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All about health and satisfactionDKLK Study 2022: Survey among 4.827 nursery managers "An estimated 9.000 daycare centers in Germany operated in supervisory staff shortages more than half of the time in the past year. That's more than twice as many daycare centers as a year earlier. Translated means ..

17. March 2022 Health& SatisfactionEducation Funding

12 Lessons from Corona

Together, the VBE national association and its 16 state associations have formulated twelve lessons to be learned in light of more than two years of the Corona pandemic and future challenges in the school sector.

Berlin, 5. April 2022 Health& Satisfaction

Don't abandon infection control in schools

Udo Beckmann, Federal Chairman of the Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE), comments on the decision to make quarantine compulsory from 01. May 2022 to be repealed as follows: "Eliminating the quarantine requirement indisputably significantly increases the risk that infections will be passed on. Before ..

PublicationEducational equityTeacher education/shortageHealth& Satisfaction

Lessons learned from two years of schooling under corona conditions

Germany's education system has glaring weaknesses, based in particular on the lack of skilled workers and resources. The Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE) has repeatedly drawn attention to this in recent years. However, the development during this period showed ..

Berlin, 21. March 2022 Health& Satisfaction

VBE demands retention of the masking obligation!

In view of the dramatic infection occurrence and due to the weakening of the infection protection decided by the Federal Government the topic was in the focus of the VBE Federal Executive Committee meeting at the weekend. Feedback from the 16 state associations has shown how dramatically the ..

Berlin, 17. March 2022 Health& SatisfactionEducational justice

Get in front of the wave! 12 Lessons from Corona

Expectations that the incidence of infection will subside are not currently being fulfilled. No one knows how the development will continue and what challenges the pandemic will bring in the fall. That is why the Education. Education (VBE) today shared its "lessons learned from two years … February 2022 teachereducation/deficiencyhealth& Satisfaction

Child welfare needs safe places of learning

The Federal Chairman of the Association for Education and Training (VBE), Udo Beckmann, comments as follows on the statement of the Corona Expert:in Council of the Federal Government: "The VBE expressly welcomes the fact that the Corona Expert:in Council takes into account the special situation of children and young people ..

Berlin, 16. February 2022 Health& Satisfaction

Effects on schools apparently not part of the discussion

The loosening decided today by the Federal-Lander round comments the Federal chairman of the federation education and education (VBE), Udo Beckmann, as follows: "When we look at the decisions from the Bund-Lander round, it is not apparent that the potential impact of the ..

Berlin, 14. February 2022 Health& Satisfaction

Importance for the school operation must be taken into account!

On the occasion of the debate on relaxations of the Corona safeguards and the upcoming federal-state negotiations on Wednesday, Udo Beckmann, Federal Chairman of the Association of Education (VBE), appeals to the political leaders: "With concern, we observe that in the previously ..

31. January 2022 Health& Satisfaction

"The school house of cards is starting to collapse"

Continued overload of teachers becomes a risk. Not only for those affected, but also for the future of functioning schools. The Association for Education and Training (VBE) reveals the sobering results of the second partial publication of the professional satisfaction survey among school principals on the subject of health.

Berlin, 31. January 2022 Health& Satisfaction

Health risk: teaching profession

Continued overload of faculty is becoming a risk. Not only for those affected, but also for the future of functioning schools. "Unfortunately, what we now have in black and white was to be expected, although not to this extent. The persistent overload already before ..

Lessons from Corona from a women's policy perspective

Download Reconciling family and work became increasingly difficult during the Corona pandemic, and at times was nearly impossible. In particular, the care of young children by child minders, grandparents and daycare centers has been very limited. Due to the frequent change between ..

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Teaching, education and upbringing before, during and after Corona

Download The Corona pandemic has changed everything, especially in education. Within a very short time it was necessary to switch from the usual teaching to distance learning. Later, piece by piece in the background of ever-changing school ministerial guidelines to a … January 2022 Early Childhood EducationHealth& Satisfaction

Survey of daycare center managers: Your participation in the DKLK 2022 study

As of now, the largest and most representative nationwide survey of daycare center managers in 2022 with a focus on health has been released. We cordially invite you to participate. Your participation helps us gather a comprehensive picture of opinion.

3. December 2021 Health& SatisfactionDigitization

Review of the VBE Federal Assembly 2021

Berlin, Berlin, wir fahr'n nicht nach Berlin: due to the ongoing pandemic coronalage, the on 3. December 2021 in Berlin planned VBE Federal Assembly moved to the digital space. In contrast, the VBE Forum, the event planned as the second part of the federal assembly, has been postponed until 2022.

Berlin, 5. January 2022 Educational EquityHealth& Satisfaction

New year, old game: KMK refuses clear text and acceptance of responsibility

Udo Beckmann, Federal Chairman of the Association for Education and Training (VBE), comments on the results of the meeting of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK): "The fact that the KMK once again does not define clear standards as to what measures are to be taken in the event of a certain infection, but rather ..

22. November 2021 DigitizationHealth& Satisfaction

STEP 2022: Is handwriting suffering in the Corona crisis?? Suffers the handwriting of schoolgirls. Students in the corona crisis? The Association for Education and Training (VBE) and the Schreibmotorik Institute surveyed teachers on this ie.

