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Educational objectiveThe Berufliches Gymnasium Gesundheit und Soziales is a grammar school with a vocational focus on health and education/psychology. It leads its students to the general university entrance qualification in three years. In addition, because of its practice-oriented educational content, it gives them special access to qualified vocational training in the health and social sector. It is divided into the introductory phase (school year 11) and the qualification phase (school year 12 and 13).

Access requirements

– extended secondary school leaving certificate of the state of Saxony-Anhalt or – promotion to grade 11 of a grammar school

For further admission requirements, please contact the Quedlinburg vocational schools. This applies z. B. for certificates from other states as well as foreign applicants.


– fully completed application form (front and back) (download) – signed curriculum vitae in tabular form – last school report – other proof of qualification

The application deadline is 28. February. Applications received later will be considered only if there is free capacity.

Introduction phase

The introductory phase is the preparation for the qualification phase. Instruction is given in a class setting.

The introductory phase is divided into – compulsory area (compulsory subjects) – compulsory elective area (compulsory choice of subjects) – elective area (choice of additional subjects and courses).

All subjects, except physical education, are assigned to one of the following three task areas: I – linguistic-literary-artistic task field, II – social science task field, III – mathematical-scientific-technical task field.

The transition to the qualification phase takes place through transfer.

Qualification phase

The qualification phase comprises four half-years. The curriculum is divided into core subjects (mathematics, German, foreign language, science), profile subjects (health, pedagogy/psychology), compulsory subjects, compulsory electives and electives. The lessons are structured in half-year courses. Transfers do not take place in the qualification phase. In the fourth semester, the student may register for the baccalaureate examination.

All compulsory courses are included in the baccalaureate evaluation. Additional courses taken can be brought in voluntarily.

High school graduation

The baccalaureate examination is conducted in five examination subjects. In the first and second examination subject (health prescribed as well as German, mathematics, a natural science or 1. The Abitur examinations are taken at an advanced level (with a choice of two foreign languages).

Examination subject 3 and 4 are two of the subjects not yet chosen from the field of German, mathematics, science and foreign language.

In the first four examination subjects written examinations take place. The fifth subject is examined orally and can be chosen on the condition that all three subjects are covered by the Abitur examination and that this subject has been taken since the introductory phase.

In the subjects of the written examination, an additional oral examination can take place by decision of the examination board or at the request of the student.

In order to repeat a failed Abitur examination, the qualification phase can be attended for an additional year.


General university entrance qualification
The general university entrance qualification entitles the holder to study at any university or college.

Advanced technical college
The school ies a certificate of the academic part of the Fachhochschulreife at the end of school year 12 at the earliest, if certain conditions are met. Upon application, the state education authority will grant the advanced technical college entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife) if the required practical work of at least one year has also been completed.

Special features

The vocational high school diploma is fully equivalent to that of the general high school diploma. In the focus on health and social affairs, additional specialist theory and practice are taught.

Contact and registration

Tel. 03946-2080, This email address is being protected from spambots! JavaScript must be enabled to view!

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