Bachelor fitness and health management study program all info

The role of highly qualified personnel in the fitness and health sector is becoming increasingly important in view of the urgent need for preventive health measures, but also due to the general increase in health awareness among the population. The topics of health and fitness have long since arrived at the center of society and are extremely important both for companies and in private life. A well-founded education, which in addition to health science knowledge also imparts the economic content necessary for a management position, therefore offers extraordinarily good career prospects in fitness and health facilities or for self-employment.

The bachelor's degree program "Fitness and Health Management" provides you with in-depth knowledge specific to the sector. Special emphasis is placed on general business administration and training science. Furthermore, specialization according to one's own interests is possible. The focus on "prevention and rehabilitation sports" entitles you to bill service providers.

Gain extensive knowledge in fitness and health to qualify for a leadership position!


In order to be admitted to the study, the general university entrance qualification or the advanced technical college entrance qualification must be present. In addition, the university requires the completion of a three-month internship in the fitness sector. This must be proven by the third semester.

Even without a university entrance qualification, studies can be taken up in certain cases. In addition to at least two years of vocational training, the university requires either advanced training (master craftsman or specialist) or at least three years of professional activity after training. These cases also require proof of a three-month internship in the fitness field by the third semester.


The course of studies starts in each summer and winter semester. The starting dates are thus the 01.04 and the 01.10. Students are free to choose between full-time and part-time studies. The full-time program lasts a total of 6 semesters; the part-time program extends over 8 semesters. The registration deadlines for the summer semester end on 15.02. and for the winter semester on 15.08.

Study contents

The study program combines economic knowledge with subject-specific knowledge from the fitness and health sector. In the area of "General Management", competencies from the fields of management, economics and law are taught. Also the basics of business administration. economics are dealt with in the modules of "General Management.

In addition to these skills, training science knowledge is acquired from the first semester onwards. Content from the areas of sports medicine, nutrition and special fitness management will also be taught from the beginning of the course of study. In the context of this the students acquire some trainer licenses. These include "Fitness Training B-License", "Medical Fitness Training A-License" and "Sports Nutrition B-License". In addition, various elective modules are open to students during their studies. These include "personal training", "group fitness training", "athletic training", "prevention and rehabilitation sport" and "company health management". Other elective modules can also be completed. At the end of the study a bachelor thesis is written.

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