Absence of the period a sure sign.

The first signs of an early pregnancy are the
Symptoms of the PMS phase quite similar. PMS means premenstrual syndrome and refers to the complaints in the days before the onset of menstruation. Because the hormone progesterone is elevated in both pregnancy and the PMS phase, the symptoms are similar:

– Tightness in the chest and/ or sensitive nipples – Irritability. low blood prere – headaches, migraines – elevated basal body temperature (only detectable by regular measurement) – abdominal pain or. a pulling sensation in the abdomen – constipation – different eating behavior

All of these signs can indicate PMS, but they can also indicate pregnancy. Only afterwards does it become clear what the woman would have been dying to know a few days ago: Am I pregnant – or is my menstruation starting?? Then the bodily signs quickly disappear, while they remain for a certain time or even intensify in the case of pregnancy.

– You can describe your symptoms in the online pregnancy test and receive an immediate evaluation. In addition, you can get a personal assessment from a competent consultant.

Pregnant without signs

Sometimes pregnancy actually makes itself known very early on. There are in the first weeks no really sure sign and no clearly recognizable "side effects. Some pregnancies begin without any nausea or other symptoms at all.

The fact is: Early pregnancy is different for every woman! Some women even experience their second pregnancy quite differently from their first.

Other women also report that they simply do not notice anything out of the ordinary. The feeling of being pregnant is not there at first, so that the surprise is even bigger in the further course of the pregnancy.

Missing periods: a sure sign?

Are you already "overdue? Normally The absence of menstruation is the first clear sign of pregnancy. But: the absence of menstruation is not proof of pregnancy. Even women who normally get their periods regularly may experience a delay.

There are many reasons for this. Even a diet, a cold, medication or even a long-distance trip can cause the body to tick differently than usual. Stress can also upset a woman's cycle. In older women, this can also be the first sign of menopause. Of course, it also happens that a woman continues to have period-like bleeding or another type of discharge, even though she is pregnant.

Other symptoms of pregnancy

If a woman is really pregnant, the absence of periods within a short period of time can – but does not have to be Other symptoms can be added to this:

When do you know for sure that you are pregnant??

You are probably wondering whether you are really pregnant. There are two main ways to find out:

1. A commercial pregnancy test can give you certainty, if it is carried out correctly and not too early. You can get it in a drugstore, pharmacy or even in any major supermarket. 2. Of course you can also visit your doctor immediately. In any case, even after a positive pregnancy test, you should make an appointment with a gynecologist as soon as possible to determine whether the pregnancy is intact.

Worried about being pregnant?

If you are wondering whether you are pregnant or even afraid of pregnancy, we hope we have already answered some of your questions – but there are probably still some unanswered questions?

Every woman's situation is individual and unique!

Maybe you have already taken one or even more pregnancy tests and each time tested negative. Still worried about being pregnant?

You are not alone in this situation – we are here for you! For example, you can take our online pregnancy test; simple, mobile and at any time of the day or night. This is what you will get an immediate response to. You can – if you want to – talk to an expert. We are looking forward to you and your questions!

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