Bachelor study health and social management b. Sc

Health and Social ManagementIn health and social care institutions, the balancing act between high-quality care and economic efficiency is always a challenge. The part-time study program "Health and Social Management" imparts the necessary business expertise, coupled with management competence and the consideration of ethical aspects.

This study program is aimed at working professionals u.a. facilities of the outpatient. inpatient health care (z.B.B. hospitals, care facilities, medical care centers) – social institutions, z.B. of welfare associations – social insurances (especially health insurances), associations of panel doctors, patient associations – companies with a company health management

– Development of modern care and support concepts – Planning and monitoring of personnel capacities – Development of efficient organizational structures – Development of financing concepts – Planning, implementation and monitoring of quality arance measures – Planning and development of occupational health management in companies

Data& Facts Factsheet

Tuition fees: 12.390 euros, payable in 42 monthly installments of 295 euros each or 14 quarterly installments of 885 euros each.

Accreditation: FOM is system accredited by FIBAA. This study program is also accredited.

Where would you like to study?

Depending on the university center and the start of your studies (beginning in the summer or winter semester), you can choose from different time models at FOM.

Course description

Symbiosis between economic efficiency and ethical responsibility

The health and social care sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of the German economy, yet it is under great prere: competition is increasing, and effectiveness and efficiency are becoming important factors. In order to position oneself successfully on the market, it is necessary to fill managerial positions with professionals who think and act in business terms without losing sight of the idealistic values and goals of the industry.

The Bachelor's degree program in Health and Social Management addresses precisely this development and teaches you business management skills and ethical aspects as well as overarching management competencies for health and social service institutions. How to get involved u. a. with quality management, controlling and human resources management.

With this knowledge you can z. B. Planning personnel capacities and optimizing organizational structures. Have an eye on both the employees and the medical requirements. Plan personnel capacities and optimize organizational structures. Have an eye on both the employees and the medical requirements in the process.

Your future employers may be hospitals, care facilities, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies or the responsible state or local authorities. be federal authorities. In the course of study, you will learn the structure of the health-. Knowing the social system and its key players. During your studies you will learn about the structure of the health care-. social system and its main players.

As a future specialist and manager, you will analyze the tasks and goals of an institution in the market – always in the area of conflict between business requirements and ethical aspects. you will also develop a concept for occupational health management. Develop proposals for its implementation in the company. You are finishing your extra-occupational bachelor studies in health care-. Social management with the academic degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).A.).

Admission requirement

– General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur), entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences or other previous education recognized as equivalent (z.B. completed vocational training – either with three years of professional experience or with completed advanced training) – and current professional activity (full-time as well as part-time work) or in-company training, trainee program, traineeship. If you are not currently employed but would like to work, please contact our student advisory service. We will be happy to support you and together we will check your individual possibilities for admission.

You can also find current job offers from our cooperation partners in the " FOM Job Exchange.

Time models& Lecture times

Depending on study location and start of study (winter or summer semester) you can choose between different time models. Please select your desired university center to get the possible lecture times displayed

The average lecture time is approx. 9 hours per week.*) Depending on the university center, time model 1 or time model 2 is off.

Time model 1
2 or 3 evenings/week (Mon.-Fr.) 18:00 – 21:15 h and 2 or 3 Saturdays/month 08:30 – 15:45 h

Time model 2
Always Fridays 18:00 – 21:15 and Saturdays 08:30 – 15:45

3 evenings/week (Mon.-Fri.) 18:00 – 21:15

1 day/week (Mon.-Fri.) 08:30 – 15:45 and 1 evening/week (Mon.-Fr.) 18:00 – 21:15

2 days/week (Mon.-Fr.) i.d.R. 1 day/week. Saturdays i.d.R.d.R. 08:30 – 15:45

*) Related to the entire study program; in exceptional cases, this may be deviated from. Changes possible: lecture times depend on the beginning of the study period (WS/SS). Will be maintained for the entire duration of studies.


Tuition fee: 12.390 Euro payable in 42 monthly installments of 295 Euro each or 14 quarterly installments of 885 Euro each.
Exam fee: 300 Euro one-time payment (with registration for thesis)*
Total costs: 12.690 Euro includes tuition and examination fee

*If you repeat the final exam, the exam fee will be charged again. " Here you can find more information about financing options. On questions of tax deductibility.

"Why does FOM charge tuition fees and other questions about costs and financing?.


The FOM University is accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities for its outstanding achievements in teaching and research and in 2012 became the first private university nationwide to be system-accredited by FIBAA. This seal of approval proves that the FOM University's quality management meets the high standards of the Accreditation Council, the most important body for quality in study and teaching at German universities. In 2018, FOM was system-accredited for another eight years. All courses offered by FOM are accredited. A Bachelor's degree from FOM University also qualifies you for a Master's degree and subsequently for a doctorate.

Crediting options

Study faster with recognition of prior achievements – here's how!
If you are a working professional, you can have credits from further vocational training or previous university studies credited toward your studies at FOM. This way you will have. Financial advantages. Our academic advising staff will be happy to help you with individual questions about how to get started on your bachelor's degree program.

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