8 Positive effects of oolong tea on your health

Cell aging and inflammatory processes in the body are prevented and support for weight loss and fat loss is enhanced by oolong tea. Read more about the effectiveness of the Asian tea in this article!

8 positive effects of oolong tea on your health

Originally from China, oolong tea (the oo is pronounced like a u) is neither a green nor a black tea, but it combines the benefits of both varieties. It is semi-firmed and the effect it is said to have is very special. Translated, oolong means black dragon. Nowadays it comes not only from China, but also from Taiwan and Japan.

The ingredients of oolong tea

Oolong tea contains more caffeine than green tea, but less than black tea. It is considered very digestible because it contains less tannins than black tea and it is available in fruity or smoky notes as well as in spicy or floral ones.

The oolong tea contains a lot of polyphenol, a plant substance that is also found in fruit or wine. It has health benefits. Has a positive effect on various areas. For example, it prevents the deposition of fats in the blood vessels. Prevents strokes in this way. Oolong tea is relatively expensive compared to other types of tea, but its effect has actually already been proven in various studies.

The 8 positive effects of oolong tea

1. Anti-inflammatoryOolong tea has an anti-inflammatory effect due to the polyphenol it contains. It strengthens the immune system. Has a detoxifying effect.

2. Oolong tea has a positive effect on dental health. Reduces plaque buildup on the teeth. The reason for this is the antibacterial effect of the tea against certain bacteria in the mouth.

3. Healthy skinIf you drink oolong tea every day for four weeks, you can expect a significant improvement in the appearance of your skin. The tea has a skin purifying effect, which also prevents the aging process of the skin.

4. Younger lookingThanks to oolong tea it is possible to reduce the release of free radicals. These are released by additives in food, environmental pollution or stress and lead to wrinkles or age spots. Regular consumption of oolong tea reduces these signs of aging, as the release of free radicals is significantly reduced (by up to 50% and more).

5. Lose weight: Although oolong tea is not officially approved as a weight loss product, it has a positive effect on the body's caloric expenditure. It can be drunk either instead of a meal or as an accompaniment to a diet.

6. Block carbohydrates: Normally, insulin levels in the body rise after the consumption of carbohydrates. These are usually converted in the body and stored as fat. Oolong tea drunk 15 minutes before eating carbohydrates can block the carbohydrates. In this way, weight gain is also prevented.

7. Increased energy consumption: According to a study, one cup of oolong tea after a meal increases the body's energy expenditure by 10%. Again, this has a positive effect on metabolism and weight.

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