Acute diarrhea in dogs help vacation trip

Oh yeh diarrhea in dogs sucks. Unfortunately it happens again and again. What can I do as a dog owner? When it becomes critical. How to behave on vacation. Dog diarrhea has different causes. Diarrhea occurs repeatedly in dogs and is usually harmless. Mostly the diarrhea clears up without medicine again by itself, if one considers one or other.

Diarrhea in dogs is just like in humans, the feces is soft to liquid, which is discharged more often than usual. Sometimes it's slimy, greenish, black, it can also be bloody.

Where can diarrhea come from in dogs?

The most common reason is simple, the dog has eaten something wrong! A freshly sprayed field, where he sniffed and licked. A change in diet or the wrong food fell off the table. Of course, infections, bacteria, viruses or parasites are often the cause. Sometimes chronic diseases of the intestinal tract, poisoning or psychological factors can also be the cause. When dogs are stressed, they get diarrhea just as easily. Diarrhea is especially common during dog vacations – as a change of location is stressful for many dogs. When swimming in the sea, make sure that the dog does not drink seawater and does not eat anything from the beach (old fish, etc.).).

How to treat mild diarrhea in dogs

What to do if my dog has diarrhea? The kind of treatment depends of course on the cause of the diarrhea. Put the dog on a diet for 24 to 48 hours. If possible, you should give your pet water during this time. Afterwards you can give the dog some gentle food. Compatible are for example boiled rice and boneless chicken and also cottage cheese is often given. If the dog eats banana is good. We have even given him rusks. Some dog owners give SOS charcoal tablets (pack of 2) – for diarrhea or give what from homeopathy for acute diarrhea. Every dog owner should also have a book about dog diseases in the house. This book is recommended: Kosmos Praxishandbuch dog diseases: Prevention and first aid, recognize and treat diseases

When to go to the vet

If your dog suffers from severe or bloody diarrhea, or if the symptoms do not subside after 24 hours, you should definitely go to the vet. If the dog vomits and still has a fever you should also go to the vet right away. If the dog trembles and weakens, it can also be poisoning. Follow your instinct, you know your dog best – if it seems very strange to you or if the dog is still a puppy you better go to the vet faster. Diarrhea and vomiting is then treated with medication (injections) from the TA.

Conclusion dogs allowed.en: Every dog owner knows the problem with diarrhea with dogs. Mostly the diarrhea goes as fast as it came . 1 day of not eating followed by a gentle diet help back to normal bowel movements in dogs. With bad stomach feeling of mistress always off to the veterinary surgeon

Are there still "home remedies? What else is given on a gentle diet?

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