the body by removing or adding filling material. Fillings with hollow fiber pellets are not suitable for longer periods of sleep. It is different with down, feathers, kapok, cotton or polyester, which are used in conventional pillows. They can provide excellent lying comfort, but are mostly unsuitable as a filling for ergonomic pillows.

The cover for neck support pillows

The importance of the neck pillow cover should not be underestimated, as it contributes a lot to handling and lying comfort. Four different materials are usually used: polyester, cotton, linen and viscose. The latter is made of bamboo fibers. There are also fabric combinations. For example, polyester. Cotton gladly used together. In general, a cover for neck support pillows should be skin-friendly, removable and washable. These properties are especially important for allergy sufferers. As well as the question of whether it contains ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions. Thus, the Daydream P-16250 neck pillow is Oeko Tex certified. Especially suitable for allergy sufferers.

It is recommended to equip the neck support pillow with an additional cover. This way the original cover is protected and another barrier against dirt and moisture is created.

How to lie properly on a neck pillow?

The correct neck pillow application depends on various factors. Slatted frame, mattress and pillow must be optimally adjusted to each other. If you want to use a neck pillow properly, make sure that your spine is straight when lying down, without bending at the level of the cervical vertebrae. Here it comes u.a. depends on the firmness of the mattress. You can only lie ergonomically sensibly in bed. A lounger, futon or sofa are not suitable for. An exception are models that have integrated a high-quality mattress. For example, there are some sleeping chairs where this is the case.

Orthopedic pillow or not: In general, you should sink into the mattress to a certain degree in different body zones. Especially for side sleepers, the neck can quickly be too high or too low. The broader your shoulders and the softer your mattress, the higher the neck support pillow needs to be to compensate for sinking in the shoulder area. If you lie ideally on your mattress, it is a matter of finding an orthopedic neck pillow that fits ideally. Here you will not get around the one or other neck pillow test. Shape, size and material should harmonize well.

The best neck pillow is the model that best suits your body and sleeping environment. One question that often comes up with wavy neck pillows: How around do I need to use it? As a rule, side sleepers require more support for the neck vertebrae and back sleepers require less support. Whether the high or the low side of the pillow relieves your neck best, you have to test yourself or get advice in a specialist store.

Which neck pillow is best to buy?

Sleeping with orthopedic pillows is very individual. Much depends on your anatomical condition, preferences and sleeping habits. In the end, you must also use the neck pillow correctly. It is important that the support properties are good and fit your body. The same applies to the degree of hardness. This is however to a large extent also a matter of taste. Just like the choice of material. It's a case of trial and error if you want to find out which pillow helps you best with neck and shoulder pain.

A property that is less subjective is the durability of the material. For example, memory foam pillows may lose their shape after two or five years. This is in the nature of things, but there are significant differences between manufacturers here. This also applies to the use of harmful substances. Here the Oeko Tex seal can be a good reference point.

What to look for when buying?

– Support properties – degree of hardness – material – durability – absence of harmful substances

Neck support pillow test

In 2017, Stiftung Warentest conducted a neck pillow test. The test included 20 neck support pillows ranging in value from 9 to 169 euros. The main criteria were the support properties and durability. Comfort was also tested. The quality of the cover. Neck support pillow test winner in the area of "health. Environment" was the Tempur original. A total of 19 products received the rating "good" in this area. A higher grade was not achieved. Likewise in the "support properties" segment. According to Stiftung Warentest, nine neck support pillows were rated "good", while the rest were rated "satisfactory" and "sufficient".

With the durability it looked better. In the test, 8 neck support pillows were rated "very good" and "good". The "declaration and advertising" item scored particularly poorly. Conclusion here: Many manufacturers advertise their product with false promises. Do not provide enough information about the correct sleeping position. Neck support pillow test winner was a model of the brand Diamona with a score of 1.7 ("good").

In 2019, oko Test has also assessed neck support pillows. Here, too, insufficient declaration was criticized. The toxic semi-metal antimony was found in two out of ten products. One contained an ammonium compound that can irritate the skin. On the whole, oko Test rated the neck support pillows "good", similar to Stiftung Warentest.

Care and cleaning of neck pillows

As a rule, an orthopedic pillow is not so easy to clean. However, there are exceptions. For example, if polyurethane foam was used as a filling material. Often, however, only a wash at 30 degrees or even only hand wash is possible. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Commercially available memory foam pillows cannot be washed. With the neck cushion cover it behaves differently. Here we use fabric mixtures that allow cleaning in the washing machine. Mostly in the range of 40°C to 60°C. People who are allergic to house dust should make sure that the cover can be washed at a minimum of 60°C. In general, it is recommended to air an orthopedic neck support pillow well after sleeping.


Whether an orthopedic pillow relieves your symptoms or improves your night's sleep depends on various factors. Ultimately, you have to reckon with not finding the perfect pillow for you when you first buy it. It may also take a while before you feel an effect. So have patience. In many cases, neck support pillows have the sleep-. So that people's quality of life is improved. In many cases neck support pillows have the sleep-. To improve the quality of life of people. It is definitely worth a try.

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