9 Typical signs of aging your pharmacy

Unfortunately no. Suddenly it pinches when you get up, you can no longer rely on your hearing – and was that little wrinkle there the other day too?? How our bodies change over the years

The goal: Staying fit for as long as possible

In order to age as healthily as possible or. To keep physical and mental health high for as long as possible, it makes sense to introduce healthy habits at an early age. As healthy as possible. Balanced diet. – Regular physical activity (endurance sports, strength training, daily exercise) – Lifelong learning, brain jogging, etc., to keep mental activity up to speed.

1. The brain and memory

9 typical signs of aging your pharmacy

In osteoporosis, bone loses stability, strength, elasticity and mobility. © Shutterstock

Many seniors suffer from osteoporosis – a condition in which bone density decreases at an excessive rate. Many also know it by the name of bone atrophy. Bones become more brittle, more fragile and less resilient. Cartilage tie loses elasticity and substance. Tendons and ligaments also lose elasticity – especially if they are not regularly stressed.


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