Big direkt gesund health insurance rating and benefits

BIG direkt gesund: The rating of the health insurance company is also influenced by customer satisfaction.

BIG direkt gesund is a statutory health insurance company. According to its own information, it is the first direct health insurance company in Germany. This means that it does not offer its policyholders an extensive branch network, but can mainly be reached via the Internet and telephone.

Evaluation of BIG direkt gesund at a glance

The abbreviation BIG stands for "BundesInnungskrankenkasse Gesundheit". It was founded in 1996 by the federal guild of hearing aid acousticians. Statutory health insurance is also available to freelancers. Open to other self-employed.

A direct health insurance company is characterized by the fact that it does not offer a large branch network with locally based advisors. Rather, the contact between health insurance. The main method of contacting insureds is online or by phone. This leads to leaner administration and saves costs. We have summarized for you at this point which services BIG direkt gesund offers.

How satisfied are customers with BIG direkt gesund?? The rating of the TuV Saarland awards the grade "good. In the test of FOCUS MONEY the health insurance company lands on the 41st place. Place. Comparison with other insurers. Ratings by customers: How does BIG direkt gesund perform?big direkt gesund health insurance rating and benefits

Info about BIG direkt gesund: The rating in Internet portals can be informative.

Freelancers and other self-employed persons usually have the Choice between statutory and private health insurance. If the basic decision in favor of the statutory insurance has been made, they still have to Finding the right insurer. tests as well as reviews from other customers can help in the decision-making process.

What is the rating for BIG direkt gesund?? Here we summarize two test ratings for you:

– In July 2017, the magazine FOCUS-MONEY published the major health insurer test. Out of a total of 50 tested health insurance companies, BIG direkt gesund was 41. Place. The Additional benefits were thereby rated with the grade "good, also the optional tariffs as well as the dental care stand out positively. Furthermore, many customers would recommend the health insurance to others. – The TuV Saarland has the BIG direkt gesund in October 2019 with regard to the Customer satisfaction and awarded the health insurance company the Note "good" (1.9). The professional competence of the employees on the phone (1.6) and the reliability of the health insurance company (1.6) are particularly emphasized.

Is the BIG direkt good? On various portals on the Internet customers can give their assessment for BIG direkt gesund. Many customers like the fact that they can can simply settle online. Also friendly staff are often emphasized. In the negative evaluations, it is noticeable that some customers complain that their applications for cost coverage have been rejected.

What services does the BIG directly healthy offer?

Big directly healthy assessment of health insurance and benefits

BIG direct: The fact that there is free family insurance flows positively into the evaluation.

In addition to the assessment by customers and tests concerning BIG direkt gesund, you should be inform about their scope of benefits, Before deciding on health insurance. As a freelancer you can voluntary insurance.

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