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What is a mattress protector. Does it make sense for my baby crib mattress?A mattress protector is placed between the mattress and the slatted frame to avoid prere points. In addition, such a protector protects your mattress from dirt and is easy to clean.

Such a mattress cover is breathable and anti-allergic against mites, bacteria, pollen and mold. Therefore, it makes sense to use a protector for your baby crib mattress, also to protect your baby from bacteria. This cover does not let water through, so no sweat or urine.

Which safety distances should I observe for baby beds with mattresses?? There are several safety distances that you should consider when buying a baby crib. The appropriate mattress should consider. So that your child does not get trapped and thereby get into (deadly) danger, the prescribed dimensions should be observed.

Should I purchase a waterproof pad for my baby crib mattress?

It is interesting to have an overlay for the baby mattress. However, this does not apply to very small babies, but to larger babies, who are more crammed in or sleep completely without diapers. This overlay then also goes over the whole mattress.

What are the alternatives to the baby crib mattress??

As an alternative to a baby bed frame, a family bed can be considered. A family bed is basically an extra-large bed frame on which practically the whole family can sleep. So your baby can sleep together with you.

Then you can go for children's mattresses, which are a little bigger, or for conventional mattresses for adults. However, make sure that you "fence" such mattresses well. What does a baby bed mattress cost. Where can I buy one?A baby bed mattress costs between 39 € and 600 €. The price of the baby mattress is not only not quality and equipment extras play a role, but also the type of mattress. From the following table you can see prices for the different types of mattress:

You can buy baby crib mattresses at mattress retailers, home improvement stores or furniture stores. Also department stores like real or myToys offer mattresses for babies. In addition, there are a variety of suppliers online:

– babymarkt.en – – babyone.en – otto.en – babyone. Decision: What types of baby crib mattresses are available. Which one is right for you?Here in the decision section we present you the different types of baby crib mattresses along with all their advantages and disadvantages. There are 4 different types of baby crib mattresses:

– Baby crib mattresses with foam core – Baby crib mattresses with spring core – Baby crib mattresses made of latex – Baby crib mattresses with coconut filling

What distinguishes a baby crib mattress with foam core and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Cold foam mattresses have proved most popular with parents, because they ensure the most ideal prere distribution possible. So the sleeping comfort is high. Your baby's back health is protected.

– High point elasticity and ideal prere distribution – Very breathable – Very good for low body weight – Also suitable for allergy sufferers

– Lays through relatively quickly

The apparent disadvantage of a foam mattress does not necessarily turn out to be an actual disadvantage. Your child will namely sleep on the mattress for a maximum of three to four years. However, in view of this disadvantage, you should buy a new mattress for your new child.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a baby crib mattress with an innerspring core??

In the core of the innerspring mattress there is a core of steel springs, over which various layers of other materials are stretched. You can distinguish here between pocket and Bonell spring core mattresses as well as barrel pocket spring core mattresses.

If the mattress is loaded at a certain point, it gives way (point elasticity). Barrel-shaped innerspring mattresses have a bulbous shape, which allows your baby to put extra weight on the mattress so that there is an adaptation to his back.

– Very breathable – Very stable – Very elastic – Extremely durable – Long lasting – Price and performance are in reasonable proportion

– Relatively high weight – Not for allergy sufferers – With time, hollows can develop

Innerspring mattresses are well ventilated, because they have numerous cavities inside. Thus, the body heat is released into the surrounding air.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a latex baby crib mattress??

The latex mattress can be made of two fabrics. These include isoprene, which is derived from petroleum, or the milky sap of tropical rubber trees.

Often these two fabrics are combined to eventually produce the latex mattress. The quality and thus the price of the mattress depends mainly on the rubber content.

– High point elasticity – Adapts to the body individually – Good springing and restoring behavior – Very hygienic and easy to clean – Also suitable for allergic and sensitive children – Isolates heat and regulates humidity

– Higher weight than other mattresses – Too soft, too little ventilation, low transport of moisture – Initial slight inherent odor

The higher this turns out to be, the better the lying characteristics are. Pure latex mattresses fit perfectly to the body and do not sag. Also, it is not a significant problem if your baby's diaper leaks, because this type of mattress does not absorb moisture into the mattress core.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a baby crib mattress with coconut filling??

In this type of mattress, at least the core is made of coconut raw material. In strongly compressed form it offers the body a firm base.

– The hollow fibers allow good air permeability through cross-ventilation – Absorbs moisture and insulates heat – Natural raw material – Also suitable for allergy sufferers – Highly resistant to germs and fungi – Firm lying surface, which is optimal for stomach sleepers and baby's back

– Own weight is relatively high – No point elasticity – Regular ventilation required and therefore very maintenance-intensive

The baby's spine does not have a typical S-shape yet. Therefore, the stabilizing property of the mattress helps here. Integrated is coconut as a hollow fiber, so that it lasts for many years.

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate baby crib mattresses based on these factors

In the following we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate baby crib mattresses. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular baby crib mattress is suitable for you or not.

– Degree of hardness – Size – Maximum carrying capacity – Wetness protection – Divisible cover – Stable step edge

Hardness level

While you are looking for the ideal firmness level of a mattress, you should by no means consider a mattress that is too soft. Then your child can sink too much into the mattress, so that he breathes his exhaled CO2 again, which is unhealthy.

But this does not mean that you should choose an extra hard mattress. After all, your child is still growing as his bones and skeleton. It depends much more on an individual adjustment of the mattress to your child. Only in this way you can optimally protect the spine of your child.


Usually baby crib mattresses have the following dimensions in cm:

Most rarely you will find the first two dimensions. As a rule, the size 70×140 is popular among parents. This is because not only babies but also toddlers can sleep on such a mattress.

The size also depends on your personal taste. You tend to be able to use a 70×140 kids mattress longer than a 60×120 mattress. But if the latter size suits your personal taste and also your baby better, you should rather choose this size.

Maximum load capacity

With a high load-bearing capacity, the mattress can handle even heavy babies and can be used for a longer time, even if your child becomes heavier and heavier.

Wetness protection

Moisture does not get into the mattress due to the wetness protector. This way the mattress remains hygienic and lasts longer. In addition, moisture is absorbed so that the body gets a dry lying feeling. Furthermore, the water-absorbing effect reduces the risk of colds.

Divisible cover

It makes sense to choose a baby crib mattress with a separable cover, because this way you can wash one side of the cover, while the other part of the cover remains on the mattress.

Stable step edge

Equally practical is a mattress with a specially reinforced kick edge. Your child will eventually try to get up on his own and if the edge of the mattress gives way, your little one can squeeze his feet or legs between the bed frame, slatted frame and mattress.

Without a step edge, your baby may fall off the bed.

In addition to the benefits, consider the increased cost of a mattress with a step edge. If your mattress is hard anyway, it is sufficiently stable that a footboard can be considered superfluous.

Trivia: Interesting facts about the baby crib mattress

Can I let my baby sleep on the baby crib mattress on the floor?

You can also let your baby sleep on a mattress on the floor. Nevertheless, you should make sure to use a good mattress here, since the support from a slatted frame is missing. The risk of injury is very low.

However, your little one may just leave the mattress without you noticing. It can then make quite a mess.

Is it useful to put two baby crib mattresses on top of each other?

The idea of two mattresses is not exactly sensible. This is mainly due to the fact that your child sweats a lot at night. This provides a super breeding ground for mites and molds.

It is important for a mattress to have sufficient ventilation. A slatted frame is suitable for this, because it allows air to reach the mattress from below. But you interrupt this air circulation with another mattress.

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