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Eye diseasesEye complaints are common. Doctors can treat most eye diseases with medication. Always consult your family doctor or ophthalmologist for severe or persistent eye complaints.

Treatments for eye diseases

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A doctor checks her medical questionnaire

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Symptoms of eye diseases

Some of the most common eye conditions include: – Eye inflammation: usually involves inflammation of the conjunctiva in the eye. This leads to complaints such as redness, pain in the eye and secretion (sticky eyes when waking up). – Eye irritation: itching, pain or redness, often as a result of hay fever or another allergy. – Eye dryness: fatigue, burning or itching, hypersensitivity to light, blurred vision, often caused by excessive computer use or dry mucous membranes (menopause, Sjogren's syndrome). – Glaucoma: Decrease in visual field (especially at the edges) due to excessive intraocular prere, which damages the optic nerve. Many eye complaints – like eye inflammation. Eye irritation – can be prevented. Do not touch your eyes with unwashed fingers, wear good sunglasses and do not stare too long at the computer screen. Eye drops with antihistamine relieve hay fever symptoms of the eyes. In the case of a bacterial eye infection, eye drops with antibiotics are prescribed if necessary. Against dry eyes there are artificial tears or soothing eye drops. Glaucoma is treated with eye drops that lower intraocular prere.

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