Aloe vera application tips and effect of the medicinal plant

Aloe vera: application tips and effect of the medicinal plantMiracle cure aloe vera: the desert plant has numerous vital substances that have a positive effect on health, skin, hair and body. Multiple uses, super natural and without harmful substances.

Aloe vera application tips and effect of the medicinal plant

Aloe Vera – source of eternal youth: The plant contains over 160 vital substances. In combination they work wonders for beauty and health. For thousands of years, the plant has been used as a remedy and beauty elixir in many cultures around the world. It grows in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and gets by with little water. The healing powers come from the contained amino acids, fatty acids, anthraquinones, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. One effective healing aid in particular stands out: acemannan. It forms the basis for the skeleton of bones and for cells that create connections, skin, vascular walls, tendons, joints, cartilage and ligaments.

The effect of the aloe vera plant on the human body is amazing:

– Regenerating – Pain relieving – Immune strengthening – Cleansing – Invigorating

Whether immune deficiency, allergies, inflammations or as a support for the digestive system – the miracle cure helps and even counteracts infections and fungi.

1. Aloe vera can be used as a moisturizing face cream. Anti-aging product to be used. The skin becomes more supple, the production of collagen and elastic fibers of the connective tie is stimulated, and blood circulation is promoted. With acne or other skin problems, the healing plant also shows its ability. From burns (sunburn), ulcers, allergic reactions to psoriasis or neurodermatitis – aloe vera has a cooling, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.


Using a blender or milk frother, mix the aloe vera gel with a few drops of skin care oil. Then apply the mass on the face or body. For irritated or dry skin, this natural care works wonders.

Face peeling

For your next beauty day, do without conventional masks or peelings from the drugstore. In just a few steps you can create your own luxury peeling. To do this, mix aloe vera gel, turmeric powder, jojoba oil and chickpea broom flour in a blender until smooth. Apply it in circular motions to the entire face. Remove it after a few minutes only gently with a cloth off. Do not wash off the remains with water – they contain important vitamins for the skin. The peeling moisturizes. Helps against blemished skin.

Shaving gel

Aloe vera can be used wonderfully as an alternative to shaving cream. For this, apply the fresh gel of the plant on the desired area and shave as usual. The active substances contained in it moisturize and prevent the development of redness and shaving pimples.

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