Allergies in dogs recognize treat

Recognizing and treating allergies in dogsDogs are not at all dissimilar to us humans, both in temperament and in health ies.

Just like us, dogs can allergic to some react and develop very similar Symptoms, but sometimes they are difficult to recognize and the dog suffers silently. So what are the allergies in dogs. How to recognize it?

recognize treat allergies in dogs

food allergy

Reaction to animal and vegetable protein

Feed allergy in dogs is one of the most more known allergies, however, it is actually not the most common form. It follows atopic dermatitis and flea allergy.

A food allergy can be recognized by the fact that the more Dog scratches a lot, possibly he suffers in some places from visible hair loss. The affected skin areas are sore-scratched with time. In the case of food allergy still come Nausea, Diarrhea and vomit added relatively soon after food.

The dog does not react like this to every feed, but only to some or a whole series. The veterinary examination is advisable in any case, even if there is only a slight suspicion, because he can make the diagnosis and advise to feed, in which no allergens contained in the food and which the dog should tolerate well.

Flea allergy and atopic dermatitis

Allergies in dogs recognize treat

More common than a food allergy are flea allergy and atopic dermatitis. They both manifest themselves through itchy wounds, the dog scratches itself particularly there and the wounds increase with the time just like with the allergy to food. The owner will notice the flea infestation. Should see the vet for this alone. The best Prevention against flea allergy is the avoidance of flea infestation itself, for example by a Flea collar or a regular Spot-on treatment. Atopic dermatitis, on the other hand, forms seemingly without any external trigger and must be investigated more closely because the dog reacts to various Allergens can react. They are caused by substances similar to those used in humans, for example Pollen or Grasses.

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Cross allergies in dogs

Allergies are a Hypersensitivity of the immune system to a substance that is not dangerous in itself. As in humans, once a hypersensitivity, that is, an allergy, can also occur to other substances.

This is called a cross-allergy, because a known allergy to one substance often occurs in combination with a certain other allergy. One divides the allergens, to which a dog may react, thereby in Groups.

If the dog has already reacted to one allergen, it is very likely to all other substances of this allergen group react very similarly. For example, if the dog has already had an allergic reaction during his walk near the grain field, it is better not to give him any more food with grains and grasses, as he will probably react to this as well.

How to diagnose allergies in dogs?

A Allergy test in dogs is performed by a veterinarian. Initially other diseases excluded be made that could bring about similar symptoms, after which the tests proceed in a similar way to those for humans. The dog is brought into contact with small amounts of the allergen. Then either blood is taken or the reaction of the skin to the allergen is observed. The veterinary surgeon becomes thereby equal test for multiple allergens, to determine exactly what the dog is reacting to – possibly including substances he has not been in contact with before.

Allergies in dogs recognize treat

How to treat dog allergies?

The first steps in treatment are to keep the dog as far away as possible from the allergen to keep away from the allergen and Relieve symptoms of the allergy with medication. In the case of food allergy, it may be sufficient to change the food and follow a recommendation of the veterinarian for a compatible food – provided that no cross-allergies are present.

It is often impossible to keep your four-legged friend away from pollen and grasses that spread them, because he still needs his exercise and, depending on the type of pollen, it is not easy to avoid the plant completely. Sensitivity to the allergen after. After it is removed by injections.

This is also done by the veterinarian and is a months and years of procedure. If the veterinarian considers this a possibility, the dog can be treated in this way but more resistant to the allergenn are made and live as far as possible symptom-free, as soon as the therapy is effective. In any case, an allergic dog is treated for life to allow him to live as comfortably as possible.

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How to recognize and treat allergies in dogs

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