7 Signs that your cat is sick for the love of your pet

With our tips you know quickly if your cat is missing something. Watch out for these 7 signs.

Is my cat sick? Watch out for these signs. © iStock

How to tell that the cat is sick? Often it is not so easy to recognize that something is wrong with the beloved kitty, because often our pets hide illnesses as best they could and try not to show the symptoms.

Recognizing the signs of illness is not easy for the inexperienced, unless the cat is coughing or vomiting. But if you know what to look for, you can quickly tell when something is wrong. You should know these signs that the cat is sick.

1. Activity

You could become envious when you see what a nice life our cats have: Sleeping, eating, playing, napping … cats allow themselves up to 16 hours a day for trips to the land of dreams. So if your pet sleeps through two-thirds of the day, don't be alarmed yet. However, if it becomes significantly more or your cat is altogether more sluggish and less active, this could be a sign of cat disease or pain. Then you should have the health checked by a vet.

Extra tip: An extremely awkward gait is often an indication of ataxia in cats. In our linked article you will learn how to best deal with an ataxia cat.

2. Fur

Cats clean themselves very thoroughly. No wonder that her fur is always so shiny. If this is the case with your pet, you should be alarmed. If the hair appears lackluster or even matted, a cuddle is the perfect way to alert your sweetie to the causes or. possible cat diseases to investigate.

Possibly your cat lacks the strength to care for itself. Maybe she also feels pain when grooming. For both causes a visit to the vet is mandatory. It can, if necessary. Recognize a disease and help quickly.

Also make sure that the coat is not infested with parasites like z. B. mites – this must also be treated immediately by a doctor.

3. Feeding behavior

Cats are very picky when it comes to food. Surely there have been big eyes at the bowl and indignant mewing, instead of your furball eating the food as you had hoped. This diva-like behavior happens every now and then. Should not worry you further. Then just change back to the food that Her Majesty … pardon: your cat prefers.

If your animal does not eat well from one day to the next for no reason and perhaps shows the signs mentioned under points 1 and 2, you should urgently ask your veterinarian for help. Evtl. Gum inflammation is to blame for the fact that the mini tiger has lost his appetite. Or there is another disease behind it. The veterinarian can quickly get to the bottom of the cause or causes.

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