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Eating banana peel is healthy: recipes and what you need to watch out forEating banana peel – that sounds strange at first. But not only bananas are healthy, but also banana peels contain vitamins and minerals. How to prepare the peel and what to look out for, you can find out here. In the clip: 5 banana secrets.

Eating banana peel: Healthy or toxic?

In general
Banana healthy – in its entirety. "Eat banana peel" sounds strange, but it is not. The peel is rich in nutrients, which are good for your heart, immune and nervous system.

Banana peels contain Many vitamins, including larger amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin K and folic acid. Even Vitamin B12 banana peel. That is particularly interesting for Veganer, since it occurs otherwise almost only in animal food.

In addition, the minerals potassium, magnesium and phosphorus are found not only in the banana itself, but also in its peel.

Moreover, eating banana peel aids your digestion and keeps you full for a long time, as the peel rich in fiber is.

The consumption of the banana peel is recommended only with organic bananas. Wash the peel thoroughly before you eat it.

Conventionally grown bananas are injected and often show residues from plant protection agents such as pesticides or fungicides on – especially in the peel. Such banana peel is toxic and you should not eat them. Note: it is best to wash your hands after peeling.

There is a myth that in the tips or ends of bananas there are collect more pollutants. Whether this is true, still needs to be scientifically investigated. If you buy organic bananas, you are probably on the safe side.

How does the banana peel taste?

In contrast to the sweet pulp the banana peel tastes rather bitter – but it is edible. You can simply eat the banana with the peel or eat the banana peel plain. However, the peel tastes better if you make it into a dish. Numerous recipe ideas with banana peels you will find below.

By the way: The riper the banana, the thinner and sweeter the peel.

New type of banana with banana peel for eating

New banana variety with banana peel to eat along

This Banana peel one should always eat with – and it should even taste good. A Japanese farmer has this new Species of banana specially grown for this purpose.

Is the banana peel harmful to children??

New trend: food upcycling

New trend: Food upcycling

At Food upcycling make great meals out of leftovers and waste like banana peels. Delicious zero waste recipes can be found here.

Bananas: Ingredients, calories and nutritional values

The banana contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. Thus, the banana contains vitamins and minerals that provide your body in a natural way. In addition it is energetic and contains Saturating fiber – the perfect healthy snack for in between.

Per 100 grams contains the banana:

88 kilocalories – this is relative compared to other fruits. The riper the banana, the more sugar it contains. – 20 grams of carbohydrates – 2 grams of fiber – 1.2 grams of protein – 0.2 grams of fat

By the way, the banana is made of 74 percent from water.

Banana peel as fertilizer: it's that simple

Simply put the banana peel in a Containers with water and let him a few days stand. The peel releases the nutrients into the water. With this you can then water your houseplants and garden plants and fertilize. Another option: put the whole banana peels as fertilizer directly under your Rose bushes.

NoteBecause of the pesticide load, organic bananas are also better here.

Can banana peel be put on compost?

Yes, banana peels are allowed on the Compost . Tip: To ensure that the firm peel rots quickly, cut it into small pieces beforehand.

Can dogs eat banana peel?

Now and then you can give bananas to your dog. Feed but if possible Organic bananas. Give small dogs only a few pieces per week, large dogs a maximum of 4 banana halves throughout the week.

It is best to ask your veterinarian which Quantity and frequency are okay. This is because from breed to breed. Depending on pre-existing conditions different.

However, you should not feed bananas too often, because the dogs among other things Digestive problems can get. Heart problems are also possible.

Furthermore, bananas contain A lot of sugar and especially with overweight animals, this is not ideal.

The Banana peel you should because of the pesticide load Do not feed them to your dog. Especially with small dogs, similar to children, you should be careful here.

If your dog but once a banana with peel mopst and consumed, that is not so bad. If he has discomfort, contact your veterinarian.

Are horses allowed to eat banana peel?

Horses may also now and then eat a banana. For the peel the same applies as for humans and dogs. Rather peel or at least use organic bananas.

Which fruit can you eat with peel?

In the Fruit peel are often the most Vitamins, minerals and fiber. This is especially true for pome and stone fruits like apples and peaches.

In New Zealand they even eat Kiwis with shell.

Also Mangoes you can eat with peel. However, some people are allergic to the ingredient urushiol. So you better peel them or try a very small piece of peel first.

citrus fruits like lemons and oranges you should always peel.

Generally speaking: Always wash fruit well. Buy organic if possible, otherwise peel better.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eat the peel of a banana?

Yes, you can eat banana peels. The banana is healthy. The same applies to her shell. Banana peels contain valuable nutrients that support your heart, immune and nervous systems. Be sure to eat only organic bananas with peel, as they are not contaminated with harmful pesticides. What nutrients. Vitamins are in a banana peel?

Like the banana, the banana peel is also rich in healthy nutrients. The peel of the banana contains larger amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin K, folic acid and vitamin C, as well as the minerals potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. The peel also contains a lot of healthy fiber.

How to eat a banana peel?

Banana peel can be eaten raw or used as an ingredient in all kinds of different recipes (baking, frying, cooking, drinks). When eating the banana peel raw, it is recommended to eat the peel of ripe bananas. It is not as firm, thus easier to chew and sweeter than that of unripe bananas.

How does the banana skin taste?

The banana peel tastes rather bitter compared to the sweet flesh. The riper the fruit, the sweeter the peel.


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