Aloe vera juice to drink how healthy is it really wmn

Aloe vera juice to drink: How healthy is it really??

Drinking aloe vera: you must expect these side effects

by Patricia Neumann 27.04.2022 – 06:36 27.04.2022 – 06:36

Yesterday it was detox smoothies, today aloe vera juice. Expert:inside advise against the health trend.

Aloe vera is a plant that has been used for centuries by people as a panacea. Aloe vera as a drink is said to strengthen the immune system, assist in wound healing and even alleviate serious illnesses such as asthma and depression. However, if all this is scientifically proven? Here you can find out.

Everything about the miracle cure aloe vera juice at a glance

Aloe vera: How the plant works on the skin

In natural cosmetics aloe vera is a popular remedy. It should moisturize. Even alleviate skin diseases. However None of these effects scientifically Proven. "There is so far no medical effect of the aloe, which could be proved.", says Bernd Kerschner, project manager of the platform told ORF.

The study situation says the same: Although there are several studies that show the effect of the plant in diseases such as Neurodermatitis or psoriasis examined, however also here no effect found. With wounds and ulcers the effect was also not provable. Who therefore with Aloe vera Skin diseases who would like to heal, should rather go to the dermatologist go.

A proven effect has the gel however: Us indeed it helps with sunburn. An experiment conducted by the University of Freiburg in 2006 proves the effect. However, the Gel for it a high Aloe vera portion which is not always the case with industrially manufactured products.

This is why oral use is a concern

Those who prepare the aloe vera drink for smoothies, for example, must take special care. The outer leaf layer contains so-called Anthranoid, which have a laxative effect, therefore, in the long run, the can damage the intestine, according to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. Especially pregnant women, menstruating persons and children should not consume the plant.

In addition there are no standardized manufacturing process. Although many manufacturers take care to carefully and cautiously squeeze the plant, however, checks no place, whether in the final product anthranoids are contained.

The taste of the plant

Aloe vera juice has according to users:inside a very tart taste that takes some getting used to. He is also considered to be a Quality feature, because the more tart the drink tastes, the less sugar and water have been added to the drink.

However, when the sap tastes very bitter, then the most likely contaminated, because the leaf bark has not been separated cleanly enough.

Conclusion: miracle cure or just an ornamental plant after all?

Unfortunately, aloe vera from the inside as well as from the outside does not provide the effect that some expect from the plant. However, the Gel for sunburns extremely helpful. If you want to use aloe vera for this purpose, you should look for the highest possible content in the pre-made gel or extract the gel directly from the plant.

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