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Threats from the hiccups?

– 1. The burp against hiccups – 2. Offering the baby something to drink – 3. Audition for hiccups – 4. A belly massage – 5. Hiccups occur in babies even before birth. Is not normally a cause for concern. – For example, hiccups after feeding occur when the child's diaphragm contracts irregularly. – Usually the phenomenon subsides after a few minutes without complications. – To soothe the hiccups of your offspring, offer the child liquid or massage his stomach. – Under no circumstances should you startle the baby to stop the hiccups.

Babies experience the hiccups at an early age

If your baby hiccups, there is no reason to worry at first. The child experiences the sudden contraction of the diaphragm already in the womb. In the process, the organism pumps amniotic fluid through the muscle-tendon plate to prepare the muscles for later respiration. The excess air escapes to the outside during this process, so the embryo hiccups. Many babies get used to this feeling early on, so hiccups do not cause them severe discomfort. Especially after breastfeeding or feeding, the phenomenon occurs in children.

Incorrect action on the immature muscles of the diaphragm leads to its irregular contraction. It causes the larynx to close when the baby takes a breath. The airflow hits this barrier. The characteristic hiccup sound develops. At the same time, the "trapped" air prevents the ingested liquid or food from flowing back. Accordingly, the hiccups represent an important protective mechanism for babies. It prevents dangerous swallowing as well as reflux of stomach contents.

At the same time there is a training effect of rib and diaphragm muscles. If your child suffers from hiccups, you should first remain calm and wait to see if the phenomenon subsides on its own.

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Tip: If your partner is worried about the baby, you should reare her and ease her fears. Unfounded worries about the child have a negative effect on the psyche. This is the conclusion of a study published in 2018 called "Baby puts a strain on mom's psyche".

Threats of danger from the hiccups?

Many parents worry that persistent hiccups in babies will lead to health complications. However, the phenomenon proves to be a normal process during the breastfeeding phase. If it occurs several times a week, there is no need to worry when it subsides on its own. Normally, newborns do not find hiccups annoying or painful. If the children get used to the hiccups, they fall asleep during them or devote themselves to a game. However, it happens that your baby finds the hiccups irritating. This case occurs, for example, when the hiccups persist for a long time or occur several times a day.

6 tips that help against hiccups in babies

Several ways exist to rid your offspring of hiccups. The most common methods include, for example:

1. The burp against hiccups

After every meal, you help your baby burp. As a result, excess air escapes from the body. The risk of permanent hiccups decreases. To banish the hiccups in the baby, relaxation exercises are also suitable. For example, it helps to hold the offspring in your arms.

2. Offer the baby something to drink

If your child starts hiccupping, offer him milk or lukewarm water from a baby bottle. It is often sufficient to place it briefly against the baby's mouth. If it prepares to eat, breathing normalizes. The hiccups disappear.

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3. Audition against hiccups

The audition captures the baby's attention while you gently stroke and massage his tummy. Alternatively, many newborns find a light foot massage pleasant. This helps them relax. The hiccups subside.

4. An abdominal massage

If you decide to massage the baby's belly to relieve diaphragmatic spasm, use little prere. Light, circular movements help offspring breathe regularly. Meanwhile, try to distract the baby. As an example, you talk to your daughter or son. Show him toys or interesting discoveries. Often the offspring forget the hiccups in amazement, so that they subside within a short time.

5. Keep the baby warm

Another option is to provide the child with a warm environment. Temperature fluctuations and cold lead to irregular breathing and the characteristic hiccups.

A warm cherry pit cushion or a hot water bottle will help to relax the diaphragm. In addition, there are "secret tips" that can help rid your baby of hiccups. For example, you gently blow in your child's face.

6 Lovingly blow on

Even a gentle stream of air is enough for your offspring to change its breathing slightly. As a result, the muscles of the diaphragm relax and the hiccups disappear. Some babies also find blowing on them to be a fun game.

Startling does not constitute hiccup help

If adults suffer from hiccups, startling each other is considered an instant solution to the annoying hiccups. You should avoid this with your baby. In the worst case, the sudden shock causes anxiety. Furthermore, do not hold the nose or mouth of the newborn. Although holding your breath is considered a solution to hiccups in adults, you are putting your child's life in danger by doing so.

The right help for hiccups

Hiccups in babies often sound cute. Some children find hiccups funny. You laugh afterwards. This causes the diaphragm muscles to relax on their own. In addition, there are several methods to alleviate the phenomenon. Light abdominal massages as well as a burp are considered quick fixes for hiccups. If the baby's hiccups do not disappear with gentle help, it is best to wait and see. As a rule, your offspring's body resolves the reflex on its own within a few minutes.

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