Aloe vera against constipation in sores

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aloe vera is a recognized remedy for constipation, but it should not be taken for too long. aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice are used externally for wound healing. In addition, aloe is said to have a healing effect in many other areas. Read more about aloe species such as aloe vera: effect, application (e.g. as aloe vera drinking gel) and possible side effects.

Aloe juice or gel of the leaf interior

Originate from the non-bitter, mucilaginous tie of the inside of the aloe leaf The traditionally used juice and gel (= the thickened juice). Both are offered by the food industry as dietary supplements. The cosmetics industry also recommends aloe vera against pimples and other skin impurities, for example in the form of aloe vera cream. Also available is aloe vera shampoo. It is said to help with itchy, dry scalp for example.

Scientifically not yet sufficiently proven, but plausible, is the effectiveness of the gels in inflammatory skin diseases, wounds, burns, sunburn, frostbite, acne and insect bites. The multiple sugars (polysaccharides), glycoproteins, amino acids, minerals and salicylic acid contained in the plant appear to accelerate wound healing. Therefore, the trade offers corresponding products such as aloe vera spray. However, further scientific studies are necessary to confirm the effectiveness of the plant in the above-mentioned areas of application.

the juice for drinking is usually offered as a dietary supplement. It has a weak laxative effect and should therefore not be drunk over a long period of time.

How to use aloe vera?

for constipation, aloe preparations should be taken only after bulking agents (such as flaxseed) and dietary changes have failed to eliminate intestinal sluggishness. Use then Prefers finished medicines like dragees, pills or tinctures from your pharmacy. These are carefully prepared. Contain a standardized concentration of the extract. The Aloe vera juice effect, on the other hand, is too weak for digestive stimulation. Aloe vera drink and drinking gel also contain too few laxative ingredients and are therefore not suitable as a laxative for constipation.

For initial wound treatment of cuts, burns 1. degree and sunburn, the Juice from the freshly cut leaves of the plant (also from Aloe capensis) can help. Cut the leaves for this. Let the juice drip directly on the appropriate place. Alternative help Ointments based on the medicinal plant from the pharmacy.


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