Arthrosis in the knee arthrosis symptoms in the knee revitive

If you are one of the five million Germans who suffer from osteoarthritis?

Did you know that almost five million Germans suffer from osteoarthritis? Among other things, the knees are most frequently affected.

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease in which the joint cartilage is damaged, making it less able to move. This can lead to joint pain. Osteoarthritis symptoms can occur gradually as the cartilage tie wears away over time. This makes the joint less loadable. In the long term, in addition to pain, inflammation, thickening, deformation and ultimately stiffening of the joint can occur.

On you can learn more about the disease, the course of the disease and the consequences.

What are the main symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee?

Pain is usually worse in the morning compared to the evening. Pain may become more frequent with advanced disease.

Swollen legs are also a common accompanying disease of osteoarthritis of the knee. The swelling may feel either harder (due to osteophytes) or softer (due to synovial thickening and fluid accumulation). In addition, the muscles around their joint may look thinner or worn out.

If you cannot move your joints freely or normally, or they buckle every now and then, it may be that your muscles have weakened or the joint has become too unstable. Exercises that strengthen the muscles can help prevent it.

The joints seem to crunch when you move.

After a period of rest, the joints feel stiffer. However, it gets better as soon as you start moving around.

Revitive's EMS technology can relieve osteoarthritis symptoms. EMS stimulates the nerve endings in the body and excites the muscles in the upper and lower legs, as well as the feet.

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Arthritis in the knee arthrosis symptoms in the knee revitive

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