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Aloe vera: 7 effects& ApplicationsAloe vera is not only the SOS solution for sunburn, but can do much more for beauty& Health do. Bet you don't know all the effects?

Aloe vera is everywhere: in juice, aftersun lotions, capsules, for cooking, in moisturizers and so on. Products. What else can? We have the answer.

7 Effects& Applications of aloe vera

Aloe vera is a real multi-talent and, since you can eat it, even a superfood. You can use Aloe vera take it to yourself or let it work from the outside. You can either buy an aloe vera plant yourself, harvest it and then apply the pulp, or get aloe vera gel at the drugstore or online.

1. SOS help for sunburn& burns

This Everybody knows the effect of aloe vera from mummy. Anyone who has been left to sizzle for too long without sunscreen needs plenty of moisture so that the skin can regenerate. This is exactly what aloe vera can do.

In general, aloe vera good for burns of the first degree. In case of an acute burn you should always go to the doctor. Do not try to cure them yourself.

2. For constipation

At Constipation can aloe vera dragees help. You can find these in all drugstores. Aloe vera juice or gel are too weakly concentrated to help your intestines with this problem, because the active ingredient that has a laxative effect is in the outer and bitter leaf layer. This is not used in the processing into gel.

3. soothe scalp. To provide with moisture.

Because of its nourishing effect, aloe vera is also very good in DIY hair treatments.

4. In case of acne, herpes& Insect bites

In Aloe vera is salicylic acid which can help with blemishes and pimple marks and soothe inflamed skin. The same applies to nasty insect bites.

5. As a substitute for meat in cooking

There are many prescriptions Aloe vera pieces fry can. Especially those who eat a vegan diet may have heard of recipes with aloe vera. However, the gel is tasteless, so it must always be well seasoned.

6. As pudding or ice cream

From aloe vera gel you can also make great pudding or even ice cream, if you have an ice cream maker at home. Pudding goes, for example, by harvesting aloe vera swell it with chia seeds. Or you can boil it up with other fruit. Make a transparent jelly out of it.

7. As a light body lotion

If you like to do without an oily care, for example because your skin itself is oily, but still needs moisture, Aloe vera is the best solution. You can also use Splash of your favorite perfume or oil add to adjust it a little.

Who should not take Aloe vera?

You should NOT take aloe vera if you have an Appendicitis or an intestinal disease have. Please also do not just take it on suspicion if you have a stomach ache and do not know where it comes from.

Also pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12 years of age years should not take aloe vera preparations. However, there is nothing to be said against external use.

You can even grow aloe yourself

You You can buy an aloe vera plant in the garden center for internal and external use should be the one Aloe barbadensis be, no ornamental aloes. Aloe vera can be harvested and consumed only from 3 to 4 years old. Before that you should not harvest the leaves. So if you want to get started right away, then you should buy an older plant. Manuka honey. Propolis presented. Beauty elixirs such as jojoba oil, olive oil or babchi oil can also be mixed with aloe vera to make an optimal nourishing body lotion.

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