Baby mattress test 2022 the best baby mattresses in comparison

Baby mattress test 2021 you are expecting a child? Congratulations. Then you'll soon have real life in the house – and plenty of "problems" that come with having a baby. What do I need for the baby? Which bed is the best and healthiest, and most importantly: which baby mattress is so healthy that the child is not exposed to harmful substances and does not die a sudden infant death syndrome? Thanks to good education, the numbers have decreased by 80%. Nevertheless, 20% still remain.

With a good baby mattress alone, you can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. We tell you what to look out for and which baby mattress is right for your child.

What to pay attention to when buying baby mattresses?

Baby mattresses should always be purchased new. The previous owner's spitting up and urination can cause fungal spores and germs to build up over time, which then enter the infant's body with the air they breathe. This can lead to sudden infant death syndrome. Therefore, to eliminate this risk factor should always buy new mattresses for the baby.

firm and, air-permeable mattress

Scientific studies have now proven that babies sleep most safely when they lie on a firm, but air-permeable mattress. In this way, their body does not sink too deeply into the mattress, the spine remains in its natural shape and the child's airways remain free.

Additional air channels ensure good ventilation of the mattress. In this way, moisture produced during sleeping is dissipated and the formation of fungus is prevented.

Overheating of the infant is one of the major causes of sudden infant death syndrome. Therefore, it is important to choose baby mattresses that do not excessively insulate heat. Air channels in the mattress prevent heat buildup. This also prevents the baby from overheating.

Cover made of natural fibers (skin-friendly and breathable)

Healthy baby mattresses have a cover made of natural fibers. In this way, high respiratory activity. A good skin tolerance is guaranteed. Also possible allergies are avoided in this way.

Baby mattresses get damp from time to time – whether it's from a soaked diaper, spit-up or the baby sweating while sleeping. A baby mattress with moisture protection prevents the penetration of moisture into the mattress and thus also the health-endangering formation of germs and fungal spores. Alternatively, a moisture-repellent cover can also be used.

Anti-allergenic covers prevent the baby's exposure to allergens. Especially if you have a history of allergies, a baby mattress for allergy sufferers can be very helpful in preventing allergic attacks.

Removable covers are indispensable, especially for baby mattresses. Babies spit up from time to time, have soaked diapers or sweat. This also leaves traces on the baby mattress. To avoid mold or staining, the mattress cover should be washable. Ideal is a cover that can be washed at 60 °C with the washing machine.

Baby mattress with different lying firmnesses (infant, toddler)

Quite new are baby mattresses with different lying hardnesses. While one side (baby side) is harder, the other side (toddler) is designed softer. Thus, all the needs of the child are taken into account according to his age and safety is increased.

Why are there special mattresses for babies?

Babies are sensitive creatures with immature immune systems and soft bones. The wrong baby mattress can therefore have fatal consequences for the health and development of the baby. The spine can be damaged. The immune system can be stressed by harmful substances.

Recent studies have also proven that baby mattresses can be a cause of sudden infant death syndrome or the development of allergies. Fungal spores from moisture, mattresses that are too soft, or exposure to pollutants can dramatically increase the risk of SIDS. Manufacturers of mattresses have been guided by these findings. Their baby mattresses produced accordingly.

How to care for baby mattresses properly? Baby mattresses should have a washable. Above all have removable cover. This should be thoroughly cleaned regularly – either as needed or at regular intervals of one to two weeks. In this way, the formation of mold due to moisture is prevented. Prevents the development of germs.

A good anti-allergenic baby mattress with healthy bedding is of no use if the cover is washed with aggressive detergents. To avoid additional exposure of the baby to harmful substances through washing, only sensitive, organic detergents should be used to clean the mattress cover.

Regular vacuuming also removes all dust and dirt particles. Exposure to allergens from the air in the room decreases many times over.

How does a good baby mattress protect against sudden infant death syndrome??

