6 Healthy fats that make you fit meet your master

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Fat does not equal fat, on the contrary: your body needs healthy fats to stay fit and for certain processes to run smoothly. But what foods contain it. Which healthy fats are the best?

Learn the most important cooking techniques from the master chef and let him show you how to season properly. Alfons Schuhbeck shows you this and much more in his master class. Basically, a distinction is made between saturated. Distinguish unsaturated fatty acids. The less "satiating" a fat is, the healthier it is for your body. So unsaturated fatty acids are healthy, while saturated ones are not. You should therefore try to eat as little saturated fat as possible.

With the unsaturated and thus healthy fats you can strike on the other hand. You should even establish them firmly in your diet, as they are essential for certain processes in your body. It is prepared here in simple. polyunsaturated fats are differentiated.

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Monounsaturated fatty acids are easy for your body to digest and help absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. They also have a positive effect on your cholesterol level and protect your organs. They are mainly found in avocados, peanuts, good olive oil and canola oil.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which the body cannot produce itself. So you definitely need to take them in through your diet. In addition to fish, they are also found in walnuts, flax oil, canola oil and chia seeds.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to six healthy fats that you should definitely eat regularly. Because they provide energy, are the building blocks of your body's cells, and serve as a warming insulating layer against the cold.

6 Healthy fats that make you fit meet your master

1. Pollock

Fish with a particularly high fat content provide you with many polyunsaturated fatty acids. Especially salmon, which contains many anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats and can thus significantly reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack. Depression is also said to be reduced by regular consumption of salmon. The delicious fish should therefore be a regular part of your diet to stay healthy and fit in the long term.

2. Walnuts

That nuts contain a lot of fat is widely known. But when eaten in moderation, they also provide you with healthy unsaturated fats, both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. Despite their high energy density they are very healthy. At least if you eat no more than a handful a day. Walnuts also improve your cholesterol levels. Are good for your heart health. They provide a lot of satiating proteins, fiber and antioxidants. They are perfect as a snack between meals – not only if you want to lose weight, but also if you want to keep your brain fit.

3. Olive oil

Mediterranean cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world. This is certainly due to the good olive oil, which is very popular in Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. According to studies, olive oil has a positive effect on various genes and prevents cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The vitamin E and oleic acid they contain also inhibit cell aging, making olive oil a natural anti-aging product. Use it best to dress your salads or drizzle it over your vegetables after cooking to better absorb important vitamins.

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