Heroldsberg, 22. November 2021 DigitalizationHealth& Satisfaction

Does handwriting suffer in the Corona crisis? How well can schoolgirls. Students writing by hand? Is there a possible impact of the Corona crisis on the writing motor skills of children and adolescents?? And what are the consequences of digitalization? The Schreibmotorik Institute, together with the Association ..

Berlin, 12. November 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Education needs more health protection

VBE calls for expanded testing and comprehensible quarantine rules "We note with incomprehension that politics is once again only reactively dealing with the expected increase in infection numbers instead of taking responsibility for the population. Even if children rarely suffer severe ..

Berlin, 3. November 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Red pencil for health

For years, the Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE) has been fighting for a nationwide, needs-based introduction of school health workers – especially in view of the successful pilot project carried out for this purpose by the AWO Potsdam and the state of Brandenburg, which has produced very good ..

Berlin, 27. October 2021 Educational equityHealth& Satisfaction

School barometer: Left behind in the crisis – survey relentlessly exposes injustices

"The results of the school barometer are a disgrace for those politically responsible. It could hardly be clearer that politics has allowed those who are already growing up in difficult social situations to be left even further behind by the crisis," notes Udo ..

Berlin, 30. September 2021 Health& Satisfaction

"Walking to school and kindergarten": Tens of thousands of children discover the joy of walking – winning projects from Muhlheim an der Ruhr, Hatten

The "Walking to School and Kindergarten" campaign days were a complete success: Despite pandemic-related restrictions, tens of thousands of children from school classes and daycare groups throughout Germany have been walking to school since 20 … September 2021 under the slogan "It goes also without parents taxi!" discovers how ..

Berlin, 22. September 2021 Early childhood educationHealth& Satisfaction

Protection at Kitas: The maximum possible is the least that politics must do!

"Indicators and scientific assessments of the development of the corona pandemic show one thing for sure: Currently, no one can say with certainty that rising incidences and far-reaching consequences will not occur in the coming weeks! That the situation is what it is today had to be ..

Berlin, 16. September 2021 Health& Satisfaction

"It's also possible without a parent taxi!" – German Children's Aid Association, VCD and VBE launch nationwide action days "Walking to school and kindergarten"

On Monday, the campaign days "Walking to school and kindergarten" will start all over Germany. The ecological transport club VCD and the German Children's Fund (DKHW) call for this campaign together with the Association for Education (VBE). Under the motto "It's also possible without a parent taxi!" ..

Action days for children's mobility start on 20.09.2021

On foot, on a scooter or on a bicycle instead of in a parents' cab: the VBE, together with the Verkehrsclub Deutschland and the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk (German Children's Aid Association), appeals for active organization of the way to school and kindergarten.

1. September 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Back to school with consequences: Protective measures need to be expanded!

With school starting after the summer vacations, Udo Beckmann, Federal Chairman of the German Education Association (VBE), renews his call for extended Corona protection measures. To the vaccination mobiles before schools it expresses itself critically.

Dusseldorf, 24. August 2021 Early childhood educationHealth& SatisfactionEducation funding

DKLK study 2021: Dramatic staff shortage despite Good Childcare Act

"Forty percent of daycare directors say they are unable to meet their supervisory responsibilities more than one-fifth of the time due to staffing shortages. That is, on at least one day per week, supervision in these daycare centers is no longer adequate to the ..

Berlin, 19. August 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Vaccination for children over 12: counseling needed, voluntariness preserved

"We share the concerns of the Professional Association of Pediatricians and Adolescents about vaccinating children at school. Even more than with adults, in this age group should be based on voluntariness. Therefore, it is imperative that affected children, together with their ..

Berlin, 6. August 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Today's KMK resolution: the principle of hope is not enough!

"The fact that the start of school was comprehensively prepared by the states, as assessed by the KMK in its decision today, cannot be so unreservedly true. Neither will a necessary minimum two-week safety period after the summer vacations, as demanded by the VBE, be provided for all states ..

Berlin, 4. August 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Vaccination offers for children: No carte blanche for politics!

"In the debate about vaccinating children and adolescents, the fact that politicians have still not managed to ensure the highest level of protection against infection in schools one and a half years after the start of the pandemic should not play a role. One cannot escape the impression ..

Berlin, 3. August 2021 Health& SatisfactionEducational Equity

School start 2021/22: Transparency and honesty long overdue

"Pupils:learn best when they learn holistically, i.e. with head, heart and hand. And they learn best when they find a framework that offers them security, clarity, structure and reliability. All of this was made possible by the corona-related restrictions on ..

Berlin, 28. July 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Get active!

Part of the new normal is that the school year will start again with full face-to-face classes. What should no longer be part of it is bringing children by parental cab, find the German Children's Fund (DKHW), the ecological transport club VCD and the Association for Education and ..

Berlin, 27. July 2021 Health& SatisfactionViolence against teachersEducation funding

Back-to-school safety period: maximum caution for maximum safety

"The principle of hope has never helped as an infection control measure. What we need is maximum caution. Especially at the start of school, we must not naively run into the next wave. What it takes is at least a two-week safety period. In this, testing must ..

Berlin, 14. July 2021 Education fundingHealth& Satisfaction

Important emergency aid needs lean allocation process

"To now also promote mobile fans is above all an admission to the advancing times and the necessity to react now still. The scenario of a fourth wave, in which mainly unvaccinated people and thus children and adolescents will contract the Corona virus, is increasingly ..

