Abw mental illness regens wagner

Some people have mental illnesses. Psychic is the heavy word for: mental. They often have problems with their feelings and thoughts. For example, they are often very sad. Or they have a lot of fear.

Many people have a mental health crisis in their lives. Crisis means: a particularly difficult time with many problems. Sometimes it's just a short crisis. Sometimes the crisis lasts longer. The heavy word for it is: chronic.

These people often have problems in everyday life. You can no longer participate in the community. Or they have problems with work. The Regens Wagner Open Help helps these people. There is ambulant accompanied living

That is Ambulant Assisted Living

Some people with mental illness want to live alone. Or with your partner. Or with your friends. You can do many things yourself. And decide for yourself.

Sometimes you need help. Then comes an employee of Regens Wagner Open Help. The employee helps a few hours a week. For example: – It helps you to find your own apartment. – He helps you to move. – Or with the mail. – He writes an application with you. – Or if you already live in your own apartment he goes shopping with you. – Or it helps with the laundry. – Or he accompanies you to the doctor. – Or divides with you the money and calculates.

How often and what do employees help me with

Which help you get you make out with the office. How long you get help you make out with the office. This is then written down and is called: Participation plan This also contains the goals that you want to achieve.

Once a year there is a meeting with the office. It is discussed whether the help is sufficient or whether you need more or less help. For outpatient living to work, you must agree to help. And you must take. This also means that you cooperate with the employees. Which employee comes? Regens Wagner Open Help ensures that good employees come to you and help you. Our employees are well trained. You have a co-worker with whom you get along and in whom you have confidence. When the employee will come, is agreed beforehand. If an appointment is rescheduled, you and the employee must agree to it.

This is what outpatient assisted living costs

The help costs money. If you pay yourself, you will receive an invoice after each month. If you have no money, you can write a request for. We help you with this. The office may then pay the employee.

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