Bachelor medical health technology management apollon hochschule

Bachelor medicine and health technology management (B. A.)The distance learning program in Medical and Health Technology Management will provide you with all the skills and abilities for a successful interface between the healthcare market and technological development.

Bachelor medicine health technology management apollon hochschule

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Medicine& Health Technology Management (B. A.)

In a society that is not only aging but also becoming more demanding in terms of medical quality, technology-based procedures are aming an increasingly central role in digital healthcare. In order to efficiently plan and support the condition and use of expensive equipment and IT systems, specialists are needed who are familiar with both the technical and economic processes of the industry.

The unique degree program in Medical and Health Technology Management qualifies you for this need and opens up a future-proof career in an exciting as well as dynamic field of work in the health care industry.

Data& Facts

ZFU approval number

Start of study

tuition fees
More information about tuition fees can be found in our download center.

Duration of studies
Standard duration of study 36 months or 48 months (180 credits).

At the end of your studies, you will receive the internationally state-recognized Bachelor of Arts (B. A.). With this university degree you are qualified for middle management-. interface functions in the healthcare industry excellently qualified.

Test study
With your registration at the APOLLON University you can test the study for 4 weeks free of charge. Within this time you can cancel your registration at any time. There will be no costs for you.

The Bachelor of Medicine& Health Technology Management (B. A.) is accredited by the International Agency for Quality Arance and Accreditation of Study Programs and Institutions (FIBAA).

Free extension
Up to 50% of the chosen study variant (18 or. 24 months).

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What awaits you in distance learning

Bachelor medicine health technology management apollon hochschule

Key qualifications

With this course of study, which is unique in Germany, you will focus on the technological requirements in the health care industry. In the course of study, health economics content is combined with the fundamentals of IT. Processes of medical technology linked. You attain:

– In-depth knowledge of digital medicine, e-health and health technologies – Know-how from health economics and IT procurement, – Skills in communication and human resource management – Management skills for controlling projects and facilities – A differentiated understanding of process management and information security – The competence to consult healthcare organizations

Your study variants

Choose the study variant that fits your life! You can choose a pure online study or the classic distance learning with printed study booklets. Two study time models are available for both variants:

36 months. Study materials will be sent to you every 3 months or. provided

48 months. Here you will be sent study materials every 4 months or. provided.

Online study Bachelor Medical and Health Technology Management:

In the paperless study variant you use exclusively digital study documents and thus save tuition fees!

Bachelor medicine health technology management apollon hochschule

All modules and contents of the study program Bachelor Medical and Health Technology Management

Variant 36 months: Months 1 to 12

Variant 48 months: months 1 to 16

Variant 36 months: months 13 to 24

Variant 48 months: months 17 to 32

In the internship as part of your studies, you deepen the previously acquired theoretical knowledge through practical application. The aim is to acquire new knowledge and skills for your future job through practical work in an organization. For working professionals, if you work in the healthcare industry or have a technical or commercial job, your work experience can be credited as an internship. Your internship report can then be. Write specific tasks linked to study content.

In the bachelor thesis you will work independently on a health economic or operational problem – based on the principles of scientific work.

Variant 36 months: Months 25 to 36

Variant 48 months: Months 33 to 48

In 3. In the second year of study you also work on 2 of the 4 elective subjects listed below.

All elective courses of the Bachelor Medical & Health Technology Management program

With the compulsory elective subjects you set individual focal points in your course of study.

Consultations in outpatient and inpatient care systems have very special requirement profiles. Due to the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of the sectors, expertise is needed, which you should acquire with the module. The focus is on a provider-oriented approach that follows certain basic structures.

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) can be translated as “assisted living in old age”. Against the background of the demographic development in Europe, the development of age-appropriate support systems is promoted on a broad basis. The aim of this focus module is the use of the previously learned basics for the conception and structuring of AAL projects. You will apply this knowledge in the context of a practice-oriented group project.

In recent years, many new telemedical systems and applications have been developed and already partially integrated into clinical routine. The management of these systems and applications requires comprehensive basic knowledge of health technology management. The goal is to use the previously learned basics for the conception. Structuring of telemedical projects. This knowledge is applied within the framework of a practice-oriented group project.

Technology Marketing aligns the market-relevant activities of institutions and companies with technological developments and with current and future customer potentials. This is done by using marketing policy instruments as well as planning, steering, coordinating and controlling methods. Investigate whether the use of new technologies can make treatment, care and administrative processes cheaper, of better quality, more comprehensive or otherwise more attractive to solve. You will apply this knowledge in a practice-oriented group project.


All seminars take place either in presence or online. There are several dates for each seminar, for which you can conveniently register via the online campus. At the beginning of your distance learning course you will take part in the introductory seminar. It offers you a secure start to your studies. You will get to know your fellow students as well as your lecturers.

Bachelor medicine health technology management apollon hochschule

Your study program director

Prof. Dr. Formerly a research associate at RWTH Aachen University. lecturer of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. Professional experience as managing director, executive board and supervisory board of consulting companies in the health care industry.

The APOLLON University of Health Care Management enjoys an excellent reputation. The quality and innovative power of the university are widely recognized in the health care industry. This appreciation is reflected in the variety of awards and study prizes.

Prices, sample lessons and more in the download center

The download center offers you comprehensive information about the Bachelor's degree program in Medical and Health Technology Management and the entire study program offered by APOLLON University of Applied Sciences. Access is non-binding and free of charge. You will also receive a free copy of the study program.

Bachelor medicine health technology management apollon hochschule

Career opportunities

More and more powerful devices and systems are being used in the health care industry. With innovative information technology become communication. Networking of different areas optimized. The medical technology sector alone, with a total turnover of around 34.25 billion euros and almost 152.000 employees a cornerstone of the German economy (Source: SPECTARIS Yearbook: The German Medical Technology Industry 2020). In order to efficiently plan and support the use of expensive equipment and IT systems, specialists are needed who are familiar with both the technical and the economic processes of the industry.

As an APOLLON Health Technology Manager, you are ideally qualified to develop strategic utilization concepts for outpatient and inpatient care structures that not only reduce costs, but also bring competitive advantages. Specialists with this qualification will find responsible positions in a wide variety of areas – whether as external consultants or as part of the management team. The study program provides you with interface knowledge that is urgently needed in practice.

Further evaluations

On the independent portal FernstudiumCheck.en, students have the opportunity to share and rate their study experience. Use this opportunity to get objective information about the quality of our study program. With our online application you can easily. Start your desired course of study quickly. And of course you can also test 4 weeks free of charge whether the distance learning program suits you.

All advantages at a glance

– Study at a distance learning university with specialization in health and social services – Course of studies accredited by the accreditation agency FIBAA – Admission to distance learning also possible without high school diploma – Free extension of study time by up to 50 percent

– Immediate start possible – Study without Numerus Clausus (NC) – Excellent student service

Your study booklets: Explained in a clear and methodically diverse way

The contents are conveyed to you through didactically designed study booklets. Our lecturers will accompany you.

The study booklets are available to you in the way you learn best: As a printed booklet sent to your home, and also in various digital formats. In the online version you will receive only digital study materials. Via your learning platform you can easily download the study booklets as PDF, also in all common e-book formats or even with audio function.

Your study booklets are supplemented with web-based training that uses quizzes to help you review, apply and reinforce what you've read.

Move the mouse over an icon to learn more about the formats

PDF is the most common format. You can open and read these with almost any device.


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