Actively shaping health aok sachsen anhalt

The AOK Saxony-Anhalt offers preventive health care in the form of health courses – you too can benefit from them!actively shaping health aok sachsen anhalt

Health courses are courses of different contents, which take place over a fixed period of time. With these offers you can promote your health actively, because with the various health courses something is present for everyone. Contents of a health course can be topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, relaxation or even dealing with addictive substances. With so-called combination courses two topic fields, as for example relaxation and movement are connected with one another. This is then counted as two individual courses. The prerequisite for the recognition of the health course is that it is certified by the ZPP (Zentralen Prufstelle fur Pravention).

Read on and find out everything you need to know about health courses and their procedures, but also about billing via Meine Gesundheitswelt.

What can I expect from a course?

The health courses take place under the professional guidance of a trainer. In order to be certified, the trainers must have a state-approved professional or academic degree. In addition, a corresponding additional qualification in the respective area in which they offer the course must be proven. Most courses run for 8 to 12 weeks. The provider specifies the exact course duration in the course database of the Central Prevention Testing Agency (ZPP). The courses can be taken both on site, but also as an online course.

Health courses online

You can participate in health courses in different forms. It's up to you whether you want to do an on-site course or a location-independent online course. Feel free to use our health courses online. We also subsidize your participation from home. So simply select the recognized health course, register and take part.

Framework of cost coverage

We will subsidize up to two health courses or one combination course per year. We cover 90 percent of the course costs, but a maximum of 80 euros per individual course. We will reimburse a maximum of 160 euros for a combination course. If you have taken a liking to health courses, you can of course continue them at your own expense.

You initially pay for the health course yourself. Afterwards you submit us the confirmation of participation with your current account details and receipt for the course costs. You can do this in person at the customer center, by mail, or quickly and easily in My Health World. After a successful check we will refund you the partial amount.

Health courses EXTRA

In order to offer you exclusive added value, we hold "Health Courses EXTRA" for you ready. These are health courses in which you can participate completely free of charge as an AOK-insured person. An example of this is the EXTRA "Active weight loss" health course. In 10 units of 90 minutes each, you will learn to reach your feel-good weight and become more mobile bit by bit. You will also receive behavioral counseling in the group and moderated discussions by our nutrition experts. In short lectures, brainstorming and individual work, the causes of overweight are uncovered and situation-dependent eating behavior is identified. In an integrated cooking lesson you will put into practice what you have learned.

We also offer two other health courses EXTRA. In the course Ruckenfit Generation + the best protection against back pain is aimed at. You learn how to mobilize your spine with selected stretching and strengthening exercises, but also how to stabilize it.

If we have aroused your interest? Then register now! We look forward to your participation.

Health trips

The AOK Saxony-Anhalt pays a subsidy for health trips offered by the provider AKON Aktivkonzept. We will reimburse preventive health courses that you attend during your trip. We will pay 90 percent of the costs, up to a maximum of 160 euros.

Further information for you

– Where to find the nearest customer center?

You can find the nearest customer center here. If you want to clarify your concerns on the spot, remember to make an appointment in advance to shorten your waiting time.

You can find many forms directly online in our form center. Here you can fill it out directly and send it to us. Quite uncomplicated, without printing and signing.

You can also hand in forms and applications at a customer center near you, send them by mail (AOK Sachsen-Anhalt, 39084 Magdeburg) or use our online office My AOK upload. You also have the option of sending us documents around the clock via the My AOK app.

You can easily insure yourself online with us. Click here for the form. Do you need a personal consultation? Then call us free of charge on 0800 2265726 or visit a customer center near you.

About our HEALTHYACCOUNT we subsidize many other services for your health. And that up to 600 Euro! Here you can find all important information.

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Actively shaping health aok sachsen anhalt


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Actively shaping health aok sachsen anhalt


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