Alcoholism causes symptoms and treatment fernarzt

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1. What is alcoholism? 2. Symptoms and consequences of alcoholism 3. At what point does one speak of alcoholism? 4. How alcoholism affects the psyche? 5. Causes: What factors promote alcohol addiction? 6. How to recognize if someone has an alcohol problem? 7. Diagnosis of alcoholism 8. What can you do against alcohol addiction? 9. Tips from the psychologist 10. Tips for relatives 11. Frequently asked questions about alcoholism- What blood levels are elevated in alcoholism?? – Why does one become addicted to alcohol?

In Germany, 1.61 million people with acute alcohol dependence.

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism describes a disease in which the affected person characteristically has a Addictive behavior in the form of craving for alcohol show. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people are called alcoholics when their dependence on alcohol has reached such a degree that they show clear mental disturbances. In addition, an impairment of physical and mental health, social relationships and economic functions of such a development is also seen as a sign of.

In the ICD-10 Alcohol disorders among other disorders between Alcohol abuse and Alcohol dependence differentiated. In the following article, we will mainly focus on the aspect of alcohol dependence.

Symptoms and consequences of alcoholism

Many of those affected do not recognize the transition from normal alcohol consumption to alcoholism, since the path to dependence usually happens insidiously. The following symptoms may indicate possible alcoholism:

strong craving or. a kind of compulsion, after consumption of alcohol

Loss of control over when and how much to drink

Physical withdrawal symptoms, including trembling, sweating, restlessness and nervousness

Neglecting other interests and needs

The more the o.g. characteristics occur within a 12-month period, the more severe the dependence is estimated to be.

In the long term, alcoholism is also noticeable visually: on the face, skin, glassy, reddened eyes or nose

alcoholism causes symptoms and treatment fernarzt

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At what point do we speak of alcoholism?

It is generally difficult to assess when people are affected by alcohol addiction, as the transition from normal alcohol consumption to alcoholism is smooth. For this reason, many usually recognize too late or not at all that they are suffering from an alcohol dependency.

A Alcoholism can be present, if the affected person has a experience compulsive cravings for alcohol and the Control have lost control over the amount and frequency of consumption.

The following recommendations can be helpful in assessing one's own alcohol consumption:

Women should not exceed 12 gram Alcohol per day consume (a small 0.3 liter beer)

Men should not have more than 24 Gram Alcohol per day consume (two small beers)

Likewise, alcohol breaks should be taken, i.e not drinking at all at least 2 days a week

How alcoholism affects the psyche?

Long-term alcohol consumption can have a very negative effect on the psyche. The brain suffers massively under the abuse and can become declining mental abilities, personality changes, dementia and other mental illnesses lead. This includes anxiety, depression and Suicidal thoughts.

Causes: Which factors promote alcohol addiction??

There may be various factors that contribute to the development of alcohol dependence. On the one hand, this includes individual factors, such as a genetic predisposition or a person's life history. On the other hand, social conditions can. Relationships strongly influence individuals. The specific effects of alcohol and the availability of alcohol are also factors that can promote addiction.

It can often be observed that there are strong family clusters of alcohol problems. Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that children see the behavior of alcohol consumption in the family at an early age and copy this behavior from their role models. A genetic disposition is also a decisive factor here. Because children of alcoholic parents carry a genetic predisposition to alcoholism in them. Researchers have been able to determine these findings from studies of adopted children. Although no one in the adoptive family drank, the children whose biological parents were addicted to alcohol tended to become addicted themselves.

How to tell if someone has an alcohol problem?

It is not easy to recognize alcoholics. This is especially true for high-functioning alcoholics. However, there are some signs that can indicate an alcohol disease:

Appearance of unreliability, unpunctuality, aggressiveness and disinterest, especially if the person is not otherwise used to it

Deterioration of the skin appearance such as redness, eczema or psoriasis

The person's life and testimony increasingly revolve around alcohol

If relatives suspect alcohol dependence, they should raise the ie calmly and objectively and offer help.

alcoholism causes symptoms and treatment fernarzt

Diagnosis of alcoholism

Alcohol abuse is generally diagnosed by general practitioners during an ordinary health check-up. However, psychotherapists can also initiate individual aspects of the diagnosis.

It is not always easy to diagnose alcohol addiction in those affected, as they are usually unaware of the illness or do not want to admit it due to shame. For this reason, the patients often play down their consumption in front of their relatives and doctors or try to conceal it completely. For this reason, doctors must not only be very attentive in this context, but also show a great deal of sensitivity. Because if patients do not recognize the disease, even a well-founded diagnosis cannot persuade sufferers to seek treatment. Yet it is precisely the therapy or. Abstinence motivation, which is crucial for successful treatment.

According to the ICD-10, the Alcohol dependence at six criteria recognize if at least three of these have been detectable within the past year. These include the strong desire to consume alcohol (the so-called. Craving), the reduction in control due to alcohol consumption as well as the development of tolerance in focus.

Important: an alcohol dependency can exist, even without the presence of physical withdrawal symptoms or a development of tolerance.

There are various ways of diagnosing alcohol dependence. Self-assessment can be an important factor, but should be viewed critically because, as already described, those affected often misjudge consumption. The fear of a negative evaluation from the outside is great. People with alcohol disorders are often stigmatized more than people with other psychiatric disorders.

So-called Screening procedure, such as the Alcohol test, are systematic testing procedures. They can provide further clues to treating physicians. Known tests are the AUDIT test and the CAGE test.

These procedures are supplemented by laboratory tests, as alcohol abuse can be detected on Blood values detect.

What can be done against alcohol addiction?

There are different types of therapy for an alcohol addiction. This can either be outpatient or inpatient therapy choose. This treatment can also Medication are accompanied.

Alcohol withdrawal in a qualified setting offers the best chance of lasting treatment success rehab clinic. Also a Self-help group can help many sufferers by allowing them to talk about their problems with other addicts. Furthermore Motivational or behavioral therapy or a long-term depth psychological therapy can lead to success.

alcoholism causes symptoms and treatment fernarzt

If you feel that alcohol is a problem in your life or it is heading in that direction, you should get help. The longer and the more you drink, the more acute and dangerous the withdrawal symptoms become.

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