Ayurveda health and disease from an ayurvedic perspective

Ayurveda ames that all diseases have an origin in the imbalance of the three body fluids (Vata Pitta and Kapha).

Diseases do not appear suddenly. The cause is the hidden effect, and the effect is the revealed cause. The cause resembles a seed hiding the not-yet-manifested tree. The tree is the expressed potential of the seed. Health is the effect of a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits; disease is the "tree" that has developed from unhealthy habits.

The doshas play a role in both physical and mental illnesses. The aim of Ayurveda is to balance the humors of the body in order to neutralize the disease process. It is not a question of finding out which factors cause illness. This is only of secondary importance from an Ayurvedic point of view. If one treats only the external disease triggers, only the symptoms, the actual cause of the disease remains unconsidered.

The way people think today, resp. modern medicine also ames that "disease-making" comes from outside. Consequently, "healing" must also come from the outside.

This thinking, often true for bacteria and viruses, has also been applied to general living conditions, social conditions, social ties, and more. The sick person thereby got a passive role in the disease process and understanding.

If everything that makes a person ill comes from the outside, then it is logical under these conditions that all healing is also to be expected from the outside. The medical research devoted itself accordingly with large expenditure to the until today so-called risk factors, which can have ill-making influence on humans to. Until today, medical science is mainly concerned with the question, "What makes people ill??"

And yet, since the end of the 20th century. Century also some scientists who ask themselves increasingly the question "Why does a human being remain healthy??" "What inner forces can a person mobilize to keep himself healthy?"

All this is a very interesting thing. In the case of a wave of flu z.B. no one is surprised that suddenly many people fall ill. But the question is: "Why do certain people always remain healthy, despite the same health-threatening influences to which they are also exposed??"

If we go deeper into the history of the origin of diseases, a fundamental truth comes to light:

"Any illness has its cause in an interruption of the stream of intelligence!"

But what does this mean? What does our intelligence, our knowledge, our intellect have to do with the development of diseases??

However, it is not only a question of intelligence in the head. It is primarily about the intelligence of our ties, our central nervous system, enzymes, genes, antibodies, hormones, etc.". They all possess an intelligence. By what are they influenced? Who is responsible for making everything in our body work intelligently?

Should we be responsible for it ourselves?? Does our mind have the power to act on our innermost being, on our cells and influence them wrongly or correctly ?

YES! All disease processes have their beginning in the realm of the mind! Health but also!

A failure of intelligence also leads to a lack of understanding of the natural harmony of life and how to fit into that harmony: The lives of these people lack harmony with nature, the universe and the divine. This failure of our natural intelligence is caused by fear and desire. It prevents a creative life and keeps us trapped in habits and prejudices. Such people have no confidence in life, and they behave carelessly. Such people magically attract diseases.

I do not need to explain to anyone here that healthy people are predominantly happier and more positive than sick people. In addition, happy people are healthier than unhappy people. Overwhelming thoughts of contentment and happiness cause biochemical changes in the brain, which in turn have profound beneficial effects on physiology. Thoughts of love and compassion, affection, warmth and familiarity nourish our cells and central nervous system with beneficial intelligence. We feel this inner happiness, the inner warmth. Loving, warm-hearted thoughts lead us to our inner "I". Positive thoughts make everything in us flow. Our positive, pure energy can thus nourish our body.

Sad, depressed or negative thoughts produce exactly the opposite effect. They have a harmful effect on the physiology. Angry and hostile thoughts cause, among other things, an acceleration of the heartbeat, an increase in blood prere and a reddening of the face. Caused anxiety gives us a stomach ache, cold sweat comes to our forehead, we are paralyzed with fear.

I think the fear factor is of enormous importance in today's civilization. Fear is reflected everywhere. People are afraid of everything. Fear of the new, the unknown, fear of the old, fear of illness, fear of death, fear of life, fear of oneself, etc. This list can be continued as long as you like.

Fear is lack of confidence!

But what do we all need who live here on this planet? TRUST! – Trust in ourselves, trust in our own strength, trust in our own cosmic intelligence.

Since thoughts are subject to our conscious control, we can influence the chemistry of our mind. To do this, we need to learn "mindfulness". Of being "conscious" of great importance. We must learn to organize our thoughts. To get a power over them. Our mind is the structure that holds organizing power or knowledge. Everything we perceive in this universe with our senses is an expression of it.

So all things in the universe arise from consciousness in the form of knowledge.

Let us simply express our thoughts in an orderly way with the help of our "knowledge", so that the infinite intelligence can work in us, and thus also in everything else, because our spirit and our consciousness permeates every part of the universe.

Health or illness always arises from the sum of impulses that come from our consciousness, both negative and positive. If we try to really internalize this, we realize how important it is to think the right thoughts, or rather, to think in the right way. to give the right impulses.

What we think, we create. What we create, we become. What we become, we express. What we express, we experience. What we experience, that is us.

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