Application for a disability certificate for mental illness

Social services in the lupus contextDepending on the course of a chronic disease such as lupus, questions may arise about professional, social, and personal futures. In order to clarify uncertainties, discuss concerns and Examine rights as well as options, stand experienced contact persons at the social service of a hospital or in advice centers to the disposal. Two important ies for many lupus sufferers in this context are the question of the Application for a degree of disability (severely disabled person's card) and – if necessary – the determination of a degree of care. Here you can find out more about the possible Social benefits

Hospital Social Services

Lupus sufferers who are hospitalized for inpatient treatment are welcome to seek advice from the hospital social service. The people working there are Social workers provide individual advice on many topics. In addition to counseling, the hospital social service can also provide support in applying for social benefits or assistance. Frequent reasons for consultations of the social service are:

– Rehabilitation and follow-up treatment (AHB) – Rehabilitation benefits – Sickness benefits – Provision of aids and appliances – Application for a severely disabled person's certificate/degree of disability – Application for a nursing degree/nursing allowance – Options for outpatient care

counseling centers

Another possibility outpatient and free of charge on topics of rehabilitation and participation and support with applications There are specialized counseling centers where you can get free advice and support in applying for rehabilitation and participation. With the Federal Participation Act, the offer of the so-called "care assistance" was introduced throughout Germany Ersupplementary undependent Teilhabebcounseling (EUTB) created. Services include the following topics:

rehabilitation services
Questions about participation in working life (z. B. questions concerning the preservation of the job)

What an EUTB counseling center cannot provide is legal counseling or accompaniment in the appeal process.

To be advised neutrally and at eye level on social benefits

A special trusting atmosphere is created in an EUTB counseling center by the fact that there are many Counselors work who themselves live with illness or disability and can thus draw on a wealth of experience. In addition, the advice given there is independent of the provider, which means that neutral advice can be expected.

A EUTB counseling services in your area you can find here.

Lupus and disability

Not everyone with lupus experiences themselves as a person with a disability. Nevertheless, it is possible to have a degree of disability (GdB) determined due to the lupus. The Social Code defines people with disabilities as follows:

"People with disabilities are those who have physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments that cause them to interact with attitudinal and environmental barriers prevent equal participation in society for more than six months with a high degree of probability can […]." (§ 2 SGB IX)

Degree of disability (GdB) and severe disability certificate

In order to be able to participate better in social life with a health impairment, it may be useful to apply for a degree of disability (GdB) at the supply office to apply for. This degree of disability is a measure of effects of a functional impairment due to the state of health. It is quantified in steps of ten with a number between 10 and 100. A degree of disability as such is only determined if at least a GdB of 20 is determined. A degree of 50 or more constitutes a severe disability. A severely disabled person's identity card is ied.

It is not always easy to confront oneself with the fact that one has acquired a disability due to lupus. When considering whether to apply to the pension office, it may be helpful to be aware of the following: The officially determined assessment serves to ensure that disadvantages caused by illness (such as financial disadvantages) are compensated for to a certain extent.

What can I gain by applying for a degree of disability for lupus??

If the lupus leads to impairments, the degree of disability is used to determine a corresponding Compensation for disadvantages to claim. For example, it may entitle you to Additional leave, Tax relief, free transportation in public transport or reduced admission to events include. Which disadvantage compensation is possible depends on the degree of disability (GdB) that is individually determined and certified in the form of a severely disabled person's ID card with the corresponding markings.

How do I apply for a degree of disability?

1. Talk to the doctor who is treating you.
Here you can get first indications whether a severely disabled person's card is possible for you. Also with the necessary proofs. She/he can help you with certificates.

2. Collect important documents.
As a rule, a decision is made on the application on the basis of the evidence submitted. Therefore, documents about everything that documents your impairment should be included in the application: Findings and documents from doctors, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics as well as existing official reports or information about applications already submitted to other social service providers.

3. Choose the right application.
Applications for a severely disabled person's card vary from state to state. Please contact your pension office for more information.

4. Remember to renew your identity card.
If the pension office (within three to seven weeks) has decided positively on an application, the card is ied in the form of a check card. As a rule, the card is valid for a maximum of five years. For an extension, contact the Versorgungsamt about three months before the expiration date.

More detailed information, z. B. to the medical Confidentiality, which Evidence can come into question and which office is responsible for you you will find in a Information offered by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs here.

Is there anything to take into account when submitting an application?

When applying for the degree of disability due to a rare disease such as lupus erythematosus, the examination can be facilitated for the pension office: with a short certificate attached to the application List of symptoms and the resulting consequences for social participation. Such a list will look different for each patient, depending on which symptoms of the disease are in the foreground. It can also be useful to add to the application a Information letters from the ACHSE e.V. (Alliance of Chronic Rare Diseases), which explains the special situation of people with a rare disease to the persons examining the application at the pension office. You can find the letter as a PDF file here.

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