Berlin, 12. July 2021 Health& Satisfaction

"Mandatory vaccination for teachers is sham debate"

"We know of a very high willingness to vaccinate among those working in the education sector. While many other areas were shut down starting in October and home offices were mandated, it was the teachers and educators who continued to teach, mentor, and work on-site at ..

1. July 2021 Health& Satisfaction

A safety phase is needed!

Due to the spread of the delta variant, the many travelers and the insufficient vaccination protection, especially at elementary schools, the VBE Federal Board calls for at least a 14-day safety period after the summer holidays. In this important phase in the new school year, tests would have to be taken several times a week and masks would also have to be worn (again).

Berlin, 11. June 2021 Health& Satisfaction

KMK apparently declares pandemic over

"It's hard to imagine that the infection situation will be impressed by the fact that the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) seems to have declared the pandemic over. One thing is for sure: imposing regular school hours carries a risk, especially with an eye to the fall. At low ..

Berlin, 8. June 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Opportunity wasted – VBE criticizes lack of willingness to compromise in anchoring children's rights in the GG

"Seldom before have so many deficiencies in our society, especially in the social, security and educational systems, been so ruthlessly exposed as in times of the Corona pandemic. Right now, it would have been an important sign to promote children's rights almost 30 years after ..

11. May 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Canvassing for traffic limits: alliance for better mobility

As part of their cooperation on the topic of children's mobility, the VBE and its partner organizations Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk and okologischer Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) invited political representatives:inside to a parliamentary (online) breakfast and presented their joint demands.

Berlin, 27. May 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Vaccination in schools leads to additional burdens

"To allow vaccination in schools, we see very skeptically. It is certainly possible to provide premises so that parents can be informed about the current study situation and the opportunities and risks of vaccinations by medical personnel in the context of an event. But the ..

Berlin, 20. May 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Politicians in charge: create conditions now for the new school year!

"For school operations to return to normal soon, action must be taken now! Due to rising temperatures, the many invocations of ventilation will no longer provide the necessary air exchange for physical reasons alone. States and municipalities must therefore now make plans for ..

Berlin, 19. May 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Against physical inactivity – for walking and cycling to school!

Today marks the start of the registration phase for the "Walking to School and Kindergarten" campaign days, which will be held nationwide in September. The ecological transport club VCD, the German Children's Fund and the Association for Education and Upbringing (VBE) reiterate their demand for better conditions ..

Berlin, 19. May 2021 Health& SatisfactionViolence against teachers

Idea of vaccination mobile should not make a school!

"Sending a 'vaccination mobile' to schools is the wrong approach! I can understand the euphoria that accompanies the promise of vaccination for 12-year-olds and up, as it promises 'normality' for those vaccinated. Nevertheless, the special need for protection of minors must be adequately ..

Berlin, 19. April 2021 Health& Satisfaction

"Cobbler stick to your last"

"The proposal comes at an inopportune time. After airing out at 3 degrees outside temperature, now teaching in the rain? Politics is not in the business of delivering lesson design ideas to schools. The fact that it is doing it anyway only belies the fact that it is not fulfilling its real ..

Berlin, 16. On the occasion of the hearing on the Infection Protection Act, the Association Education renews. Education (VBE) its criticism of the proposed threshold for school closures. The federal chairman, Udo Beckmann, explains: "It remains incomprehensible why only for schools a double ..

Berlin, 13. April 2021 Health& SatisfactionEducational Equity

The proposal disappoints

"For all other areas, the emergency brake applies from 100; in education, classes can be held on site up to twice the incidence. For this deviation, we require a scientifically provable justification and the definition of measures that are additionally required for incidences between 100 and ..

Berlin, 8. April 2021 Educational EquityHealth& Satisfaction

A repeating spectacle: KMK gambles away further trust!

"Although even in politics the insightful voices have recently become louder that binding, nationwide, evidence- and indicator-based regulations are finally needed for schools, the result of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs once again provides the opposite. Instead of a contribution to the ..

Berlin, 6. April 2021 Health& SatisfactionEducational justice

Education and health: school health workers strengthen both!

"The motto of this year's World Health Day, health equity, puts the finger in the wound: education and health are indeed basic rights in Germany, but especially socio-economically disadvantaged children and adolescents are in this country in both still strongly ..

Berlin, 23. March 2021 health& Satisfaction

Corona summit fails completely in the school area

"Meanwhile, in Germany, not only do educational opportunities depend on the state, but so does the risk of infection. While in Saxony and Bavaria, for example, the school gates remain closed from an incidence of 100, in Thuringia they are only closed from a benchmark of 200 – ..

Berlin, 19. March 2021 Health& Satisfaction

KMK fails to provide clarity

"If more than a year after the start of the pandemic by the KMK the statement is made, the schools would work under a very high level of infection control, one must unfortunately state: That is so evenly by far not yet true. And that is an indictment of politics. The criterion of ..

Vienna/Berlin, 15. march 2021 health& Satisfaction

Relieve teachers through school health professionals

The partner associations GoD-aps from Austria (union of compulsory school teachers) and VBE from Germany (Verband Bildung und Erziehung) call for the nationwide, demand-oriented deployment of school health professionals. Paul Kimberger, Federal Chairman of the ..

Berlin, 11. March 2021 Health& Satisfaction

No more school openings

"The new figures from the Robert Koch Institute, which make statements about the development of infection incidence among younger pupils, are alarming," comments Udo Beckmann, Federal Chairman of the Association for Education and Training (VBE), on the age group distribution among ..