Scientific studies on sudden infant death syndrome have shown that the sleeping conditions of the infant in particular play a major role. For example, a mattress that is too soft can hinder the child's breathing. Increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Air and heat permeability is also a fundamental factor. An air-impermeable and heat-insulating mattress can lead to heat accumulation and thus overheating of the infant. Overheating is also a huge risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome.

Also risky are baby mattresses whose covers cannot be washed. Here it can come to the formation of mold spores and germs, which can cause sudden infant death syndrome.

Stiftung Warentest about baby mattresses

Stiftung Warentest has also devoted itself to the subject of baby mattresses. In this test, the foundation tested 12 children's mattresses for their sleeping climate, their reaction to moisture and heat, their durability, pollutant load and the available sizes and then chose the test winner.

For this test, to test durability, a 40 kg roller drove 30.000 times over each mattress. This corresponds to about five years of use. Most children's mattresses passed this test without any problems.

Eight children's mattresses did less well in the test for their reaction to heat and moisture. They lost height and hardness under the influence of heat and moisture.

Very good, on the other hand, were the results of the test on the pollutant load. All tested children's mattresses had an intensive to unpleasant smell after unpacking. This evaporated however within short time. A test for the pollutant load of the baby mattresses showed that all values were below the permissible limits.

The firmness ranged from medium to hard. Most models convinced with very good lying properties. All baby mattresses safely support the body without letting it sink in too much or too little. Also positive was the sleeping climate. None of the baby mattresses let the baby cool down or sweat.

At least four baby mattresses performed well in all tests. Also all other baby mattresses showed good test results.

baby mattress test 2022 the best baby mattresses in comparison

In the Stiftung Warentest test, the Prolana Lara Plus children's mattress did particularly well with a score of 2.1 (test 03/2014). Only the high weight of the baby mattress was criticized. It has a very hard underside made of coconut for infants. A hard latex top for baby. In the area of lying properties, the Prolana children's mattress Lara Plus had the very best characteristics. The baby mattress also performed very well in terms of durability.

With a height of 7.5 cm, the Prolana Lara Plus children's mattress is very thin and is not bulky in children's beds. Due to the organic cotton cover, the Prolana children's mattress Lara Plus is very suitable for allergy sufferers. Additional comfort is provided by the three-sided zipper, through which the cover is removable and machine washable. To the test of the mattress

The "Julius Zollner Dr. Lubbe Air Premium" was rated 2.3 by Stiftung Warentest (test 03/2014). Of all the baby mattresses tested, the "Julius Zollner Dr. Lubbe Air Premium" with a height of 12.5 cm the thickest mattress. The cold foam mattress showed good durability. Very good lying properties. This baby mattress also has a cover with a circumferential zipper. Can be machine washed. The "Julius Zollner Dr. Lubbe Air Premium" baby mattress has a medium-hard top side equipped with nubs (for babies) and a hard bottom side for toddlers.

With an overall score of 2.1 (04/2012 ie), the "Prolana Babymatratze Kati Plus" baby mattress had a good overall result. Only the high weight of the baby mattress was criticized. All other tested properties such as durability, height (7.5 cm) and lying properties were rated very good. The baby mattress has a very hard underside made of coconut for infants. A hard top made of latex for baby.

The organic cotton cover convinced in the area of health and environment. Due to the natural nature of the material. The washability of the cover is the "Prolana baby mattress Kati Plus" also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Size and cost of baby mattresses

The standard size for a baby mattress is 70 x 140 cm, this size is also most often chosen. It fits into practically any standard crib. Caution is advised with the Vyssa Skont baby mattress from Ikea, which measures 70 x 160 cm and only fits in the matching crib from Ikea. Here the Swedes operate quite clear Nepp. Otherwise, a baby mattress does not have to cost a fortune. The test winners presented by us in the baby mattress test 2015 range in price categories (depending on size) between just under 40 to 160 euros.

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