Aloe vera application recipes breeding organic thought

For this reason, we would like to introduce this plant a little bit, to encourage everyone to grow a small aloe vera plant on their own windowsill or balcony, so that they always have a fresh supply. Let's go!

Harvesting aloe yourself:

If you are harvesting aloe yourself, please pay attention to the following. Underneath the aloe peel, the pulp is surrounded by a brown juice, with the active ingredient aloin. Aloin is a light poison to ward off predators and beauty victims. This juice should be drained beforehand.

To do this, cut a large leaf from the bottom near the stalk, thinly slice along the sides of the serrations, and place in a jar, cut side down, for at least 15 minutes. The aloin can run off like this, in the form of a yellowish liquid.

Now fillet: we want the gel, not the outer, green part of the leaf. Cut leaf into pieces. Cut in half. In the resulting aloe halves, you can now either separate the pulp with a flat knife or carefully scoop out. You should not take off any of the skin with it.

Afterwards you can wash the gel again with water so that no yellowish areas with aloin are left. So you have made an edible/usable plant out of a poisonous one.

Mix it in a blender, fill it into a vial – done. Or leave coarse, fill into Tigel, just as ready. The gel can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 week.

Tip: The gel can also be frozen and thus stored longer.

The ingredients give aloe vera the following useful properties:

– Soothing – Calming – Worming – Blood purifying – Skin rejuvenating – Painkilling – Tumor inhibiting

Aloe as skin care:

This post was written by Mathilde, but I, Carolin am adding to this section of skin care, as I have been using only aloe gel for the face for almost 5 years now, this might be interesting for some at this point. My skin before using aloe: always pimples on the chin. Some on the forehead had.

My conclusion after 5 years Aloe as the only skin care use. I come directly to the point: acne gone. Skin only horny. Then too dry. I have thereupon times researched -. At WikiHow found the answers. You can find the link below in the sources. Please read this carefully if you want to care for your skin with aloe.

If you use aloe correctly, it can be super especially for pimple prone skin. But if you use it often and don't wash it off, it dries out the skin. So it is worthwhile to research further here. To use high quality sources for it.

I wash off aloe now cold and care for my face additionally with non-comedogenic oils such as shea butter.

3 Aloe Vera recipe ideas:

Aloe oil for salads& Skin: Mix 1 part fresh aloe juice or aloe gel with 9 parts jojoba or avocado oil. Can then also be stored well in the refrigerator and used continuously.

aloe tincture:

– Pour 20g of aloe gel over 100 ml of high-proof fruit brandy – This mixture approx. Store in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks, shaking frequently – Afterwards, this tincture can be taken in ointments or in drops

Aloe oil for a fresh skin:

– Mix 2 parts of aloe juice with 1 part of rose water (you can get it in the pharmacy) – Then add a little honey and again 3 parts of jojoba oil or avocado oil – Stir this mixture well – After that this mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes. Can be used for 2 weeks. – The oil is very greasy

Other Uses:

Cut aloe vera leaves keep fresh for up to 2 weeks if stored in a cool place. And the best part is, the cut surfaces close right up again. Gel and juice is best consumed fresh. So that you can use the power of aloe vera in a particular case, here is a selection of use cases:

Rheumatism pain:
Heat the gel, spread it on a cloth and cover the painful place with it.

Insect bites, sunburn, open wounds: Rub the affected area with fresh gel. Has a disinfectant, analgesic and cooling effect.

There is no scientific evidence that aloe gel helps against sunburn, although it does do good.

Skin diseases like neurodermatitis, allergies as well as diabetes& Stomach ulcers: Take a little juice from a leaf daily on an empty stomach

Sports injuries: In case of pain, overexertion, tendon strains, sprains, treat the affected area with fresh gel. Works wonders!

Hair moisturizer: For a hair treatment simply rub the gel as needed into dry or wet hair, let it act for a short time and then wash out. (Often include products such as shampoo, mousse, tip fluid etc. Silicones, which put a film over the hair. If your everyday products contain silicone, the aloe gel will not be absorbed properly.)


There is a presumption that during an existing pregnancy Aloe Vera should not be supplied internally, because the plant has a strong laxative effect. The same applies to intestinal obstruction.

Excerpt of ingredients:

– Aloin – resins – polysaccharides – sterols – gelatin – chromones – 13 vitamins – 27 amino acid – 13 minerals – lignins – essential oils

Aloe Vera in the home?

You can very easily grow your own aloe vera plant in your home. In a beautiful pot it makes also still visually what here. It is only important that the flower pot is not chosen too large. A rule of thumb for this: The pot should be no more than 1/3 the height of the longest leaf. The soil in the pot is half sand. Water the plant frequently afterwards, but with little water, and not from above. If the spines bulge inwards, please pour.

Then do not place the pot in full sun, but in partial shade. In winter, the plant needs a frost-free winter home.

Aloe Vera juice costs in the trade up to 60€ / liter, a home-grown plant is therefore also recommended in this regard. Do you also have an aloe vera plant?. Use the gel or the juice of the leaves? And do you have some more recipes? Then you are welcome to add them as comments.

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