A. Leibinger medical technology and hospital supplies

Who are we?For decades, our company has seen itself as an efficient and reliable partner for hospital and surgical supplies. With our experience of now almost 70 years in medical technology, we have been able to establish ourselves as a fixed brand and size with our customers. We not only offer our customers products from our extensive range of services, we also act as consultants and advisors for larger projects and system procurements. We offer our clients our expertise, flexibility and ability to adapt to individual needs.

In cooperation with renowned medical technology manufacturers, we supply a comprehensive range of products for the operating room and practice. Especially in the implant and orthopedics sector, our well-known excellent service is a decisive factor for our customers.

Quality and service, and the aspect of cost awareness, which is important from today's point of view, are further cornerstones of our entrepreneurial activities.

A. leibinger medical technology and hospital supplies

Traumatology | Orthopedics

Orthopedics and traumatology require a wide range of implants for the most diverse indications in the treatment of traumatic and degenerative damage to the bone apparatus.

Our high-quality and innovative products for this purpose are always in line with the latest implant technology. In close consultation with users. Manufacturers are constantly developing these. This guarantees the permanently high level of our products.

A. leibinger medical technology and hospital supplies


Together with our partner Martin Medizintechnik Tuttlingen, we have been setting important trends in this discipline for many years. From the high-end device maXium® for the demanding OR to the small device for the outpatient clinic: the entire product range sets standards with every single device. An extensive and attractive range of accessories, especially in the bipolar range, rounds off our offer.

A. leibinger medical technology and hospital supplies


Endoscopic and minimally invasive treatment methods have been an indispensable part of medical practice for many years and are an integral part of surgical procedures. Still one of the most innovative disciplines in medicine.

Patient-friendly, user-friendly and cost-saving, they are the adequate solutions in today's health care system.

With modern endoscopy systems from Richard Wolf, we offer our customers complete care: from image acquisition with the optics to the documentation required in each case.

A. leibinger medical technology and hospital supplies

Consumables | Sterile Products

Hygienic requirements and the need to optimize processes are the main reasons why the share of this product segment in the healthcare sector is increasing all the time. Therefore it becomes more and more important to support and equip the hospitals in this area with economic and technically reasonable product systems. Especially in the orthopedic-traumatological field, where the share of consumables is particularly high, we offer customized and attractive solutions.

A. leibinger medical technology and hospital supplies

Instrumentation | Sterile Container

The distribution of our surgical instruments has a long tradition with us. Our claim to provide our customers with instruments of the best quality has not changed to this day. Only stainless steel from European production is used as the starting material. In cooperation with leading manufacturers from Tuttlingen we are your partner when it comes to surgical instruments. Starting from the sieve/needs planning up to procurement. Service/maintenance of value: everything from a single source.

A. leibinger medical technology and hospital supplies

Service and maintenance

The value retention of medical devices is an important factor, especially in today's world. Decisive criteria here are: Costs, transparency, speed, reliability as well as the avoidance of downtime. By making use of our maintenance concept, we can also support you in working out potential savings.


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