Banana fans watch out 27. August is banana lovers day

August from the USA. Who invented it, no one knows exactly. We should celebrate it anyway, because bananas are real superfruits – especially healthy for athletes and children.

What happens on 'Banana Lovers Day?' No idea. Presumably, banana fans today simply eat more of them, bake banana bread or mix tasty smoothies. Good so. Because bananas are not considered a superfood for nothing.

Power fruit for athletes

Bananas are a practical, environmentally friendly packaged snack for on the go and because of the high carbohydrate content particularly popular before or after a workout. With plenty of fructose and glucose, they quickly provide new energy, get the blood sugar going and contain valuable minerals such as magnesium against cramps and for strong nerves.

Potassium ensures stable blood prere, also abundant serotonin also releases happiness hormones.

Bananas have five times more vitamin A than apples. The combination of vitamins, minerals and fiber makes bananas the perfect power food, while the swelling agent pectin keeps you full for a long time. Enough reasons to reach for this natural energy bar today!

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Where is the banana belt?

This is not a carnival accessory for banana lovers, but the main growing areas around the equator. Because of the warm and humid climate, the evergreen perennial thrives particularly well here.

It was commercially cultivated in Costa Rica from 1870, and later in Central America. Guatemala, Panama, Colombia and Ecador lived mainly from banana cultivation and export, which earned them the name Banana Republics.

Today, however, India, China and the Philippines are considered the largest banana producers in the world.

Everything banana?

Bananas are the number two most purchased fruit. Botanically they belong to the berries. The dark spots inside are remnants of the seeds, real seeds bananas do not have.

The banana we know is actually a mutation, the perennials bear fruit only once and have to be replanted from the root cuttings for propagation.

Plantains, baby bananas and red bananas

In contrast to the biodiversity of other fruits, one variety is predominantly cultivated, the so-called 'Cavendish banana'. Other bananas include the plantain, which is especially popular in Asia and Africa, baby bananas and the rarer red banana.

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