More time is good! – Priority is to cope with the crisis

"We welcome the Bundesrat's proposal to give schools and daycare centers more time to implement the measles vaccination requirement. At the moment, it is a high additional burden, also because the children and parents are not in school in the usual rotation and the submission of the necessary ..

Berlin, 5. March 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Opening steps only if measures are implemented!

"The new opening strategy is apparently 'close your eyes and get through it'. What the President of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Lander in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK), Britta Ernst, is announcing today borders on denial of reality. Returning all classes to schools is a requirement for a time when teachers ..

Berlin, 4. March 2021 Health& Satisfaction

"The only thing that is certain is that there will be no safe schooling"

"The fact that the resolution states several times that the measures are aimed at enabling 'safe' operation of schools and daycare centers misses reality. We expect politicians to play with open cards. Testing only once a week is ..

Berlin, 2. March 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Disclose infection incidence instead of hiding it

"The Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) presents an opening perspective, but fails to explain on what basis it. Their statistics on new infections, suspected cases and persons in quarantine, which were published weekly in November and December, continue not to be released. ..

Berlin, 22. February 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Success! Vaccination offers for teachers

Udo Beckmann, federal chairman of the German Education Association (VBE), has pathetic words for the decision that teachers will be given high priority in the second vaccination group: "This is a small step in the fight against the pandemic but a big one for the health protection of ..

Children in need

DownloadEducational losers need support! – Professional networks more important than ever Lockdown, distance teaching, health protection, multiple workloads for colleagues and parents, performance, exams, grades, degrees and what else is being discussed! But what is ..

Berlin, 10. February 2021 Health& Satisfaction

"Whoever prioritizes education must also prioritize the protection of the personnel responsible for it"

The Federal Chairman of the Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE), Udo Beckmann, comments on the resolutions just presented at the conference of the federal and state governments. Health protection "Whoever prioritizes education must also prioritize the protection of the staff responsible for it. For us, this is ..

It's still health protection first!

The Federal Chairman of the Association for Education and Training (VBE), Udo Beckmann, comments on the decision of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerkonferenz) that from 15. February 2021, in addition to the graduating classes, the lower grades are to return to face-to-face teaching: "We, too, want ..

Berlin, 9. February 2021 Health& SatisfactionEducational Equity

VBE sounds the alarm: Don't forget children in need!

Children, who were often educational losers due to socioeconomic backgrounds and suboptimal conditions at school, such as overly large learning groups or a lack of individual support, are even more so in the crisis. The Education Association. Education makes on it in a … February 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Creating transparency and orientation, formulating conditions

"The guidelines are not a free pass to open up, but compliance with them is a condition if opening up is to take place at all – and when the infection situation allows it again," comments Udo Beckmann, the national chairman of the Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE), the ..

Berlin, 1. February 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Kita: Traffic light must be linked to incidence value!

"The appeal formulated by the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Giffey, for daycare centers and schools to establish a graduated concept based on clear criteria that regulates when which measures and regulations take effect is a demand that the Verband Bildung und Erziehung has been making for months. ..


DownloadPosition description: The cooperation with the organizations "Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk" and "Verkehrsclub Deutschland" continues to work to ensure that schoolchildren can get to school and kindergarten on foot, by bicycle or scooter. Children need to be educated for ..

Relationship work

DownloadPosition Description The basis of education is the relationship between the teacher and the learner. Educational work is relationship work! An understanding of education is needed that keeps this in mind and promotes it. Education researcher John Hattie, in his ..

Position Health& Satisfaction

Key points of elementary school recommendation

DownloadPosition Description The transition from elementary school to secondary school is one of the most important events in the school careers of young people, along with school enrollment. Here, the course is usually set as early as after the fourth grade, which is decisive for the further ..

Berlin, 5. January 2021 Health& Satisfaction

Emergency care must not be the rule!

"In view of the current incidences and the risk of the mutated virus from Great Britain, the decision to extend the measures for schools and daycare centers as well is understandable. What's needed now are quick, easily communicable and transparent regulations for care and teaching ..

Berlin, 15. December 2020 Health& SatisfactionEducational Equity

School closures: What to do now!

In view of the announcement of school closures in Germany from Wednesday, 16.12.2020, the federal chairman of the Association for Education and Training (VBE), Udo Beckmann, presents six core demands: 1. Make relevance of school closure clear "We expect from politics that quite ..

Berlin, 11. December 2020 Health& Satisfaction

KMK looks paralyzed at MPK

"The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) is not living up to its responsibilities. There are clear recommendations from science, especially the recommendations of the RKI and also the Leopoldina paper, which are consistently wiped away. Driving on sight is over! Even if schools do not ..

Berlin, 3. December 2020 health& Satisfaction

Premature communication by federal health minister fuels unrealistic expectations

"One thing in advance: the rapid tests will not be available nationwide starting tomorrow. The communication on this is once again a prime example of how politics raises expectations that cannot be met by schools because the necessary resources simply do not ..

27. Digital for the first time. That with a record attendance. 1.700 participants attended the German School Leadership Congress (DSLK) 2020. Traditionally in the context of the congress co-hosted by the VBE, the results of a survey commissioned by the VBE from forsa on job satisfaction among school administrators and the corona-related influences and effects were presented. These are dramatic.

