Benefits of aloe vera a beauty food your super de

Benefits of Aloe Vera: A Beauty SuperfoodYou think you already know all the benefits of Aloe Vera? Think again! Whether used to fight acne or support your body's collagen production, this nourishing succulent can do wonders for your skin! Here are a few more reasons why aloe vera definitely belongs in your cosmetic bag.

Benefits of aloe vera a beauty food your super de

The use of aloe vera is truly nothing new.

Either you've used it to moisturize your sunburned skin or you may have enjoyed the plant's juice in a drink.

But the benefits of aloe vera go much further than just sunburns and thirst quenchers.

The aloe vera plant is one of the oldest documented plants. In ancient China and Egypt, it was used to treat a variety of ailments and was praised for its medicinal properties.

Nowadays, you can find aloe vera in soaps, creams and even capsules. But what makes this moisturizing succulent to popular?

3 benefits of aloe vera

Have you ever cut open an aloe vera leaf? If so, you will have noticed the mucilaginous, water-filled tie. It's this "gel" that contains most of the plant's active ingredients, u.a. Antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins A and C.

Aloe vera is not only known for improving skin texture. This plant is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

1. Aloe vera can improve skin hydration

Dry skin? Say "(H)alloe" to aloe vera! Because the gel is mostly water, it can improve the moisture and texture of your skin.

Aloe vera contains mucopolysaccharides (sugar molecules) that help your skin retain moisture. Whether you apply the gel superficially or drink it, the moisture content of the outermost layer of skin increases significantly. A great remedy for eczema or dry winter skin.

According to Baylor College of Medicine, the enzymes found in aloe vera can be used as a natural exfoliant and to treat dandruff.

2. Aloe vera can fight acne

Hormonal acne? Stress-related pimples? There is nothing more frustrating than a pesky pimple. But luckily, aloe can help you with that too!

Why the plant is so effective against acne is due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Various studies have shown that aloe vera can be used successfully to combat acne and blackheads. (Quasi like natural salicylic acid).

Aloe vera also helps with redness and scarring that usually accompanies acne, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Aloe vera can boost the body's production of collagen

Fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin: these natural signs of aging occur due to a decrease in the body's production of collagen.

Research shows that aloe vera can stimulate this collagen production, promoting a youthful skin appearance.

In one study, researchers tested the effects of an aloe gel on the skin of women over 45 years of age. Measurements of facial wrinkles, skin elasticity, and skin samples were taken before and after the 90-day study.

Aloe Vera has been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, along with improved skin elasticity. Pretty impressive, isn't it? But that was by far not all.

The antioxidant active ingredients of the plant help to prevent free radicals, such as. combat UV rays, pollution and other substances that can harm the skin.

How to use Aloe Vera

You would like to benefit from the beautifying properties of aloe vera? Whether you apply the plant superficially or enjoy it in a drink, it can really improve your health and the appearance of your skin.

And if you then combine aloe vera with nutrient-rich superfoods (such as.B. If you use the cold foam mattresses (which are included in our Plant Collagen Mix), you can enjoy even more advantages. We use in it the dehydrated aloe vera leaf (which is edible!). Along with the other skinfoods we use in the mix, it's designed to stimulate the body's own collagen production to support an even and well-moisturized complexion.

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