Aloe vera medicinal plant and cosmetics your pharmacy

Aloe vera
The desert thistle Aloe vera is considered a plant of beauty. Already Cleopatra knew about its nurturing effect. Has made use of it. Today, the use of Aloe vera in cosmetics. Especially in natural cosmetics widely used. It moisturizes. Promotes collagen formation. But aloe vera is not only used for skin care. Its ingredients also have positive effects on digestion and in wound healing.

Botanical name Aloe vera Plant familyAffodil family Synonyms
Desert thistle, Barbados aloe, true aloe, bitter creeper Effect moisturizing, laxative, disinfectant, analgesic, immunostrengthening, cooling, collagen-building, antioxidant Use as a medicinal herbAcne, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, wound care, minor burns and sunburn, scaly scalp, constipation Use in the kitchenYogurt, smoothie, salad Use in cosmeticsSkin care, anti-aging

Origin of aloe vera

The aloe vera has fleshy, pointed leaves. As often mistakenly amed, it does not belong to the cactuses.

Even though the shape and leaves of the aloe vera plant are more reminiscent of agaves or cacti, it is a grass tree plant. It belongs to the genus Aloe, which has a total of ca. 360 species are associated. Originally the Aloe vera comes from Africa. Today it grows wild throughout the subtropical climatic zone. Widespread worldwide as a pot plant. The bittercress grows stemless and has fleshy, pointed leaves. They are arranged like rosettes. Carries thorns on the edge. The desert plant stores abundant water inside its leaves. The plant reaches a height. Width of 60 centimeters. It bears yellow, orange or red tubular flowers in January.

Aloe vera medicinal plant and cosmetics your pharmacy

The flowers of aloe vera are yellow to pink in color.

Ingredients of aloe vera

Due to the fact that the aloe vera leaves are able to produce their own necessary nutrients, they are very rich in useful active substances. The substances are mainly used in Leaf pulp stored. This is a water-rich, gelatinous mass inside the leaf. In total, scientists have identified more than 200 different ingredients. But only a few reach an effective concentration. The main active substance from the aloe milk is Acemannan, also called Aloverose. This is a healthy, vegetable sugar molecule (so-called. mucopolysaccharide). In addition, the salicylic acid, saponins, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals are among the effective ingredients.

Until puberty the body forms its own acemannan. In the adult age we must supply it with the food.

Besides the leaf pulp, which is the Aloe gel forms, directly under the bark of the aloe vera leaf is still the Aloe juice contain. Some call the sap "resin" or "latex". It consists mainly of the active ingredient aloin. If you cut a leaf, the greenish, very bitter tasting aloe juice appears immediately. This is also the reason for the colloquial name "Bitterschopf".

Effects of Aloe vera

Aloe gel Aloe juice
moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, collagen-forming, cooling, analgesic, immune-promoting laxative, labor-inducing

The contained amino acid “lysine” increases the formation of collagen, which increases skin elasticity and reduces the formation of wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkle creams with aloe vera have positive effects on your skin.

Also the enzymes from the aloe gel have an effect through the antioxidant effect counteracts skin aging.

Application of aloe vera

Nowadays, aloe vera v. a. in cosmetics and especially in natural cosmetics application. Numerous products exist in various dosage forms that provide a skin care effect promise. In addition, the aloe vera plant has also found its place in a healthy diet.

Aloe vera in cosmetics

Creams with aloe vera are a perfect care component for neurodermatitis.

Most industrially produced care products contain only aloe gel, so that it is safe to use even during pregnancy.

Recommendation for use:

The purest aloe vera gel is obtained directly from fresh aloe leaves. For this purpose, it is recommended to scratch the leaf, let the juice drain completely and then squeeze out the gel.

This gel has a long shelf life due to its ingredients. You simply apply it to the skin. Especially for minor burns such as a Sunburn the skin benefits from the pure aloe gel. It not only relieves pain, moisturizes and cools the skin, but also reduces inflammation and promotes regeneration. Scientists have already proven these effects in studies.

For general skin care we recommend lotions and Creams, to which a part of aloe vera gel is added. The concentration of the gel of the bitter head is very different here. The active ingredients of the aloe vera support the moisturizing. Rejuvenating effect of the care products. This is the reason why Aloe vera is contained in many anti-aging products and eye creams.

Aloe vera in medicine

Also persons suffering from Acne, neurodermatitis or Psoriasis suffer can benefit from regular use of the pure gel. It also helps to heal small wounds, for example after light burns abrasions.

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