Berlin, 27. November 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Do not marginalize numbers!

"We rate it as positive that the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs has finally complied with our demand to collect and publish data on the incidence of infections and thus create more transparency.", says Udo Beckmann, national chairman of the German Education Association (VBE). ..

Hamburg, 27. November 2020 School ManagementHealth& Satisfaction

"Adequate resourcing of schools is not a freestyle, but an obligation of politics"

On the occasion of the digitally held German School Leadership Congress on 26. to 28. November 2020, the Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE) commissioned a representative survey of school principals from forsa. The results were presented by the VBE Federal Chairman, Udo Beckmann, in Hamburg: ..

Berlin, 24. November 2020 Health& SatisfactionDigitization

Draft resolution reveals further dodging of clear regulations

"What has been put together as a draft resolution for tomorrow's talks under the focus of school operations is disappointing. It remains with different regulations per federal state and not, as it would be reasonable, to take measures according to clearly communicated incidence values. So will ..

Berlin, 23. November 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Need for improvement in the KMK resolution

"Friday's decision by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) is inadequate. Although it is good that it is now finally recognized that special measures must be taken in hotspots to protect against infections. But where is the definition of "hotspot"?? Are these really all places with ..

Berlin, 20. November 2020 Health& SatisfactionDigitization

Support demanded!

With an eye on next week's renewed summit at the German Chancellor's Office, the federal chairman of the German Education Association (VBE), Udo Beckmann, points out that there are currently fundamental misconceptions in communication about the situation at schools. "Normal" vs. ..

Berlin, 5. November 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Constructive joint discussions

On invitation of the presidency of the conference of education ministers and senators spoke on Wednesday the responsible federal state ministers and senators with the teacher organizations, the federal parents council as well as the federal pupil conference in a video switching over the Corona pandemic. The ..

2. November 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Ventilation is not a panacea!

Together, the Federal Chairman of the Association for Education and Training (VBE), Udo Beckmann, the Chairman of the Federal Parents' Council, Stephan Wassmuth, and the Chairwoman of the Education and Science Union (GEW), Marlis Tepe, made it clear at an expert hearing of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Lander in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) that airing classrooms is not a panacea in protecting against Corona viruses. Together with the German Association of Towns and Municipalities and the German Association of Cities and Towns, they drew up more far-reaching demands following the expert discussion and communicated them to the KMK.

Berlin, 28. October 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Keeping schools open: with transparent and clear rules and distance!

"We know how important school is for students. Ensuring the right to education is therefore a correct premise for all the considerations that will be made this afternoon. Equivalent to this, the health-. Focus on infection protection for everyone involved in schools … October 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Soft-pedaled compromise instead of better infection control

"Even the massively rising infection figures could not change the fact that the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Lander in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) is once again presenting a soft compromise. It is adventurous that all areas of society are responding to the threatening situation, but the ..

Oranienburg/ Frankfurt am Main/ Berlin, 20. October 2020 Health& Satisfaction

"Concrete specifications curb inconsiderate behavior"

The Federal Parents' Council (BER) and the two largest teacher representatives, the German Education Union (GEW) and the Association for Education and Training (VBE), criticize the lack of assignment of levels to incidence figures in the KMK framework since its publication. With rising ..

Berlin, 16. October 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Do not ignore real school conditions

"Those who had expected more uniformity and bindingness in action from today's meeting of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Lander in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) in view of current developments were disappointed. However, the consultation results presented provided further evidence that the response to the ..

Berlin, 6. October 2020 Health& Satisfaction

"Walking to school and kindergarten": Great commitment despite Corona crisis – winning projects from Berlin and Saarlouis

Despite the Corona crisis, the "Walk to School and Kindergarten" campaign days were a resounding success: In recent weeks, parent cabs have been at a standstill in many places throughout Germany. Several tens of thousands of children answered the call of the German Children's Fund, the ecological transport club VCD ..

10. September 2020 Health& Satisfaction

VBE demands uniform standards with BER and GEW

Together with the Federal Parents' Council (BER) and the Education and Science Union (GEW), the VBE has called on the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Lander in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) to define uniform standards and an indicator-based step-by-step concept in the fight against the Corona pandemic. A first success: the three organizations were invited to an expert meeting of the KMK.

Oranienburg/ Frankfurt am Main/ Berlin, 25. September 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Many questions unansw.

The trade union education and science (GEW), the federation education and education (VBE) as well as the federal parents advice (BER) welcomed in principle that the conference of education ministers (KMK) with view of the ?airing in school areas? of scientists let itself advise. Nevertheless, ..

Berlin, 18. September 2020 Health& Satisfaction

"Better without parent taxis!"

On Monday, the "Walk to School and Kindergarten" campaign days begin throughout Germany. The ecological transport club VCD and the German Children's Fund (DKHW) together with the Association for Education and Training (VBE) are calling for participation in the days of action. Under the motto "Better ..

Berlin, 4. September 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Testing helps subjective sense of security, protective measures help objective

"Already our representative forsa survey at the beginning of the school openings in May 2020 showed that 74 percent of teachers would like to be voluntarily tested regularly for the Corona virus. This supports a more positive, subjective sense of security. Best possible protection, however, can ..

Oranienburg, Frankfurt (Main), Berlin, 4. September 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Concrete standards in a step-by-step concept are needed!

