At the sv friesen the knot should burst

At the sv friesen the knot should burst

For SV friesen, the game at FC trogen must have been like dejà vu. In the relegation to the bavarian league the friesener led 3:0, had to accept then at the end still the 3:3 in the feeling of the safe advancement. In june, the late equalizer did not stutter at all, but last sunday was different. Coach and players were crestfallen in view of the second goal of the trogener with their last action. Especially after the mixed preparation, the frieseners had hoped for an "aha" experience in the form of a victory.

And this would have been easily possible, if they had not left so many hundred percent chances negligent. Eight rough chances alone were counted by observers of the game, and five times the team was completely alone in front of the opposing goalkeeper – but only twice did the ball end up in the net. In addition, there is the missed penalty by tobias dalke. If the ball had gone in, it would have been 3:0 – the preliminary decision would probably have been made with it. It is well known that things turned out differently. With this draw, the team has now definitely lost two points, as FC trogen is generally considered not to be very strong.

Despite these circumstances, the SV friesen has just shown in the first 45 minutes a barenstarke performance. And that’s exactly what they can build on. The team will have seen that, despite the departure of important players such as aleksander hurec or maurice koch, they are still capable of playing attractive and, with the necessary amount of luck, successful football.

Coach christoph boger will have taken note of this and will make it clear to his team in the pre-match meeting on wednesday. If the players keep this in mind and internalize it, there should be nothing standing in the way of a successful home opener. However, SV friesen must not make the mistake of underestimating ASV veitsbronn-siegelsdorf. The opponent has namely lost his opening game against ASV vach 1:2. As a newcomer to the national league, it may not yet have the reputation at the present time to be perceived one hundred percent. But it is precisely this aspect that holds a certain danger. The SV friesen will therefore have to be fully focused on the task in hand. With the necessary determination and a performance like in the first half in trogen it should work out with a victory.

SV friesen: mayer/walther – roger, woitschitzke, zwosta, meyer, beetz (?), dalke, fugmann lindner, sudol, schubart, hahn, kocher, scholz, munch, kestel. Missing baier (vacation), fleibner (injured) and baumann (rebuilding training).

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