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Addison's disease (hypocorticism) in dogs is a Disease of the adrenal glands. In dogs, the adrenal glands are located to the side of the kidneys. They produce certain hormones in their cortex (adrenocortical hormones) such as the so-called Mineralocorticoids (z.B. aldosterone) and Glucocorticoids (z.B. cortisol). Both hormones play a vital role in metabolism.

In Addison's disease there is an Deficiency of these adrenocortical hormones. Bitches of large breeds are more affected by hypocorticism. Addison's disease in dogs can be sudden (acute) or gradual (chronic).

Is Addison's disease in dogs hereditary??

Dogs of any breed can develop Addison's disease. The disease is known to be hereditary in the large poodle, Portuguese water dog, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever and bearded collie; a hereditary disposition (genetic predisposition) is suspected in other breeds.

What are the causes of Addison's disease in dogs??

The most common cause of Addison's disease in dogs is destruction of the adrenal cortex due to a disturbed immune system (autoimmune disease). It is therefore also called primary adrenal insufficiency (adrenal cortical weakness). As a result of tie destruction, the adrenal cortex no longer produces sufficient hormones. This causes the potassium, sodium, chlorine and water-concentrations out of balance.

The so-called secondary adrenal insufficiency (adrenal cortical weakness) occurs much less frequently in dogs and is due to Tumors, injuries or inflammations back. Furthermore, metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus (diabetes) are associated with the occurrence of Addison's disease in dogs.

Stress and infections can lead to Addison's crisis lead: The dog is suddenly apathetic, weak, may become dehydrated (indicated by dry, sticky mucous membranes) and may also collapse. Addisonian crisis is an absolute emergency – the dog needs immediate veterinary treatment!

How does Addison's disease manifest itself in dogs??

Dogs suffering from chronic Addison's disease often show it in their behavior: They act Feeling listless, lethargic and shaky. Common symptoms also include:

Often found in adrenal weakness blood in the stool of the dog. If left untreated, over time it comes to Heart and lung damage.

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