Beer can be so healthy

Germans drink an average of 107.2 liters of beer per year. First and foremost, because it tastes easy and refreshes well. Just in time for the warm weather, we want to make beer a little more palatable – with these reasons why drinking beer is good for you.

Healthy beer

Beer as a panacea? No, we don't want to go that far. But beer has many health-promoting properties, for which the hops are also responsible, which was named medicinal plant of the year in 2007. The barley juice also contains important vitamins and minerals. But this does not mean that you should now only tip one pilsner after another all day long. On the contrary, only those who enjoy beer in moderation can also hope for its positive effects on the body.

Beer drinkers live longer

How healthy beer really is has not yet been completely determined. Researchers are still studying the effects of the more than 1000 ingredients on the body. The highlight for every beer lover: a Danish research group from the National Institute of Health in Copenhagen found in a study in 2008,

that regular beer consumption can significantly increase life expectancy.

Provided you don't overdo it with the quantity. Men should drink no more than one liter a day, while women should manage with half that amount.

More beer topics

The risk of cardiovascular disease in particular is said to be greatly reduced by hops and malt, as beer protects the cells and vessels from dangerous fatty deposits and keeps the blood flowing.

Beer for the heart

According to a 2011 study by the University of Munster, beer drinkers suffer only half as many heart attacks compared to teetotalers. The barley juice can also be beneficial to the fat-. sugar metabolism and cholesterol levels.

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In addition, beer is strong in inhibiting inflammation. The hop substance "xanthohumol" contained in yeast wheat beer in particular was even shown to be effective in fighting cancer in the laboratory.

Against stress and other ailments After a stressful day at work, a cool Pilsner is a really good choice to relax. Because this type of beer contains the largest amount of calming bitter substances and the anti-stress mineral magnesium. No wonder, then, that the after-work beer with your colleagues always tastes best to you. For falling asleep, however, you should rather do without it. Although a glass of beer makes it easier to nod off in the evening, the important REM sleep phase is shortened by the alcohol. Even if it doesn't taste particularly good: If you have an over-acidified stomach, a few sips of warm beer will help to bring the acidity back down to the right level. Important: Do not boil the beer, but only heat it, because at more than 40 degrees Celsius the valuable ingredients are lost. What grandma already knew: Warm beer also helps with a cold. The bitter stoppers in it have an antibacterial effect. Fight pathogens in the body. But you shouldn't indulge in too much of it, because the alcohol in turn weakens the immune system. Beer as a sports drink

Non-alcoholic beer is an excellent isotonic drink for athletes, as the legendary runner Emil Zatopek knew in the 1950s. The "Czech locomotive likes to sip a quick Helles while running. During sports, it not only quenches thirst effectively, but also enters the bloodstream quickly and provides the body with fresh energy thanks to its many carbohydrates and minerals.

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