Aloe vera ingredients what is in the plant

Aloe vera ingredients are diverse. Particularly valuable for humans. This is due to the unique mixture of different active ingredients in leaf gel of the plant. The valuable aloe vera effect has long been known to us humans. Learn here which substances are contained in aloe vera.

What ingredients are contained in aloe vera?

The Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, also known as the true aloe, is particularly characterized by its diverse aloe vera ingredients. These make the aloe vera gel so popular for hair and body care and the aloe vera juice for healthy eating. In the plant were found until today about 200 different substances discovered, some of which have vital properties for us humans. In part, there is already talk of far more substances. The Aloe Vera ingredients are not yet fully researched. 1

It is not the individual aloe vera ingredients that give the plant its effect, but the interaction and the Synergies between the different active ingredients. This combination of the Aloe Vera Ingredients makes the plant so valuable for us.

Overview of the Aloe Vera Ingredients

Effect of the Aloe Vera ingredients

Mono- and polysaccharides

Mono- and polysaccharides are carbohydrates that supply our body with sugar. Sugar provides our body with the necessary energy. They differ in their number of molecules:

– Monosaccharides, like bspw. Industrial sugars, are simple sugars – polysaccharides, such as. Acemannan and gycosides, are polysaccharides composed of several simple sugars arranged in a row, have been

With the help of polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other valuable substances can be better absorbed through the intestinal mucosa. Health care. In case of high susceptibility to infections. Used externally, polysaccharides have wound-healing, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and cell-regenerating effects. 3 The carbohydrates contained are therefore crucial for the aloe vera effect.


Anthranoids are natural substances with a bitter taste. They Stimulates intestinal activity and has a laxative effect. The aloe vera plant contains, among other things, the anthranoid Aloin, which is discussed in public as a critical substance. Aloin is a yellowish liquid formed in the secretory cells of the plant bark. If you want to use the pure aloe vera effect for yourself and therefore make your own aloe vera gel from your own plant, you should be sure to drain the yellow liquid of the bark and use only the aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera ingredients what is in the plant?

Aloin is also used in small quantities for internal use, as it can be used to make bitters and swede's potion. In pharmacy, aloin is added to laxatives sold in pharmacies. 4

Caution: Aloin should not be taken over a long period of time, as it can cause severe side effects. Before taking products containing aloin, you should always consult a doctor or pharmacist.


Among the aloe vera ingredients are many important vitamins. The human body needs vitamins, because they increase health and performance.

Provitamin A
One vitamin contained is provitamin A. It is a precursor of vitamin A, which is produced by our body. The vitamin is particularly known for its effect on improving vision. In addition, it is involved in the regeneration of skin cells, influences the formation of red blood cells and sex hormones. Vitamin A is fat-soluble. Counts among the antioxidants.

Vitamin E
Vitamin is also one of the fat-soluble antioxidants. It is used for rheumatism. Has an immunostimulating effect. Vitamin C cannot be produced by humans themselves. Must therefore be ingested through our food. This important aloe vera ingredient has an immune-enhancing effect. Has antioxidant properties. In addition, vitamin C increases the metabolism of the skin, mucous membrane and connective tie. 5

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