"The leeway that the concept leaves through vague statements is not suitable for standardizing the different procedures of the federal states. The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) has done no more than scour the measures implemented in the states for the minimum consensus. We ..

2. September 2020 Early childhood educationHealth& Satisfaction

Avoid traffic jams at the school gates

Just a quick stop, just a quick drop-off, just a moment's carelessness: every day, dangerous situations arise in front of schools because people stop and park right in front of the school gate. This leads to a vicious circle, because more and more parents consider the way to school too dangerous and bring their children by car. The Association for Education and Training (VBE) is therefore cooperating with the German Traffic Club (VCD) and the German Children's Fund, which have launched the "Walking to School and Kindergarten" campaign. Just before the kickoff of this year's Days of Action on 21. September to 02. October 2020, the three partners have published a representative forsa survey, which deals with the mobility of children.

2. September 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Standards called for! Step-by-step concept creates transparency and acceptance

Transparent specifications are needed that apply in all states. Depending on the infection situation, a step-by-step concept can then be used to decide which scientifically evaluated measure should be taken to provide the best possible protection for all those involved at school. This is what the two largest teachers' unions, GEW and VBE, together with the Federal Parents' Council are demanding from the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) a.

Berlin, 5. August 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Now it comes down to individual support

Regarding the finding from the ifo Education Barometer that while the amount of time students spend at school has halved from 7.4 to 3.6 hours, the amount of time spent watching television and using digital devices has only increased by just over one hour, ..

Berlin, 3. August 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Without distance, alternatives are needed

Commenting on the introduction of the obligation to wear a protective mask even during lessons, which will apply to secondary and vocational schools in North Rhine-Westphalia, Udo Beckmann, the federal chairman of the Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE), said: "The nervousness rises. The ..

'Principle of hope' is not a viable opening concept

"Within the next two weeks, vacations will end in more than half of Germany's states. The ministries of education must therefore now draw up rules as quickly as possible, communicate them transparently and keep them constantly up to date, according to which it is necessary to assess how to deal with people who are involved in ..

Berlin, 30. July 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Parental cab does not have to be!

The German Children's Fund (DKHW) and the ecological transport club VCD, together with the Association for Education and Upbringing (VBE), encourage all children to make their way to school on foot, by scooter or by bicycle at the start of school in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. At the same time, the ..

Berlin, 23. July 2020 Health& SatisfactionTeacher training/shortage

High shortage of teachers expected

"For years, the ministries of education and cultural affairs have failed to recruit and hire sufficient numbers of teachers in line with demand and the constantly new requirements that are emerging. This will continue at an increasing rate – and every year until policymakers are finally ready to address the ..

1. July 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Involve who it concerns!

The VBE as a federal association and with all its state associations contributes constructively to the development, evaluation and implementation of the different concepts of the Ministries of Education and Cultural Affairs. However, the fact that the voice of teachers is often not listened to cannot and must not be. Therefore, the Federal Chairman of the VBE, Udo Beckmann, has asked the KMK President Dr. Hubig again urged participation of practitioners. In addition, he sent her the paper freshly adopted by the VBE Federal Executive Board with positions on the concepts for further school operation.

Berlin, 29. June 2020 Health& Satisfaction

VBE calls for communication at eye level

"Deciding over the heads of employees is unfair, obstructs ways of constructive cooperation and is scientifically proven to be the wrong way to go. Thus Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education at the OECD made unusually clear at the ISTP International Education Summit in June ..

Berlin, 16. June 2020 teacher education/shortagehealth& SatisfactionSchool Leadership

VBE to KMK: Finally make yourselves honest!

"The more the ministries of education publicly proclaim the return to normal operation and suggest an area-wide feasibility, the individual school, where this cannot be implemented, and ultimately the individual teacher, draws the resulting displeasure of parents ..

Berlin, 10. June 2020 Health& SatisfactionEducational justice

VBE demands: Improve communication, remedy information deficits, ensure participation

"As our representative forsa survey published yesterday shows, there is a significant information deficit among teachers, for which the ministries of education are to blame. Further study results proved again and again that teachers and school administrators are (with ..

Berlin, 9. June 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Survey shows: Sufficient health protection missing

"The ministries of education are ordering the distance to be lifted, while one in three teachers already feels inadequately protected by existing hygiene and protection measures. Too little is being done to address changing conditions. Thus, 29 percent report ..

Berlin, 5. June 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Playing with fire

"With all understanding for the concerns and hardships of parents, I think it is playing with fire when more and more states decree complete school openings, as is now the case in North Rhine-Westphalia, abandoning distance rules. With children and young people as well as school employees ..

Berlin, 20. May 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Putting prevention and healthcare in specialist hands!

"We could have had school health specialists in place nationwide long ago if the policy had been implemented in a timely manner. Because we already demanded in March 2017, together with the Professional Association of Pediatricians and Adolescents (BVKJ), the training and timely, ..

Berlin, 18. May 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Independent, good and safe to school: VCD and Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk join forces with VBE to call for action days

Today marks the start of the registration phase for the "Walking to School and Kindergarten" action days, which will take place nationwide in September. VCD and Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, together with the Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE), want to encourage children to walk, cycle or scoot to ..

Berlin, 13. May 2020 teacher education/ shortageHealth& Satisfaction

Return to school of retired teachers must currently be taboo

The VBE clearly rejects political ideas that currently envisage the recruitment of retired teachers as a solution to the sometimes glaring shortage of teachers in schools. "Senior citizens are part of the high-risk group. They in particular need to be protected, ..

