About us lebelavanda

About LebelavandaWe love essential oils, natural cosmetics, natural medicine and nutrition. Here we are absolute experts and have attended numerous training courses and trainings. We would like to share our knowledge and talk and report about the experience of naturopathy in seminars and events. Our vision is to bring many people in contact with the wonderful fragrances of essential oils. There is not only one way of prevention, health or healing. We want to show possibilities, so that every customer can choose his own way. "Every person has two lives. The second one begins when we realize that we have only one – and we have to do something for our health."

Lemon balm from the small show garden

Our values

The company Lebelavanda deals with the topics of health, nutrition and aroma. Already in the logo the closeness to nature is noticeable. The green should symbolize this. The leaf that refers to nature is also a drop that refers to products that we offer, including essential oils. Lavanda ital. Lavender stands for relaxation. This should be our slogan, live relaxed in and with nature. The primary focus is on sustainability, acting sustainably, conserving resources and preserving nature. We attach great importance to fair. Sustainable products. We include only such in our assortment. We carefully examine. Decide which commercial routes the product will take. Customer satisfaction, customer training and information transfer are central to our philosophy. Sustainable action is also always a part of this. Sustainable responsibility to the language. To the business branches seminar. Store also counts the mail order business. Here we attach great importance to sustainable packaging materials, continue to use already used and leave out plastics. As one of 200 signatories of the WIN Charter Baden-Wurttemberg, we deliver a target concept every year, which is reviewed and approved. We set goals to be even more sustainable every year.

About the founder

Michael Neuhauser founded his company Marketing& Distribution already in 2003. The subject of health was already very important and conscious to him at that time at 22 years old. Since 2003 he has been giving lectures on the topics of naturopathy, prevention and nutrition. He was particularly taken with the super fruit "morinda citrifolia", or NONI, at that time and still is today. At the end of 2015, the company was renamed Lebelavanda. This was also the year when essential oils were added to the product portfolio. Since 2015, knowledge about the effects of essential oils has been steadily expanded, especially in the field of aroma care and aromatherapy.

Profile Michael Neuhauser

Born in 1981 Aroma consultant certified in the implementation of aroma care certified in the field of mental illness& essential oils Offers further education and training in the field of aroma care and aromatherapy Nutritionist for prevention and weight reduction according to LOGI state-approved youth and home educator trained merchant in specialized and retail trade 3-time dad

Here you can see Michael with his wife Maria Stoll. Together they have 3 children. Both work hand in hand to provide the best service to their customers. Michael and Maria run the small business alongside their main job as youth and home educators and curative education nurse.

Power of Paradise

Morinda citrifolia

One of the most important ancient secrets of the Polynesian natives is the NONI plant, which was revered for its properties. The NONI was seen as a gift from the gods that was able to give life and health to people. Today, many products use not only the fruit, but also the NONI leaf, NONI seeds and fruit peel. Today there is a lot of science and studies that prove the effect of the NONI fruit.

Sleep better

About us lebelavanda

Are you also looking for good sleep? 20-30% of Germans have sleep problems, according to the German Sleep Research Society. Sleep medicine (DGSM) 2018 occasional sleep disorders. 1.9 million people regularly took sleeping pills in Germany in 2018, according to the DGSM. However, it is important to know that these tablets do not have a curative effect. If these are discontinued, the sleep problems are back again. We show how to rebalance with naturopathy.


About us lebelavanda

Being in the flow (Flow). Being able to concentrate perfectly is sometimes not so easy. Most of the time we function mechanically, automatically without really being aware of the experience we are going through. This automatic functioning has a very decisive effect on our quality of life – in difficult moments as much as in pleasant ones. We show how to live your daily life moment by moment.


About us lebelavanda

The needs of your skin are constantly changing. So, as a rule, your skin needs richer care in the winter months than in summer. In spring and autumn, the change of seasons also has a noticeable and visible effect on the skin. The skin also changes as we grow older. Requires special as well as regular care.

Whatever your skin's need, we have the right care products. Discover the right products for your type.

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