Apply for post covid rehab

Apply for Post-Covid RehabIf you suffer from the long-term effects of corona disease, there is a risk that your earning capacity will be permanently impaired. Therefore, it is better to seek rehabilitation in time than to become incapacitated later on.

Also the
German pension insurance Sees this risk that especially post-covid can result in disability. Therefore, the insurance company advertises timely rehab application of the affected person.

The German pension insurance is thereby responsible for the rehabilitation of Workers responsible. As far as Retiree suffer from post-covid, the responsibility lies with the statutory health insurance.

If the infection was recognized as an occupational disease or accident at work, rehabilitation is granted through the professional associations. This may be the case, for example, in the event of an infection in the medical field.

When is rehab an option for Covid??

First of all, for those who have had a severe course of covid, for example, who have been on long-term respiratory therapy and have been lucky enough to survive the disease. In these cases, usually through the hospital, a Follow-up treatment (AHB) initiated. It is usually quite clear that rehabilitation is indicated here.

This is often less obvious in the case of post-covid, i.e. long-term consequences of the corona disease, which frequently occur even after a mild progression. "This is usually the case chronic states of exhaustion and fatigue.", explains Prof. Dr. Volker Kollner, medical director of the Seehof Rehab Center, part of the German Pension Insurance Association in Teltow.

"Rehab can help if you have z.B. is already on sick leave for several weeks and realizes, I do not dare to do this Back to work I still feel exhausted so quickly, I have concentration problems, I get tired so quickly."

Why recovery alone is not enough?

"When you get tired so quickly, you might think, I'm going to stay home and recover for another two weeks, but our experience shows: The potential of recovery is not fully realized after six to eight weeks exhausted. This does not get better afterwards", according to Kollner.

"And everything that works also has Side effects. If we stay too long in rest, the distance to work increases and we get out of training, physically, but also mentally. If all you do is stay horizontal, you weaken the cardiovascular system, and you get a downward spiral.

A rehab can also be carried out by individually adapted training help to break this downward spiral.

When is rehab necessary?

When it comes to the need for rehab, "the dysfunction is more important than the diagnosis", explains the German Pension Insurance Association. There is a need for rehabilitation in this sense when the Insured person's ability to work significantly endangered for medical reasons or reduced.

It doesn't matter what illness causes a dysfunction to occur. Examples of such dysfunctions are shortness of breath when climbing stairs, speech disorders or lack of concentration – All impairments that occur in Long-Covid.

What does the rehab look like? Seehof five weeks. During this time, the individual physical condition of the patient is specifically. psychological functional limitations of the individual patients therapies. During this time, the individual physical and mental conditions are specifically. Psychological functional limitations of the individual patients are treated.

The Treatment plan Includes, as needed, respiratory therapy, exercise therapy (endurance, strength or coordination training), physical therapy, creative and occupational therapy, psychotherapy and cognitive training. The latter is important because about one third of those affected suffer from very impairing concentration and memory disorders.

What is the benefit of rehab?

Representative research results on this are not yet available. Seehof sees the following trend: "About half of our patients are able to work again to the same extent as before after rehab or are released by us for gradual reintegration. For example, they initially work half-time for a few weeks, and then increase their working hours back to their previous level.

Almost as many are not yet directly fit for work after discharge from rehab. They require aftercare, but even with them the prospect of restoring the ability to work is. And in individual cases the prognosis goes in the direction of incapacity for work and reduced earning capacity pension."

How does the application work?

In the case of employees, the German pension insurance is responsible for rehab. No medical prescription is necessary for this. However, it makes sense to attach to the application a Report of findings the attending physician or. of the doctor.

Important: It is not about medical parameters and detailed diagnoses, but about the functional impairments of the patients.

Doctors use for it the
nationwide report of findings for the German pension insurance. Insured persons make the application using form G0100.

What are the requirements for rehab?

Rehab is an option for you if:

→ your ability to work (earning capacity) is endangered or reduced,

→ you are in a position to participate in rehabilitation and

→ There is a positive prognosis, meaning it is likely that your earning capacity will be restored or stabilized as a result of the rehab.

In addition, you must have a Minimum insurance period have reached. Depending on the rehab service, this can be five or 15 years.

If you do not meet this requirement, it is sufficient for you to have been in at least six calendar months have paid compulsory contributions to the pension insurance.

How is my livelihood ensured during rehab?

To the extent that your entitlement to this has not yet been exhausted, you have initially Entitlement to continued payment of wages in the event of illness by your employer. In the case of post-covid, this period is often exceeded.

In this case, the German pension insurance usually pays you during the rehab a Transitional benefits. For insured persons without children, this amounts to 68% of the last net pay; with a child entitled to child benefit, it is 75%. If you were unemployed immediately before the rehabilitation service, you will receive transitional benefits in the amount of the previously paid unemployment benefit under certain conditions.

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