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Aujeszky's disease in dogs is a Viral infection, which is fatal. Among other things, veterinarians refer to the disease as Pseudowut.

Mainly pigs harbor the Aujeszky virus. The dogs become infected by the Eating raw pork. Besides dogs, cats, other carnivores as well as ruminants such as cattle and sheep can also get Aujeszky's disease.

The infection is common all over the world, especially in Countries with increased pig farming. The Aujeszky's disease must be reported to the competent authority (obligation to report). Due to the risk of infection, dogs should not be fed raw pork – sufficient heating, however, kills the virus reliably.

What are the causes of Aujeszky's disease in dogs?

The cause of Aujeszky's disease in dogs is the Herpes-suis virus 1 (SHV-1), which belongs to the family of herpes viruses. As with all herpes viruses, the Aujeszky virus can lead to a so-called latent infection, which means that the virus remains in the body of an infected pig for the rest of its life and can be reactivated again and again. This happens mainly under stress, such as animal transport or poor husbandry.

Dogs become infected with Aujeszky's disease primarily when they eat infected raw pork. Rarely the bite of a pig leads to the disease. In contrast, infection from dog to dog is not possible with Aujeszky's disease.

How does Aujeszky's disease manifest itself in dogs??

Aujeszky's disease in dogs usually runs acutely. Initially, infected dogs usually show a Changed behavior, appear restless and aggressive. However, it is also possible that the infected dog is suddenly noticeably weary and listless.

In the further course of the Aujeszky's disease it comes to vomiting, diarrhea, and severe salivation. The pulse of the animal is extremely fast, in some cases fever also occurs. A particularly characteristic symptom of Aujeszky's disease in dogs is a pronounced itching, especially on ears and nose.

In the final stage of the disease finally appear neurological disorders, such as Limb paralysis or spasms at. Mostly dogs with Aujeszky's disease die within 48 hours after the first symptoms appear.

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