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"Adaptogens" – what sounds highly complex and scientific is actually quite simple and comes directly from nature. The benefit is already in the name itself: "adaptere" (from Latin), which simply means "to adapt", describes the protective process that the following 5 medicinal plants set in motion in our body, when stressed.

The mini-vaccination from nature, against chronic stress! Only half an hour until the meeting. Your presentation is far from being ready. Hands get clammy, blood prere rises, alertness is heightened. The typical stress behavior that made Stone Age man ready for flight or attack is still in us and has numerous positive effects. Unfortunately, however, there are also just as many negative side effects – because for most people it is no longer an exceptional condition, but everyday life. Acute stress then becomes chronic stress, which has a negative effect on the metabolism of our hormones, among other things, and causes us to age more quickly. Also the bones suffer, because a stress-related excess of cortisol, leads to the fact that increased calcium is excreted. And that in turn can lead to osteoporosis. And how exactly do adaptogens help here?? They have a balancing effect on our physical and mental condition. And that depending on what we need at the moment and really helps us in the acute situation. If we feel tired, they have a stimulating effect, if we are stressed, they have a vitalizing effect and provide inner calmness.

Reading Tip: What you can easily do yourself against too much cortisol in everyday life, we explain here:

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And what else can the natural stress killers do?? Adaptogens act as:

Energy storage: Which also has a positive effect on endurance and regeneration for athletes.
Radical scavengers: They have antioxidant properties, which slows down the biological aging process.
Toxin eliminator: This is how they improve liver function.
Cell-Brain Boost: They promote cell intelligence by dampening in case of hyperfunction and strengthening in case of hypofunction.

Powerful plant, powerful effect – our top 5 adaptogens:

Anyone who can adapt himself so well must be robust. No wonder, then, that most adaptogens are plants that themselves have to withstand many stressors from the environment.

1. Ginseng

Considered one of the most powerful adaptogens. Used to promote mental and physical performance as it positively affects the dopaminergic and serotoninergic systems in the body, promoting greater well-being.

2. The plant, which grows in cold regions, boosts energy levels. Physical performance.

3. Opuntia

Only the strongest survive in the heat of North and South America. The Opuntia cactus defies extreme heat, lack of water and several other adversities. Their extraordinary adaptogenic properties protect against inflammation and help our adrenal glands respond to physical, biological and chemical stressors.

4. Hawthorn

The flowers and leaves of the hawthorn have been used in natural medicine for centuries. In 2019, scientists at the University of Wurzburg named them medicinal plant of the year. The adaptogenic power of the medicinal plant focuses on a calming and balancing effect in nervous heart complaints and an optimized oxygen supply to the muscles and heart in stressful situations.

5. Licorice root

Hated and loved – the licorice taste of the adaptogen plant does not please everyone. As a natural stress killer, the root acts as a natural stamina and energy booster and can regulate stress, hormones, cortisol and androgens.

Caution: licorice is not suitable for low blood prere, as the root also lowers blood prere due to its sedative effect.

Additional Tip: Not an official adaptogen, but identical in properties – our native blueberry. Although not a traditional adaptogen, their amount of antioxidants and healing properties make them a delicious superfood and healthy snack during stressful times.

2 indulgent recipes that will make you strong against stress starting today!

Ginger mint tea with licorice

Ingredients (4 glasses):

– 1 liter of water – 8 slices of ginger – 4 stalks of mint – 4 pieces of licorice – honey or agave syrup to taste

1. Bring water to a boil. 2. The ginger with the mint. Divide the licorice among four tea glasses. The ginger with the mint. Divide the licorice among four tea glasses. Pour boiling water over. Sweeten with honey to taste. 3. Steep for 5 minutes and enjoy.

Energy balls "blueberry muffin"

Ingredients (makes 8 Power Balls):

– 100 g cashews – 50 g fine leaf oatmeal – 1 pinch of ground vanilla – 1 tbsp coconut blossom syrup – 3 tbsp blueberry fruit powder

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1. Put cashews, oatmeal, vanilla, coconut blossom syrup and water in a blender. Mix until a homogeneous mass is formed.

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