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Beauty and health: everything for your beauty and well-beingPregnate yourself beautiful and healthy – with innovative body care, wonderfully fragrant perfumes, utensils and accessories for manicures, products for beautiful hair and flawless skin. Among the products for beauty and health, you will find the right care for every skin and hair type: dry skin becomes supple with the right cream or lotion, oily skin becomes matte. Fine hair can be volumized with special shampoos, conditioners and oils. Curls get resilience and shine. For the skin, you also have a diverse selection: Skin oils are optimal if your skin is taut in winter. Light lotions refresh in the summer and are ideal for robust, rather oily skin. Make-up and foundations provide a fresh look. Matching brushes, tassels and sponges help to apply the decorative cosmetics optimally and naturally. Beauty comes (also) from within. Therefore, you will find many nutritional supplements for strong hair and beautiful skin. What does beauty mean. Wellness actually?The term wellness has been around for hundreds of years. It was used for the first time in 1654 as "Wealnesse". Meant "good health. Today, the term wellness is generally understood as a holistic concept of health, and numerous applications and products are included in it: so you can relax in the spa, be pampered by massages and escape from everyday life for a moment with fragrant oils, scented candles and soft music. Wellness at home is also on the rise: with foaming bath additives or nourishing oils, a conscious diet or cosmetic treatments. Beauty literally means beauty and refers to the entire field of decorating and caring cosmetics. Beauty and wellness are therefore two sides of the same coin, both with the same goal: to make you feel good in your skin. How to find beauty-. Health products?Finding the right beauty and health products requires a little research at first. First of all, you should find out your skin type:

– Do you have a tendency to dry skin? Do you have combination skin with dry cheeks. A rather oily T-zone? – Fight against pimples, blackheads and oily skin? For all skin types there are special care products such as foundations. Powders for different skin care needs. Beauty from within is offered by supplements such as biotin and silica, which strengthen hair and nails. Last, but not least, your color type is decisive for the selection of suitable color shades. Light skin types like different colors than darker types, and hair color also plays a role. If you are unsure, you can use the color typology as a guide. This includes spring, summer, fall and winter types based on skin tone and hair color.

Which beauty& Health products exist?

From eye cream to dental care, you will find a diverse selection of beauty products for all areas of application. Among other things, you can choose from these beauty products:

– Creams for the face and eye area – Body lotions and body oils – Hair care products – Hair colors – Eye shadow palettes – Lipsticks – Make-up – Powders – Concealers – Eyebrow pencils and eye powders – Mascara – Face masks – Nail polishes and nail oils

Health products include vitamins and dietary supplements on the one hand, and aids and ophthalmic products on the other hand. You can choose from these health products:

– Contact lenses and care products – Reading glasses and distance glasses – Toothbrushes and dental care products – Vitamins and minerals – Plant extracts and herbs – Blood prere monitors – Blood glucose monitors – Thermometers – Hearing aids

What is the shelf life of different beauty products?

Nourishing cosmetics last between six months and two years, depending on the product and its ingredients. Since 2005, you know exactly how long you can use a cream, a body care or a product for the hair without hesitation: Since then, cosmetics manufacturers must indicate the shelf life after opening. This can be recognized by a printed jar next to which the corresponding number of months is written. Generally, face creams can be used for about a year after opening, but eye creams can only be used for a few months. Even some organic cosmetics have a shelf life of only a few months after opening. Foundations and powders also last about a year. Perfume will remain fragrant for two to three years, provided you store it in as dark a place as possible.

What beauty products help with problematic skin?

Problematic skin needs special care. Whether you suffer from dry skin, have oily skin with a tendency to blackheads, or suffer from neurodermatitis or allergies – there is a suitable product for every skin problem. Dry skin is often rough and flaky, itchy and taut. It lacks natural moisture, and so this must be supplied from the outside. Reach for cleansing and care products with a slightly acidic pH of 5.5, as well as oily and moisturizing creams and lotions that contain as little alcohol as possible. This additionally dries out the skin. If you suffer from neurodermatitis, products with omega-6 fatty acids can help. Make sure that the products do not contain fragrances and preservatives. There are also special cosmetics. Care products for neurodermatitis. Oily skin needs compensation. Creams and toners that moisturize without being greasy are ideal here. Once a week a mild peeling helps to remove skin flakes and helps the skin to regenerate itself. Allergic skin reacts to certain ingredients, for example to certain types of plants or to essential oils. When selecting cosmetics and care products, look for the "hypoallergenic" label or labels indicating that certain ingredients are not included.

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