Aloe vera application plant gel juice

Aloe vera is versatile as a gel and juiceAloe vera gel enjoys great popularity in cosmetics and skin care due to its nourishing properties. Aloe vera is also a versatile medicinal plant that strengthens the immune system and can help with digestive problems.

Aloe vera application plant gel juice


The aloe vera plant ("real" Aloe) can store liquid in the long term. The mild gel obtained from its leaves moisturizes the skin, cools and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Makes it an ideal natural remedy for sunburn and minor burns. In addition, the gel has an immunostrengthening effect. The juice of the aloe vera plant, on the other hand, is rather bitter, stimulates digestion and is used for its laxative effect against constipation.

Aloe vera application plant gel juice

Application: What is aloe vera good for?

In addition to water, aloe vera contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The active ingredients are mainly inside the leaf, embedded in a gel-like substance. One of the most important ingredients is the polysaccharide acemannan, which stimulates the human immune system.

Medicinally effective is the clear gel contained in the leaf and the bitter yellow juice extracted from the leaf base. Aloe vera gel has a cooling and immune-boosting effect, while aloe vera juice has a laxative effect.

Aloe vera gel for external use

The clear gel contained in the leaf is used externally for the treatment of superficial wounds and minor burns. It accelerates healing. Reduces the risk of infections.

Due to its moisturizing and soothing properties, aloe vera gel is used as a skin lotion and cream. It is also a popular ingredient in cosmetics, from facial care to body lotion to shampoo. Pure aloe vera gel is especially good for sensitive skin on the face, soothing dry patches and redness and plumping up small wrinkles.

Application of aloe vera gel in:

– light burns – sunburn and impure skin

Aloe vera application plant gel juice

Aloe vera gel for internal use

Aloe vera gel can also be used internally, for example for stomach and intestinal complaints. Since the resin and sap from the aloe plant are slightly toxic and can irritate the stomach and intestines, only pure aloe vera gel should be used. Due to the polysaccharide acemannan contained, aloe vera also has an immune-strengthening effect. Is a healthy addition to drinks or smoothies. In addition, aloe vera is said to have a balancing effect on metabolism. The juice of the aloe vera plant has a laxative effect. Therefore used in medicine for constipation (constipation). The yellowish juice obtained from the base of the leaf is thickened. Processed into a resin or powder. In small quantities, the aloe resin stimulates bile secretion and has a digestive effect. In high dosage it is slightly poisonous and strongly laxative. Due to its strong effect, the juice should be dosed very carefully. Used for a maximum of a few days at a time.

Aloe vera application plant gel juice

Ayurveda and aloe vera

In the traditional Indian healing art Ayurveda the aloe plant has a firm place and is estimated for its balancing effect between the three Doshas Pitta, Kapha and Vata.

Contraindications: When not to use aloe vera?

Warnings and contraindications apply primarily to the thickened leaf juice for internal use. In case of overdose or long-term use, electrolyte loss and especially potassium deficiency may occur; in addition, constipation may worsen. Aloe vera must not be used in case of intestinal obstruction. All inflammatory diseases in the gastrointestinal tract such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.

do not use aloe juice internally during pregnancy

Aloe vera resin should not be used internally during pregnancy, as it can induce labor pains due to its stimulating effect. In the worst case, this can lead to abortion or premature birth. It should also not be used internally during breastfeeding, as it is compatible with breast milk.

Aloe vera as a gel, cream or drink

Aloe vera is available in pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores, and you can also make it yourself from the plant. When buying one should pay attention to the addition "pure" or "pure Aloe vera gel respect. Aloe vera is available as

– capsules – powder – juice – drops – pure gel – as an additive in creams and care products (for facial care, as shower gel, shampoo) – aloe vera drink, yoghurt drink or drinking gel

Aloe vera: care for face and hair

Especially in facial care Aloe vera gel is now indispensable. It moisturizes and regenerates dry and sensitive skin. As pure gel it can be directly. Apply pure to the appropriate areas of the skin. The gel is also good for the hair: aloe vera shampoo is said to care for dry hair ends and soothe irritated scalps.

Aloe vera as a drink

In the meantime, pure aloe vera gel is also offered as a drink. Here are the quality. Origin of the aloe vera is particularly important. If water is listed in the ingredients, the product is made from a concentrate and therefore not of high quality.

The plant, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, is also popular as an additive in beverages: aloe vera gel or juice can support weight loss by stimulating the metabolism. However, the taste of the pure gel takes some getting used to, which is why many people mix aloe vera with other ingredients. Enjoyed over a longer period of time and in higher doses, aloe vera can turn urine a bit reddish in color. As a rule, however, this is harmless.

Grow your own aloe vera plant

Since the aloe vera plant is not hardy and appreciates a warm, dry place, it should not be grown in the garden. As a houseplant, however, it can be grown well in a pot. This way, fresh aloe vera gel is always at hand for one's own needs. The plant needs a sandy soil, likes it rather sunny and does not need much water. In winter it should be watered little or not at all.

Make your own aloe vera gel

Aloe vera application plant gel juice


Aloe is ready for harvesting after four to five years at the earliest, or when it has at least twelve leaves. It is best to cut off one leaf at a time and use it fresh. First you should drain the yellow juice, because it contaminates the gel. Then the leaf is cut into pieces. The somewhat slimy gel is carefully removed with a knife. It can be applied directly to the areas of the skin to be treated, or it can be consumed – for example, mixed with a yogurt. The rest of the leaf can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. For the aloe vera smoothie, the fresh. Carefully from the bitter juice freed leaf of aloe used. It is washed, peeled and cut into small pieces. Then all the ingredients are put in a blender with the addition of water until the desired consistency is reached. Served fresh, the aloe ginger drink is a real booster for the immune system.

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