Allergy sufferers beware the pollen fly stadler form

Allergy sufferers beware – the pollen fliesFrom very low to pleasantly warm temperatures, the winter season of 2021/2022 has shown itself in all its facets. In the mountains, winter still prevails with crisp temperatures; nature is in hibernation. In the lowlands, however, spring makes itself felt with milder temperatures and sunshine – nature begins to awaken, the trees and grasses to bloom and with the bloom begins the pollen flight.

The pollen flies from spring to autumn

Those plagued by hay fever know: The season in which the pollen flies is long. From January to September, a wide variety of allergens buzz through the air. Beginning with hazel and alder, grass pollen floats through the atmosphere in spring and summer, followed by mugwort and ragweed in late summer. The list of pollens from trees, grasses and herbs that make life difficult for allergy sufferers is long.


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