Berlin, 11. May 2020 teacher education/shortagehealth& Satisfaction

Corona poses similar challenges to schools in Switzerland, Austria and Germany

"Together with our partner associations from Switzerland (Dachverband Lehrerinnen und Lehrer Schweiz LCH) and Austria (Gewerkschaft Pflichtschullehrerinnen und Pflichtschullehrer GoD-aps), we discussed the current school situation in the three German-speaking countries over the weekend ..

Berlin, 7. May 2020 Early childhood educationHealth& Satisfaction

Too thin on the ground as a result

"We welcome the fact that the federal government and the states have made it clear that the health and protection of children and pedagogical staff at daycare centers have top priority in the planned relaxations and that those at risk must be given special consideration, although there are ..

Berlin, 29. April 2020 Early Childhood EducationHealth& Satisfaction

Reopening of daycare centers: health first!

"The health and protection of children and pedagogical staff at daycare centers must be the top priority for all concrete decisions on when, how and to what extent daycare centers can be reopened. This principle is, for all efforts toward a rapid ..

Berlin, 20. March 2020 School leadershipHealth& Satisfaction

VBE survey shows: Shortage demotivates school principals

"What we are seeing is extremely alarming. The answers impressively show how the growing burden on school administrators successively demotivates them. They are less and less able to do their jobs, they are losing motivation, and at the same time they don't feel as ..

Berlin, 13. March 2020 Health& Satisfaction

"Enduring uncertainty"

"We trust the decisions made by the relevant authorities in consultation with the ministries of education and culture. Of course, however, many questions are now unanswered, such as how to prepare for upcoming exams, especially the middle school diploma or the Abitur, ..

Berlin, 12. March 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Protecting at-risk groups also means protecting older teachers!

"We welcome the fact that the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs considers the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Ministry of Health as well as the decisions of the health authorities to be binding with regard to school closures. Agreeing that students are not disadvantaged ..

Berlin, 3. March 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Commitment to safe routes to school and independent mobility for children: VCD and Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk cooperate with VBE

Since 2007, the German Children's Fund (Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk) and the German Ecological Traffic Club (VCD) have organized the "Walking to School and Kindergarten" campaign days. In these had participated in 2019 nationwide over 70.000 children from 2.800 classes and kindergarten groups involved. To promote the action days to employees ..

Berlin, 28. February 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Associations and NGOs criticize draft of youth protection law as inadequate

A broad alliance of associations criticizes the submitted draft of the Youth Protection Act as insufficient. While the associations from the fields of child protection, education, families and business recognize the attempt to require appropriate precautionary measures from relevant Internet services. ..

Berlin, 21. February 2020 Health& Satisfaction

Mandatory vaccination: VBE criticizes additional burden on school administrators

"We strongly oppose placing the burden of monitoring immunization status on school administrators. These are already overburdened. In the representative 2019 forsa school leadership survey commissioned by us, 91 percent of school leaders said ..

Berlin, 3. February 2020 educational justicehealth& SatisfactionTeacher training/shortage

Guaranteeing educational quality. Ensure teacher health.

The VBE and its 16 state associations take a clear position against an additional burden on teachers. The VBE stands united behind the demands of its Bavarian state association, the Bavarian Federation of Teachers (BLLV). This condemns the announcement of the ..

Berlin, 18. November 2019 Health& Satisfaction

More attractive working conditions are needed at elementary schools

"Only nine percent of teachers working in elementary schools are male. This should give the ministries of education and cultural affairs food for thought. How this can change? The introduction of A13 for all, opportunities for promotion and, above all, greater social recognition for work with small ..

Berlin, 16. September 2019 Health& Satisfaction

VBE: Politics must create clarity for students, parents and teachers

"There must be an end to the duplicity of, on the one hand, supporting the commitment of students and calling on them openly or indirectly to participate, but, on the other hand, burdening schools with the responsibility of deciding how and whether to ..

Berlin, 20. August 2019 Health& SatisfactionViolence against teachers

The policy is challenged: Schools must get out of the negative headlines

"The fact that teachers' reputation is declining is due to the inadequate conditions for success at school. Day in, day out, they have to spoon up the soup that politicians make for them. Only just over two-thirds of the population still hold them in (very) high regard. This is the worst ..

Berlin, 19. June 2019 Health& Satisfaction

TALIS shows opportunities and changes in the teaching profession – just not for Germany

"Riding the strategy of 'what I don't know won't hurt me' is downright reprehensible in times of teacher shortage. It is incomprehensible why Germany continues to refuse to participate in the international study on job satisfaction and working conditions of ..

Berlin, 4. April 2019 Health& Satisfaction

First aid: states under obligation!

"Federal Court of Justice" decision emphasizes special first aid duty for physical education teachers. But this is not their personal business! Instead, the employer, i.e. the federal states, is now required to ie binding regulations for the perception of first aid courses ..

Berlin, 11. October 2018 teacher education/shortageshealth& Satisfaction

Mapping the status quo is not enough

According to media reports from Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland, the Conference of Education Ministers calculates in its cumulative teacher demand forecast that there is an average annual hiring need of 32.000 teachers there are. However, this need could not be met by the graduating ..

Berlin, 15. March 2018 Health& SatisfactionInclusion

If you want prevention, you have to hire school health workers!

The results of the study on the health of children and adolescents in Germany (KiGGS) published today show: The proportion of overweight children and adolescents stagnates at a high level. Moreover, long-term observation proves that less than half of the children manage to ..

Study School LeadershipHealth& Satisfaction

Job satisfaction/school leadership 2018

The Association for Education and Training commissioned forsa to survey school principals at general education schools to find out their job satisfaction. In addition, principals were asked about what motivates them, who supports them, and what ..

Dusseldorf, 9. March 2018 School LeadershipHealth& Satisfaction

Shortage management particularly alienates young school principals

"The new generation of school principals will be demoralized from the outset. The results show that they are less likely to be able to perform their duties to their own satisfaction, that more than half do not feel well prepared and that, as a result, one in three school leaders do not like the job ..

Berlin, 15. February 2018 Health& SatisfactionInclusion

Better educational opportunities through better health care

"The interim report on the deployment of school health workers presented today clearly shows that the need is great and that there is a high need for action. Every second child in elementary school, every fourth child in lower secondary school uses the option of contacting the ..

Study on teacher training/lack of health& Satisfaction

Job satisfaction/teachers 2016

The Association for Education and Training commissioned forsa to conduct a survey of teachers in general education schools to ask them about their job satisfaction. There were 1.001 teachers surveyed in Germany. Materials: press release for publication on 29.02.2016 ..

Berlin, 12. September 2017 Education fundingTeacher training/shortagesHealth& Satisfaction

Big impact, low pay: VBE demands more attractive conditions for the teaching profession

"The appreciation for elementary school teachers expressed in monetary terms leaves much to be desired in Germany. Children in primary education in particular need intensive pedagogical support, which must be provided by staff who are particularly well qualified to do so. Nevertheless, the ..

Berlin, 24. August 2017 Health& Satisfaction

VBE: Commitment of teachers must no longer be abused by politics

The dbb beamtenbund und tarifunion today released the public service citizen survey. When asked about the reputation of individual professions, 75 percent of respondents answered that they have a (very) high regard for teachers. Compared to the previous year, this means a ..

Leipzig, 23. March 2017 Health& SatisfactionInclusionIntegration

Do not leave teachers alone – ensure support through multiprofessional teams

German Teachers' Day is the largest nationwide in-service training day for teachers in Germany. For the fourth time, the spring conference will be held as part of the Leipzig Book Fair. Under the motto: "School in transition – New approaches. Best practices" are 800 … March 2017 Health& SatisfactionInclusion

VBE and BVKJ: Dispensing medication is not a task for teachers

The Association for Education and Training (VBE) and the Professional Association of Pediatricians and Adolescents (BVKJ) call for the training and timely, needs-based and comprehensive deployment of school health workers. Both associations have called on education and health ministers in ..

Berlin, 5. October 2016 Health& SatisfactionTeacher training/shortage

VBE demands: "Permanent employment instead of castles in the air"

Am 5. October is World Teachers' Day. This year, the global umbrella organization of education unions, Education International, has chosen the motto: "Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status". "An appreciative approach sets ..

Berlin, 16. June 2016 Education fundingTeacher training/shortageHealth& Satisfaction

Germany – far from educational equity

"The results of the 2016 Education Report show quite clearly that educational opportunities are still strongly dependent on place of residence and environment. Efforts to date are having an impact, but significantly more effort is needed from the federal, state and local governments to ensure equal opportunities in ..

Berlin, 24. March 2016 Health& SatisfactionSchool Construction

VBE demands: Politics must take health risks seriously

"Policymakers are playing games with the health of teachers and students. Although PCBs have been classified in the highest hazard group by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Germany continues to apply completely outdated guidelines," warned Udo Beckmann, Federal Chairman of the VBE ..

Dusseldorf, 29. February 2016 Teacher education/shortageHealth& Satisfaction

High self-motivation despite sustained ignorance of politics

"For teachers, politics is currently the biggest stress factor. Teachers rate ignorance of school health by policymakers a 4.0. I strongly advise following up here. The VBE is happy to provide free tutoring," commented ..

Belrin, 7. December 2015 Teacher Education/DeficiencyHealth& Satisfaction

Opportunity for exchange: International Education Summit 2016 in Germany

Focus on the teaching profession: next year's sixth International Summit on the Teaching Profession (ISTP) will be hosted by the OECD, Education International (EI) and the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany. Up to 400 experts from politics and practice will ..

Berlin, 25. June 2013 Health& SatisfactionTeacher education/deficiency

Debt brake hits schools

"The workload has been greatly increased for all teachers in Germany," criticizes VBE Federal President Udo Beckmann on the occasion of the latest OECD report "Education at a Glance.". "Teacher health is increasingly becoming a pawn of budget commissioners. Within ..

Schwerin, 20. April 2012 Health& Satisfaction

Politics plays tricks with teachers' health

VBE Federal Chairman Udo Beckmann spoke in favor of "a school without frustration and stress" at the North German Teachers' Day on 21. April in Schwerin from. "In a healthy school it learns better, that is as safe as the Amen in the church", stressed Beckmann. "The whole PISA debate has ..

Berlin, 24. February 2012 Health& Satisfaction

Don't reach for Ritalin too early

Ritalin is not a panacea for stressful children, Udo Beckmann, national chairman of the Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE), points out. Therefore, neither parents, nor teachers and doctors should push too quickly for a prescription of the drug.

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